Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

commercial directory - B


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Bailey A H Eagle Hotel 153 High Street Ramsgate
Bailey Albt J confectioner 2 Townley Street Ramsgate
Baker Albert butcher 20 Grange Road Ramsgate
Baker E H Miss boarding house 4 Marlborough Road, The Elms Ramsgate
Baker Geo Edwd confectioner 107A High Street Ramsgate
Baker Hy E paperhanger 83 Margate Road Ramsgate
Baker Walt Hiram school attendance officer Albion House, Albion Place Ramsgate
Balcombe Wm Edwd F Castle Hotel 66 Harbour Parade Ramsgate
Balcombe Wm Edwd F Elms Hotel 8 Richmond Road Ramsgate
Balcombe Wm Edwd F Shakespeare, Public House 1 Margate Road Ramsgate
Baldock Harry J draper 12 & 18 Queen Street Ramsgate
Baldwin, Hughes & Drake Ltd egg merchants & wholesale bakers merchants & parcel carriers, throughout East Kent 64 & 66 Park Road Ramsgate
Ballard Edward King of Denmark, Public House 8 Boundary Road Ramsgate
Banbury Chas Hy bootmaker 42 Abbots Hill Ramsgate
Bannister W J (MD, B Ch, BAO, DPH Lond) medical officer of health, school medical officer & borough bacteriologist Health Office, 26 Albion Place Ramsgate
Bannister W J (MD, B Ch, BAO, DPH Lond) medical officer of health, school medical officer & borough bacteriologist Berwyn, Winterstoke Crescent, East Cliff Ramsgate
Banwell & Young toy dealers 58 Queen Street Ramsgate
Barber Frances Almshouses Elms Avenue Ramsgate
Barber Ernest (LRIBA) chartered architect & surveyor 51 South Eastern Road Ramsgate
Barclays Bank Ltd Tom Wells, manager 11 & 13 Queen Street Ramsgate
Barclays Bank Ltd Tom Wells, manager sub branch, 18 Grange Road Ramsgate
Barnden Harry A butcher 66 High Street Ramsgate
Barnes Edwd W insurance agent 8 Manston Road St Lawrence
Barnett Danl confectioner 62 Harbour Parade Ramsgate
Barrett M Miss greengrocer 28 & 30 Meeting Street Ramsgate
Barrow George shoe maker 2 Percy Road Ramsgate
Barrows Geo grocer Hope Villa, Cottage Road Ramsgate
Bartlett Mrs draper 10 Bellevue Road Ramsgate
Bassant Annie Mrs apartments 3 Royal Road Ramsgate
Batchelor B J Mrs apartments 12 Albert Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Batchelor Percy Geo insurance agent 12 Albert Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Bateman Ernest John Kings Arms, Public House 142 King Street Ramsgate
Bateman Mark Cinque Ports Arms, Public House 4 King Street Ramsgate
Bates Geo lodging house 4 Adelaide Gardens, West Cliff Ramsgate
Bath Wm lodging house 31 Liverpool Lawn, West Cliff Ramsgate
Batterbee John upholsterer 6 Alpha Road Ramsgate
Baverstock Chas confectioner 82 Queen Street Ramsgate
Baxter Alfd Ernest Jn estate agent 51 Grange Road Ramsgate
Bayley & Stone shipwrights 3 & 9 Military Road Ramsgate
Bayley F Mrs shopkeeper 106 Southwood Road Ramsgate
Bean Theophilus R Rose & Crown Inn 97 High Street Ramsgate
Beardon C C manager of Midland Bank Ltd 1 & 3 High Street Ramsgate
Beardon C C manager of Midland Bank Ltd 36 Grange Road Ramsgate
Bedford Fredk Jn boarding house 23 Albion Place Ramsgate
Beecham Wilfred H insurance agent 4 St Augustines Road, West Cliff Ramsgate
Beeching J H Mrs apartments Shenston. Park Road Ramsgate
Beerling E Miss apartments 36 Belmont Road Ramsgate
Beerling Hannah Miss nurse 22 Brunswick Street Ramsgate
Belchier D O Miss confectioner 9 George Street Ramsgate
Bell E F tailor 50 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Belli Jn dining rooms 33 & 35 York Street Ramsgate
Belsey Jsph Keeler Hertford Inn 56 Hertford Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Bebefield Arthur R The General Joffre, Public House 72 King Street Ramsgate
Bennett Marjorie E Miss (LRAM, MRST) music teacher 6 Hatfield Road Ramsgate
Bennetts Nursery   98 Grange Road Ramsgate
Beresford Laundry Harry Walt Crampton, proprietor 16 Alpha Road Ramsgate
Berry C Mrs dining rooms 3 Brunswick Street Ramsgate
Berry David Arth greengrocer 132 King Street Ramsgate
Berry E A Mrs greengrocer 177 King Street Ramsgate
Bettridge A J grocer 95 King Street Ramsgate
Betts Arth R boot maker 101 High Street Ramsgate
Betts Herbt Victor boot repairer 12 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Bevan Mrs apartments 8 Poplar Road Ramsgate
Bevan Percy Central Commercial Hotel 30 High Street Ramsgate
Bible House The Arthur Powell, proprietor 35 Effingham Street Ramsgate
Biddlecombe F E P Mrs nurse 12 Park Road Ramsgate
Billiard Hall The Harry Swain, proprietor Harbour Street Ramsgate
Billing J H & C tallow chandlers works; Pysons Road, Northwood Ramsgate
Billing J H & C tallow chandlers Inyanga, Margate Road Ramsgate
Billingham Bernard accountant & income tax expert 8 Cannon Road Ramsgate
Birch B Miss florist 67 Vale Road Ramsgate
Birch Florence Miss teacher of music 29 Vale Road Ramsgate
Birch Frank greengrocer 2A Bellevue Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Bird Jas furniture dealer 27 George Street Ramsgate
Birds Cash Stores ( F G & A Marshall, proprietors) grocers 5 Ashburnham Road Ramsgate
Bishop James photographer 15 George Street Ramsgate
Bishop R T house furnisher 82 King Street Ramsgate
Blackburn W P & Son Ltd house furnishers & removers & undertakers 69, 71 & 73 King Street Ramsgate
Blackburn Archbld baker 3 Upper Dumpton Park Road Ramsgate
Blackburn Geo E builder 42 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Blackstock Wm C tailor 15 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Blackwell Ernest Wm boot repairer Ellington Road Ramsgate
Blackwell Ernest Wm boot repairer 165 Grange Road Ramsgate
Bladen Dairies Ltd depot 3 Blackburns Yard, Cannon Road Ramsgate
Blake Stuart shopkeeper 49 Chilton Lane Ramsgate
Blewitt Jn barrow proprietor 10 Garden Row Ramsgate
Bligh W H & Co Ltd printers Hardres Street Ramsgate
Bligh W H & Co Ltd printers Broad Street Ramsgate
Bligh Alfd Ernest greengrocer 24 Albert Street Ramsgate
Blinko & Sons Ltd stationers 25 7 27 Queen Street Ramsgate
Blow Alfd Geo chimney sweep 78 Grange Road Ramsgate
Blower Geo Fredk (LDSRCS) dental surgeon 11 Royal Road, West Cliff Ramsgate
Blunt Jn hairdresser 144B High Street Ramsgate
Bodilly Fredk J (LRAM, ARCM) teacher of music 28 St Mildreds Road Ramsgate
Bodley W E tar paving contractor works; Anns Road Ramsgate
Bodley Wm Edwd tar paving contractor 67 Upper Dumpton Park Road Ramsgate
Bolton Jessie Mrs nurse 12 Queens Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Bolton Maynard grocer 4 Richmond Road Ramsgate
Bond Jn confectioner 15 Gordon Road Ramsgate
Bond Tom Videan engineer & iron & brass founder 14, 16, 18 & 20 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Bonugli Peter registered lodging house 5 & 7 Central Road Ramsgate
Boots The Chemists   20, 22 & 24 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Boreham E M Miss boarding house 21 Augusta Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Botley Norman Ramsgate Commercial Hotel Hardres Street Ramsgate
Boulanger Bros stationers 62 Queen Street Ramsgate
Bourne H & Sons general drapers & ladies outfitters 35 High Street Ramsgate
Bowen Abel grocer 101 Margate Road Ramsgate
Bowkett A H restaurant 5 High Street Ramsgate
Bramwell Edith Mrs apartments 62 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Brandford Geo L electrical engineer 68 Margate Road Ramsgate
Brett Arthur Geo tailor 28 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Brett George Hy grocer 43 High Street St Lawrence
Brewer G W S antique dealer Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Brewer Wm E carpenter 24 Upper Dumpton Park Road Ramsgate
Brice Percy Frederick builder 103 Ellington Road Ramsgate
Brice Percy Frederick builder works; Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Briggs M F butcher Allenby Road St Lawrence
Bridgman Jas grocer 22 Addington Street Ramsgate
Brissenden Alice Mrs shopkeeper 98 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Britannic Assurance Co Ltd W Matten, district manager 70 High Street Ramsgate
British Legion (Ramsgate Branch) Jn S Tucker, sec Cliff Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
British Legion (Ramsgate Branch, Womens section)) Mrs K Allington, sec 43 Albert Street Ramsgate
British School of Motoring G A House, district instructor St Olave, Albion Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Britton Charles James shopkeeper 37 Albert Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Britton J P butcher 1 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Britton J P butcher 22 Queen Street Ramsgate
Broadcast Relay Service Ltd   96 High Street Ramsgate
Brockman Wltr David basket manufacturer 2 & 4 Camden Road Ramsgate
Brockman Wltr David basket manufacturer 15A King Street Ramsgate
Brooks End Filling Station Ltd registered office 23 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Brooks Oliver apartments 68 High Street Ramsgate
Brotherhood of the Cheerful Sparrows The F S Hawkins, sec 8A Queen Street Ramsgate
Brown & Co clothiers 106A King Street Ramsgate
Brown Ernest motor coach painters 95 Southwood Road Ramsgate
Brown Leslie V O (MA Cantab, MRCS, LRCP) physician & surgeon 126 High Street Ramsgate
Brown Peggy Mrs café 9 West Cliff Arcade Ramsgate
Brown Rowland chemist 40 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Brundle Harold N insurance agent 7A Park Road Ramsgate
Buckley Geo coach trimmer 14 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Buckley Geo motor trimmer Smiths Yard, King Street Ramsgate
Buffs The (East Kent Regiment) (TA) (4th Battalion)(A Company) Major C S F Witts TD Drill Hall, Willsons Road Ramsgate
Bugden Thos F shopkeeper 46 Central Road Ramsgate
Bull Arthur Charles agent for Hearts of Oak Benefit Society 3 Coronation Road Ramsgate
Bunnett Fredk Wm apartments 15 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Burchnall J W dispensing chemist & post office 60 Queen Street Ramsgate
Burge Hy Falstaff Hotel 18 Addington Street Ramsgate
Burgess George hairdresser 13 York Street Ramsgate
Burgess Wm Stanley hairdresser 2 West Cliff Arcade Ramsgate
Burke Alfd E shopkeeper 75 Upper Dumpton Park Road Ramsgate
Burney Albert Edgson lodging house 21 Spencer Square, West Cliff Ramsgate
Burrett Robert insurance agent 1 Abbots Hill Ramsgate
Burt F G & Sons newsagents 7 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Burt Arnold Mrs boarding house 7 Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Burton Horace grocer 78B Queen Street Ramsgate
Burton Montague Ltd tailors 1 & 3A Harbour Street Ramsgate
Burton Geo W shopkeeper 16 Montague Road Ramsgate
Bush Lionel shopkeeper 23 Effingham Street Ramsgate
Bushell Alfred lodging house 7 Addington Street Ramsgate
Bussey Frederick John boot repairer 5 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Butcher Clement & Son shopkeepers 103 King Street Ramsgate
Butcher Edwd G newsagent wholsale Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Butcher Edwd G newsagent wholsale 2 The Market Ramsgate
Butcher Edwd G newsagent 138 King Street Ramsgate
Butler S & Co shopkeepers 25 Crescent Road Ramsgate
Butler Alfd Bertram general stores 25 Turner Street Ramsgate
Butler Fredk Scott baker 38 Grange Road Ramsgate
Butler James B fruiterer 5 The Market Ramsgate
Buttle Arth draper 2A York Street Ramsgate
Buttle Arth art & needlework 2B York Street Ramsgate
Button W Mrs (CSMMG) masseuse 33 (flat1) Spencer Square, West Cliff Ramsgate
Butts Bertram ladies hairdresser 118 High Street Ramsgate

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