Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

commercial directory - F


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Fagg L T hairdresser 69 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Fagg Lillian Miss draper 106 King Street Ramsgate
Fagg Rt general stores 9 Southwood Road Ramsgate
Fairbrass Walter lodging house 15 La Belle Alliance Square, East Cliff Ramsgate
Falstaff Hotel Hy Burge 18 Addington Street Ramsgate
Fancourt A Miss (CSMMG, LSM)


59 Grange Road Ramsgate
Farley Geo market gardener Highfield, West Dumpton Lane Ramsgate
Farrier Ernest Maurice Cannon Inn Ellington Place Ramsgate
Farrier N B Lord Nelson PH 66 Queen Street Ramsgate
Farrow J fishmonger 65 Addington Street Ramsgate
Fassam George Henry chimney cleaner 9 West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Faulkner Wm shopkeeper 150 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Faversham & Thanet Co-operative Society Ltd The   128, 130 & 132 High Street Ramsgate
Faversham & Thanet Co-operative Society Ltd The bakery King Edward Road Ramsgate
Featherstone David garage Margate Road Ramsgate
Feaver Fredk bootmaker 62 High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Fells & Son J R Knight, proprietor - wholesale grocers 92A High Street Ramsgate
Fells & Son A E Richins, proprietor, retail grocers 94 High Street Ramsgate
Fells Kathlin W Miss (ARCM) teacher of music 38 Grove Road Ramsgate
Fells M Miss (MISCh) chiropodist 14 Paragon, West Cliff Ramsgate
Fennell Fredk Wm shopkeeper 34 Herbert Road Ramsgate
Feuell Samuel Richard (FBOA, FNAO, FIO) opthalmic optician 32 Queen Street Ramsgate
Feuell Samuel Richard (FBOA, FNAO, FIO) opthalmic optician 49 Southwood Road Ramsgate
Fiddyment C M Mrs teacher of music 108 Grange Road Ramsgate
Field Fredk Hy apartments 13 Kent Terrace Ramsgate
Field Herbt builder 1 Rosebery Avenue Ramsgate
Fielding George bootmaker 39 King Street Ramsgate
Finch Frank draper 54 High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Finch Henry wholesale confectioner 18 Turner Street Ramsgate
Fincher L H Miss lodging house 34 Royal Road, West Cliff Ramsgate
Firrell's watch makers 52 King Street Ramsgate
Fisher Jas carter; yard Seafield Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Fitzpatrick Edwd boot repairer 1 Newington Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Fitzpatrick Edwd Alfd shopkeeper 7 St James Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Flatau Harold I boarding house 4 Sion Hill Ramsgate
Fleming Reid & Co Ltd scotch wools 19 High Street Ramsgate
Fleming Arth Chapman Paragon Inn 81 Addington Street Ramsgate
Fletcher W & R Ltd butchers 50 King Street Ramsgate
Fletcher F Mrs confectioner 16 Artillery Road Ramsgate
Flinn & Son Ltd dyers & cleaners 40 Queen Street Ramsgate
Flower Jas Jn Queens Head Hotel 78 Harbour Parade Ramsgate
Flower Reginald C Alexandra Hotel 70 Harbour Parade Ramsgate
Flowerdew H C publisher of Thanet Advertiser & Echo Church Hill Ramsgate
Foad E M Mrs lodging house 60 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Foad Reginald Wm greengrocer 38 Newington Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Folkard Wltr grocer 72 Edith Road Ramsgate
Footman Saml Jas boot repairer 21 Camden Road Ramsgate
Fordham & Co wholesale boot factors 24 Addington Street Ramsgate
Foreman Edwd Jn tobacconist 156 King Street Ramsgate
Foreman Louise Miss confectioner 28 Queen Street Ramsgate
Forester's Hall John Strevens, caretaker Chapel Place Ramsgate
Forwalk Jas Geo painter 14 Kent Terrace Ramsgate
Forwalk Jas Geo decorator 6 Effingham Stores, Effingham Street Ramsgate
Forward David R confectioner 62 Park Road Ramsgate
Forwood Jones boot stores 42 Grange Road Ramsgate
Foster E W watchmaker 38 Manston Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Foster Herbt china dealer 79 High Street Ramsgate
Foster Herbert sail maker 29 & 31 York Street Ramsgate
Foster Mrs M lodging house 62 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Fowler Frederick Wm grocer 48 Flora Road Ramsgate
Fowles Willie Thomas Charles shopkeeper 22 Church Road Ramsgate
Fox Geo garage 137 & 137A King Street Ramsgate
Fox Rt Hollicondane Tavern Hollicodane Lane Ramsgate
Foy Boat Hotel F G Jones, proprietor 1 Adelaide Gardens Ramsgate
Foy Boat Hotel F G Jones, proprietor 8 Sion Hill Ramsgate
Frame Charles Edwd confectioner 21 George Street Ramsgate
Francis Jn hairdresser 19A Hardres Street Ramsgate
Francklin Wltr Jas cabinet maker 5A Paragon Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Francklin Wltr Jas boarding house 1 Florence Terrace, Albert Road. East Cliff Ramsgate
Fraser James superintendent Ramsgate Cemetery Cecilia Road Ramsgate
Frederick Hotels Ltd refreshment rooms Southern Railway Station, Station Approach Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd boot makers 10 Queen Street Ramsgate
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd boot makers 10 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Freeman, Hardy & Willis Ltd boot makers 67A King Street Ramsgate
Freeman Harry Red Rover Inn 1 Upper Dumpton Park Road Ramsgate
Fremlin Memorial Sanatorium The (St Lawrence College) Sister McCubbin in charge Summerhill, Margate Road Ramsgate
Fremlins Off Licenec Wm G Wright, proprietor; order office 9 Hertford Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
French Fredk Thos insurance agent 29 Station Approach Road Ramsgate
Friend Arth J boot repairer 6 Richmond Road Ramsgate
Friend Arth J boot maker 14 Turner Street Ramsgate
Fry Carrie Miss greengrocer 10 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Fry Ernest Edwin Admiral Harvey PH Harbour Parade Ramsgate
Fry Wm butcher 160 Margate Road Ramsgate
Fuggles Geo & Co Ltd jewellers 29 High Street Ramsgate
Fuller Geo hairdresser 10 Abbotts Hill Ramsgate
Fun Parlour A J Thacker 17 Granville Marina Ramsgate

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