Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

commercial directory - K


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K Laundry Ltd   Northwood Road, Northwood Ramsgate
K Laundry Ltd receiving office 108 High Street Ramsgate
Kaplan A & E Ltd costumiers 12 King Street Ramsgate
Kay Mrs lodging house 7 Townley Street Ramsgate
Keen Edward beer retailer 11 Margate Road Ramsgate
Keen Jas Wm (ALAA) certified accountant 32 Queens Gate Road Ramsgate
Keen Ruth E Miss draper 113 King Street Ramsgate
Kelsey C F Ltd bakers 6, 8 & 10 Cliff Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Kelsey C F Ltd confectioners 39 High Street Ramsgate
Kelson Harold insurance agent 23 Belmont Road Ramsgate
Kember Jn East Deal Cutter Inn 44 King Street Ramsgate
Kemp Ethel Miss dressmaker 92 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Kemp Geo J F insurance assistant supervisor Valona, Park Road Ramsgate
Kemp Herbt J fishmonger 1 The Market Ramsgate
Kemp Tom tobacconist 86 High Street Ramsgate
Kent County Council Tuberculosis Dispensary   Charlotte Court Ramsgate
Kent County Council Weights & Measures Office E W Ryley, inspector Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Kent Education Committee P Dowling, district secretary office; 9 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Kent Films Motor Transport Co Ltd Premier Garage Turner Street Ramsgate
Kent Films Motor Transport Co Ltd annexe Bethesda Street Ramsgate
Kent Films Motor Transport Co Ltd registered office Kings Theatre, King Street Ramsgate
Kent Removers & Warehousemen furniture removers 37 Southwood Road Ramsgate
Kidwell H Miss herbalist 5 Richmond Road Ramsgate
King Benj shopkeeper 2 Alma Road Ramsgate
King Bertie shopkeeper 166 Hereson Road Ramsgate
King Eileen Mrs confectioner 108 High Street Ramsgate
King Ernest Foresters Arms, public house 48 Boundary Road Ramsgate
King Fred draper 134 King Street Ramsgate
King Harry R grainer 5 St Andrews Road Ramsgate
King Harry R works 43 Denmark Road Ramsgate
King Regnld woodworker 5 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Kings Theatre The The Ramsgate & District Popular Amusements Co Ltd, proprietors / Reginald V Crow, managing director King Street & Market Place Ramsgate
Kingsland Albt tailor 80 Queen Street Ramsgate
Kingsland Jn baker 6 Percy Road Ramsgate
Kirby Hy Arth decorator 29 Cannonbury Road Ramsgate
Kirke Mrs lodging house 21 Effingham Street Ramsgate
Knight F W & Sons fish merchants 64A High Street Ramsgate
Knight F W & Sons fish merchants 6 Kent Place Ramsgate
Knight F W & Sons fish merchants 22 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Knight Wm J garage Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Knott Marshall private enquiry agent 7 Effingham Street Ramsgate
Knowles C fruiterer 93 High Street Ramsgate

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