Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

commercial directory - M


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M T Company motor coach proprietors Ramsgate Coach Station, West Cliff Road Ramsgate
M T Company motor coach proprietors booking office; 26 Queen Street Ramsgate
McAulay Jn N Admiral Fox Tavern 134 Grange Road Ramsgate
Macdonald J C Miss greengrocer 18 Albert Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Macdonald John lodging house 10 Nelson Crescent, West Cliff Ramsgate
Machin Harry C relieving & vaccination officer for Ramsgate West District, Thanet & District Area Guardians Committee 6 Broad Street Ramsgate
Mack Peter miller Newington Mill, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Mack Peter miller 113 & 115 High Street Ramsgate
Mack Peter miller Reading Street Broadstairs
McKellar J C Royal Standard hotel 2 & 4 Albion Hill Ramsgate
Mackeson & Co Ltd brewers 69 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Mackinder M Miss grocer 79 Whitehall Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
McKinley J W surveyor of Customs & Excise, reciever of wreck & supt of Mercantile Marine Custom House, Harbour Parade Ramsgate
McSweeney Jsph W insurance agent 30 Augusta Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Maison Helene hairdressers 32 King Street Ramsgate
Maison Invicta ladies hairdressers 70 High Street Ramsgate
Mallett Arth Jn confectioner 1A Bellevue Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Mallett F hairdresser 1 George Street Ramsgate
Manchester Unity Independent Order of Odd Fellows (Loyal Isle of Thanet lodge) J T Mummery, sec Club & Institute, 142 High Street Ramsgate
Mancktelow E B Miss (ARCM) school 4 Granville Gardens, Truro Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Mann Bros restaurant 42 Harbour Street Ramsgate
Manning Wltr hairdresser 1 Brunswick Street Ramsgate
Manser H G stationer & post office 87 Addington Street Ramsgate
Manson Dorothy Mrs tobacconist 16 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Maple Sidney butcher 44 Denmark Road Ramsgate
Maple Sidney Pilcher Rt apartments 186 Grange Road Ramsgate
Marcar Electrical Supplies   2A Addington Street Ramsgate
March James fish merchant Hilda Villa, Irchester Street Ramsgate
March Len fishmonger 16 Grange Road Ramsgate
March Walter Jas fruiterer 81 High Street Ramsgate
Marina Bathing Pool   Granville Marina Ramsgate
Market & Town Hall The   Queen Street Ramsgate
Marks & Spencer Ltd stores 41-45 High Street Ramsgate
Marriott Christphr marine store dealer 18 Hill Brow Road Ramsgate
Marriott Christphr marine store dealer yard, Central Road Ramsgate
Marsh & Sons builders yard, High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Marsh Charles G R general dealer & post office 13 Margate Road Ramsgate
Marsh Harry Geo bricklayer 56 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Marsh Harry Geo builder 97 Newington Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Marshall W H printer 7 Cavendish Street Ramsgate
Martin Ernest William builder works; 4 Victoria Road Ramsgate
Martin Jas Hy upholsterer 138 Grange Road Ramsgate
Martin M J Mrs nurse Cuddesdon, Queens Avenue, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Martin Miss lodging house 3 Spencer Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Martin W W builder & contractor Dane Park Road Ramsgate
Martins Jn E grocer 28 Addington Street Ramsgate
Marzetti & Sons caterers 100-108 Harbour Parade Ramsgate
Marzetti G Popular Hotel Harbour Parade Ramsgate
Maskell William Henry undertaker 76 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Mason E (Thanet) Ltd leather merchants 34 King Street Ramsgate
Matson Albt F upholsterer 80 Grange Road Ramsgate
Matson Ernest W fish shop 133 High Street Ramsgate
Matson M Mrs apartments 80 Grange Road Ramsgate
Matthews Fredk & Co carriers Elm Lodge, Honeysuckle Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Matthews Albt Wm confectioner 63 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Matthews Mr & Mrs J Hotel de Ville 45 Grange Road Ramsgate
May Geo shopkeeper 23 Dumpton Park Drive, St Lawrence Ramsgate
May Rd E Ellington Arms, public house 1 Hill Brow Road Ramsgate
May Rt The White Swan, public house 131 Hardres Street Ramsgate
May Wm R beer retailer 79 Alexandra Road Ramsgate
Mayer Flora Mrs hairdresser 13 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Mayes Arth J decorator 65 Thanet Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Mayes Wltr grocer 4 & 6 Grange Road Ramsgate
Mayhew Dorothy Mrs caterer Old Barn Cottage, Pegwell Road Ramsgate
Maynard C L confectioner 31 Queen Street Ramsgate
Maynard Lt-Comdr H J (RNR ret) harbour master The Harbour Ramsgate
Maypole Dairy Co Limited   6 High Street Ramsgate
Melbourne Miss boarding house 5 Effingham Street Ramsgate
Meldrum Jas lodging house 7 Kent Terrace Ramsgate
Melsheimer Louisa Mrs draper Margate Road Ramsgate
Mewha Stanley H tea rooms 46 Plains of Waterloo Ramsgate
Midland Bank Ltd C C Beardon, manager 1 & 3 High Street Ramsgate
Midland Bank Ltd C C Beardon, manager 36 Grange Road Ramsgate
Miles Sidney shopkeeper 24 Chapel Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Milgate Peter shopkeeper 17 Bellevue Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Millbourn Jas tobacconist 31 King Street Ramsgate
Miller Chas E V furniture dealer 12 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Miller Emma Mrs board residence 71 Grange Road Ramsgate
Miller Jn Wm confectioner 40 Hardres Street Ramsgate
Miller Jn Wm furniture dealer 78 Queen Street Ramsgate
Miller Percvl Jn baker 43 Denmark Road Ramsgate
Miller Saml J furniture dealer 22 & 24 West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Miller Walter fishmonger 6 York Street Ramsgate
Millett R & Sons Ltd ironmongers 53 & 55 King Street Ramsgate
Millett R & Sons Ltd ironmongers stores; Bethesda Street Ramsgate
Mills Arth furniture dealer 18 High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Mills Frederick lodging house 15 Camden Square Ramsgate
Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries (South Eastern Area) Fisheries Office Fish Market, The Harbour Ramsgate
Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange A Horsey, manager 2 Chapel Place Ramsgate
Ministry of Labour Employment Exchange Juvenile Bureau; Miss G Payne, officer 9 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Minkin Boras hairdresser 30 Grange Road Ramsgate
Mirams Henry D window  cleaner 18 Hertford Place Ramsgate
Mockett Thos Chilton Tavern Pegwell Road Ramsgate
Mockridge T W & Son bakers 78 High Street Ramsgate
Modern Library lending library 77 High Street Ramsgate
Moffitt Chas carrier 6 Lawn Villas, Guildford Lawn Ramsgate
Molock Arth estate agent 41 Effingham Street Ramsgate
Mongor Jas Geo beer retailer 14 Lorne Road Ramsgate
Monro Hector MacDonald (MB, ChB, FRCS Edin) physician & surgeon 42 Spencer Square Ramsgate
Moody Arth Chas decorator 58 Royal Road, West Cliff Ramsgate
Moody Chas taxi proprietor 22 St Lukes Avenue Ramsgate
Moody Fredk beer retailer 119 Southwood Road Ramsgate
Moore S S The Artillery Arms, public house West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Moore Thos boot repairer 2 Paragon Cottages, Paragon Street, West Cliff Ramsgate
Moore William fishmonger 70 King Street Ramsgate
Moores A1 Dairy   Paradise Ramsgate
Moorlen A & M Misses greengrocers 20 High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Moram Wltr cycle agent 40A Belmont Road Ramsgate
Morgan E R Mrs & M E Miss dressmakers 97 West Cliff Road Ramsgate
Morgan Jas Gayer (LRCPI, LRCSI) physician & surgeon 25 Bellevue Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Morris & Co (Meat Importers) Ltd   18 Park Road Ramsgate
Morris Alfd Jn confectioner 134 High Street Ramsgate
Morris J H shopkeeper Allenby Road, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Morrison & Siminson motor engineers 19 & 21 High Street, St Lawrence Ramsgate
Moses Geo furniture dealer 16 & 18 Bellevue Road, East Cliff Ramsgate
Moses Saml T cycle accessories 13 St Lukes Avenue Ramsgate
Moses Walt Thos carpenter 27 Cannonbury Road Ramsgate
Mothercraft Club Mrs S Hinds, hon sec Princes Street Ramsgate
Mould Jack insurance supt 15 Poplar Road Ramsgate
Moys Arth Edwin decorator 36 Townley Street Ramsgate
Muffett Miss home made cakes 49 Queen Street Ramsgate
Muirhead William draper & tailor Easton House, 94 Queen Street Ramsgate
Mummery Alfred John greengrocer 74 Hereson Road Ramsgate
Mummery Alfred Thos baker 2 George Street Ramsgate
Munday George poulterer 24 High Street Ramsgate
Munday George fish salesman Fish Market, The Harbour Ramsgate
Municipal Offices   Albion House, Albion Place Ramsgate
Murray Hugh Hy piano tuner 13 Crescent Road Ramsgate
Murray Rt Jn wireless engineer 36 Chatham Street Ramsgate
Mutton Douglas ladies hairdresser 22 Paragon, West Cliff Ramsgate
Mutton Lewis D ladies hairdresser The Shack, Saxon Road Ramsgate
Mynheer Daniel A builder Cornhill Ramsgate

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