Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - L


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Lacey Alfd G 37 Manston road St Lawrence
Lacey Fredk Wm 4 Clarenden Gardens  
Ladd Rd 73 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Ladums Arth 18 St Andrews road  
Laing Jack 1 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Laker Chas 16 Manston road St Lawrence
Laker George J 37 Seafield road St Lawrence
Lamacraft Geo Edwd 3 Seagarth Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Lambert Charles 114 Grange road  
Lambert Ernest Peter 4 Clifton road St Lawrence
Lambert Fredk Thos 1 Seafield road St Lawrence
Lambert Geo 8 Denmark Road  
Lambert George 147 Grange road  
Lambert Geo Lanfer Margate road  
Lambert Geo 1 Stanley Cottages Stanley Place  
Lambert Geo E 2 Herbert Road  
Lambert Horace Jn 2 Grosvenor road St Lawrence
Lambert Miss 19 Dane Park road  
Lambert Mrs 11 Albion place  
Lambert Mrs Valletta Albion road East Cliff
Lambert Redwood 70 Chatham Street  
Lambert Robert 31 Boundary road  
Lambert Robert 8 St Patricks road  
Lambert Tom 72 Thanet road St Lawrence
Lamberton Alfd Jn 106 Hereson road  
Lambkin Chas Alfd 6 Marlborough road The Elms
Lambley Chas 17 Margate road  
Lambley Chas Hy 39 St Andrews road  
Laming Henry Geo 45 Seafield road St Lawrence
Laming Mrs 118 Hereson road  
Laming Mrs 43 Seafield road St Lawrence
Laming Thos Jn 16 Clifton road St Lawrence
Lamont Miss 1 Percy road  
Lampard Jsph Edwd 78 Newington road St Lawrence
Lampert Thomas 18 Artillery Road  
Lampert Wm 5 Artillery Road  
Landi Geo 5 Dane road  
Landi Wm 15 Townley street  
Lane Chas Cramphorn 17 Warten road  
Lane Richard Thomas 12 Chilton lane  
Lanfear Alfd H jun 20 South Eastern road  
Lanfear Afd Hy sen 22 Ellington road  
Lang Misses 117A South Eastern road  
Lang Mrs 8 Guildford Lawn  
Lang Regnld Wm Watchester Lodge Watchester avenue  
Langdon Mrs 15 Willsons Road  
Langley Albt O 14 Muir road  
Langley Jn Simon G 162 High street Ramsgate
Langran Jas C 24 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Langridge Miss 27 Meeting Street  
Langridge Rt Avenue Lodge Bellevue Avenue  
Langridge Thomas Philpot 22 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Langridge Thomas Philpot 134 Southwood road  
Langstaff Wm Hy (MBE) 7 Grove road  
Langston Mrs 13 Nelson crescent West Cliff
Langton Wltr Herbt 44 Boundary road  
Langworthy Mrs 88 High street St Lawrence
Lapworth Rev Norbert (Roman Catholic) Parish Priest St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Large Jas W 233 Margate road  
Larkin John 11 Salisbury Avenue  
Larkin Jn Jun 61 Dane Park road  
Larkin Mrs 10 Allenby road St Lawrence
Larkin Mrs 43 St Lukes avenue  
Larkin Stuart 12 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Larking Mrs 10 Allenby road St Lawrence
Larking Ross Jn 46 Bellevue road East Cliff
Larkins Arthur 4 Leopold Street  
Larkins Chas 77 Southwood road  
Larkins Geo Chas Hillcroft Margate road  
Larkins Mrs 57 Woodford avenue  
Larkins Thos 80 Crescent road  
Larkins Thos 38 Station Approach road  
Laslett George 39 Southwood road  
Laslett Harry Thos 28 Muir road  
Laslett Miss 76 Grange road  
Laslett Wltr 4 Grosvenor road  
Laslett Wm Rt 48 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Last Fredk 152 Hereson road  
Last Mrs 35 Montague Road  
Lathan Mrs R A 3 Havens of Rest Thanet road St Lawrence
Latter Albt Arth 41 Edith road  
Latter Wm 25 Hill Brow Road  
Laughton Miss 26 Dundonald Road  
Laurence Walt Ernest 136 Southwood road  
Law Arth Brenda Margate road  
Lawbuary Ernest 7 Brights Place  
Lawbuary Herbert Victor 7 Cecilia road  
Lawrance Thomas Octavia Pegwell Road  
Lawrence Arthur John Ethelbert 27 Southwood road  
Lawrence Edwd A 10 Ethelbert road  
Lawrence Edwd J 22 Grosvenor road St Lawrence
Lawrence Edward James 22 Herbert Road  
Lawrence Jas 17 St Patricks road  
Lawrence Miss 22 Percy road  
Lawrence Mrs 27 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Lawrence Mrs 2 Hatfield road  
Lawrence Mrs 38 Rosebery Avenue  
Lawrence Mrs 142 Southwood road  
Lawrence Percy Wm 19 St Georges road  
Lawrence Rd Hy 12 Cross Street West Cliff
Lawrence Wilfred Frank 103 Station Approach road  
Lawrence Wm G 73 High street St Lawrence
Laws Percy Jack 175 St Lukes avenue  
Lawson Sydney Lawes 6 Hollicondane road  
Lay Geo Hy Rt 10 Willsons Road  
Lay Mrs 7 Willsons Road  
Lea Frank 27 Duncan road  
Leadsford Thos 125 Margate road  
Leakey Mrs 13 Poplar road  
Leaman Miss E G H 112 Grange road  
Leavens Miss 33 Cannonbury road  
Legderwood Andrew 8 Queens Gate road  
Ledley Jn 63 West Cliff road  
Lednor Mrs E 40 Southwood road  
Ledwidge Mrs F Jordan 22 St Mildreds road  
Lee Albt Westdene High street St Lawrence
Lee Andrew 64 Newington road St Lawrence
Lee Douglas 21 Dundonald Road  
Lee Edward 15 Codrington Road  
Lee Ernest 23 Artillery Road  
Lee Joseph H 5 Codrington Road  
Lee Miss B 19 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Lee Wm Jas 95 Winstanley crescent  
Lehman Alfd Jas 1 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street West Cliff
Lehman Mrs 40 Rodney street  
Lehman Wm Rd 29 Rodney street  
Leigh Mrs 71 Cecilia road  
Leman Geo Jn 31 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Lemare Mrs 61 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Lemare Wilfred 37 Prestedge avenue  
Leonard Jn 2 Cliff Cottages Pegwell Road  
Lepper Miss 20 Winstanley crescent  
Lester Jn Albt Winchester London road  
Leveridge Wm J 39 Dumpton Park road  
Lewington C W 1 Coast Guard Station Victoria parade East Cliff
Lewis David 65 Vale road  
Lewis Edwd Orchardleigh Margate road  
Lewis Fredk John 11 Cross Street West Cliff
Lewis Geo 93 Coleman crescent  
Lewis Geo 174 Southwood road  
Lewis Geo Hy 47 Hardres street  
Lewis Jas Hy 44 Picton road  
Lewis Jas Thos 14 Dumpton Park road  
Lewis Leonard R 102 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Lewis Lewis 24 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Lewis Misses E & C The Bungalow Napleton Road  
Lweis Mrs 145 Grange road  
Lewis Mrs 38 Turner street  
Lewis Mrs E B 11 Prospect Terrace West Cliff
Lewis Mrs V 20 Albion Hill  
Lewis Percy Edwd 129 Hereson road  
Lewis Thos 43 St Patricks road  
Lewis Thos K 4 Beresford Road  
Lewis Wltr 193 Margate road  
Lewis Walt K 51 Bellevue road East Cliff
Lewis Wm 9 Prestedge avenue  
Lewis Wm (flat 2) 22 Vale Square  
Lewis Wm Geo 6 Belmont street  
Licence Jas S 16 Cannon Road  
Liddington Mrs 23 Cannonbury road  
Liddle John 14 Montefiore cottages  
Liddle Mrs Emma 7 Kent Place  
Liddle William Alfred 44 Turner street  
Liddle Wm Jn 30 Belmont street  
Light Frank 85 Prestedge avenue  
Liles Thomas 7 Cumberland road  
Lilley Louis Robert 2 Shaftesbury street  
Lilleywhite Thos 32 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Lilly Miss E 19 Albion place  
Lilwall Jn E Craycombe London road  
Limburn Wm Chas 91 Newington road St Lawrence
Lincoln Miss 57 South Eastern road  
Lincoln Mrs 35A High street St Lawrence
Lindley Geo 13 Hardres Road  
Lindsey Wm 1 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Linfield Jn 214 Hereson road  
Ling Chas Cramphorn 24 Augusta road East Cliff
Link Frank G 7 Turner street  
Linn Mrs 6 York Terrace West Cliff
Lipscomb Wltr 9 Park road  
Lissack Fredk A 15 Crescent road  
List Edwd 14 St Patricks road  
Little Alfd 11 Newcastle Hill  
Little William Charles 9 Hereson road  
Livett Edwd Geo Vilette Gilbert road St Lawrence
Livsey Jsph Hy 26 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Llowarch Edwd Victor 20 Duncan road  
Lloyd Henry 5 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Lloyd Horatio Frank 21 Sydney road St Lawrence
Lloyd Mrs C 48 Park road  
Lloyd Wm 37 Hollicondane road  
Lloyd-Williams Jn 24 Duncan road  
Loader J F 28A Effingham street  
Lock Bertram Wm 5 St Patricks road  
Locke Geo 3 Camden road  
Lockyer Albert Edward 27 Lillian road  
Logan Thos 17 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Lohmann Berkeley H 38 Southwood road  
Long Douglas 40 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Long Edwd Morris 18 Dundonald Road  
Long Frederick 11 Victoria road  
Long Fredk Daniel 108 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Long Miss 4 St Mildreds road  
Long Mrs C 11 Spencer Square West Cliff
Longden Mrs (flat 2) San Clu Mansions Victoria parade East Cliff
Longley Albert 29 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Longley Arth Geo 20 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Longley Chas Albt 1 Dumpton Park road  
Longley Charles Sutton 19 Princes Street  
Longley Fredk 2 St Davids road  
Longley Fredk Wltr 27 Station Approach road  
Longley Mrs 14 Grosvenor road St Lawrence
Longley Mrs 11 Monkton place  
Longstaff Geo Priory Mews Priory Road West Cliff
Longworth Rd Thos 46 Crescent road  
Lord Mrs 71 High street St Lawrence
Lord Willie Roland 5 Ellington road  
Love Chas Hy 18 Percy road  
Love Fredk A McL 34 Station Approach road  
Love Guy 2 Park road  
Love William James 10 Cannonbury road  
Lovecy Mrs 48 St Patricks road  
Loveless Wm Bird (MA, MC) Somborne Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Lovett Charles Henry 46 Winstanley crescent  
Lowe Fred 21 Hatfield road  
Lowe Jn 35 Rodney street  
Lowe Miss E A The Haven Godwin Road  
Lowe William J 36 Spencer Square West Cliff
Lowman Mrs 11 Albion place  
Lowman Mrs 37 High street Ramsgate
Lowrance Miss Rockley St Mildreds Avenue  
Lowry Rev Rd A (MA) assistant curate of St Georges 8 Duncan road  
Lucas Albert Edwd 36 South Eastern road  
Lucas Alfred Edwin 82 Boundary road  
Lucas Edward 17 Montague Road  
Lucas Fredk 18 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Lucas Geo 12 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Lucas Hy 99 Station Approach road  
Lucas Herbt 119 St Lukes avenue  
Lucas Jas Edwin 39 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Lucas Mrs B 30 St Andrews road  
Lucas Richard 1 Batts Place York Street  
Lucas Rd Edwd 12 Cumberland road  
Luce Norman Westward Ho London road  
Luck Ernest Albt Sissinghurst Margate road  
Luck Jn Wm 111 Crescent road  
Luckett Alfred 94 Queen Street  
Luckett Mrs F M Elmhurst Truro Road East Cliff
Ludeman Jn Hy 13 Cottage Road  
Luff Harry 32 Adelaide Gardens  
Luff Horace 109 Hereson road  
Luff Mrs 8 Hatfield road  
Lumb Jn Hy Cransama High street St Lawrence
Lumbard Geo 68 Chilton lane  
Lumbus Miss 10 Royal Road West Cliff
Lumpkin Arth 50 Dundonald Road  
Lund Wm Frank 22 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Lurcook Geo 72 Hardres street  
Lush Geo 47 St Davids road  
Lush George William 11 Unity Place  
Lycett Hy Cyril 45 St Lukes avenue  
Lynam Jas 10 Erdley Square  
Lynch Mrs E 30 Codrington Road  
Lynch Mrs H 96 Coleman crescent  
Lyne Frederick George 7 Prices Avenue  
Lyne John George 6 Vale road  
Lyons David Shirley Saxon road  

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