Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - C


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Caddick Rd W 23 Cheriton avenue St Lawrence
Cadman Miss 105 Boundary road  
Caffell Geo W 111 Station Approach road  
Cake Chas 3 Bolton street  
Caldon Mrs 39 Napleton road  
Callaghan Thos 1 Cheriton avenue St Lawrence
Cameron Miss 77 Crescent road  
Camfield Mrs 17 West Cliff road  
Campbell Jsph Ramona Downs road  
Campbell Mrs D 29 Coleman crescent  
Campbell Mrs E 21 Camden road  
Canburn Harold 47 Park road  
Canney Frank Lyford 19 Penshurst road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Cannings Hy Geo 18 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Cannon Jn Rd 1 Eagle yard  
Cannon Rt N 22 Finsbury road  
Cantor Miss 21 Warten road  
Capener Squadron Leader Herbt W (RAF) 29 Hollicondane road  
Capon Saml Jn 23 Dane crescent  
Capp Saml Hadley 36 St Lukes road  
Card Albert William 17 Hibernia street  
Card Edwd Jsph 6 Chatham Place  
Card Harold E 102 Margate road  
Carden David S 36 Dundonald road  
Carden Harold Rt 70 St Lukes avenue  
Carden Leonard Marlen Margate road  
Carden Mrs C 87 Station Approach road  
Carden Robert 7 Unity Place  
Carden Robert Frederick 48 Hereson road  
Carey William Hy Jas 81 Margate road  
Cargin Herbt Macpherson (MD, Ch B) 2 Augusta road  
Carlton Fredk Wm 36 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Carlton Wm 8 Montefiore avenue  
Carman Joel 21 Albert road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Carpenter Charles 2 Eagle Hill  
Carpenter Chas H 38 Crescent road  
Carpenter Jn 53 Bloomsbury road  
Carpenter Mrs 37 Alma road  
Carr Godfrey 6 Muir road  
Carr Mrs A E 2 Pegwell avenue  
Carr Saml 10 Muir road  
Carrell Harry C 2 Plains of Waterloo  
Carrett Edwd 54 Picton road  
Carroll Jesse Jas 100 Hereson road  
Carroll Jn 28 Church road  
Carruthers Miss 59 Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Carsberg Miss Carsberg Pegwell Road  
Carter Charles 22 Hardres street  
Carter Edwin Nelson cottage Addington place West Cliff
Carter Jn 11 Sydney road St Lawrence
Carter Sam Thos Byeways Roman road  
Carter Thos 23 Adelaide gardens West Cliff
Carter Wltr 85 Boundary road  
Carter William 14 Bellevue cottages  
Carthew Mrs 75 Plains of Waterloo  
Cartwright Wm West Winds Pegwell avenue  
Case Mrs 25 Spencer square West Cliff
Case Wilfred William 22 Dane Park road  
Caseley Thos Geo 1 Stanley road  
Caseley William 11 Seafield road St Lawrence
Cashman Herbt Wm 51 Picton road  
Cashmore Jsph Edmnd 30 Church road  
Caspall Wm Jn 9 Addington street  
Caspell Chas Laurence 102 Hereson road  
Caspell Wm 206 Newington road Northwood
Caspell Wm jun 6 Fitzroy avenue Northwood
Cassidy James 23 Belmont street  
Cassidy Mrs 5 Royal crescent  
Cassingham Tom S 36 Codrington road  
Castle Albt 170 High street  
Castle Albert 16 Percy road  
Castle Albt Edwd 4 Buxton road Northwood
Castle Alfd 1 Alma place King Street  
Castle Cecil 33 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Castle Ernest 64 Hereson road  
Castle Ernest Richard 24 Percy road  
Castle Frederick 18 Lorne road  
Castle George 10 Leopold street  
Castle Geo Hy 5 Anns road  
Castle Mrs 4 Chandos terrace Boundary road  
Castle Mrs 203 Margate road  
Castle Mrs B G 65 Plains of Waterloo  
Castle Mrs Marion E 108 Crescent road  
Castle Mrs Rt Jn 34 Crescent road  
Castle Rt Wltr 52 Warten road  
Castle Thos Alfd Penzance London road  
Castle William 56 Cannonbury road  
Castle William 8 Percy road  
Castle Wm Fredk 23 Denmark road  
Caswell Miss 2 St Mildreds road  
Caswell Wm Hy 40 Montefiore avenue  
Cate Thos Hy 77 Addington street  
Cation Jas 8 Bradley road St Lawrence
Catt Chas Fredk 19 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Catt Mrs 21 Alma road  
Catt Thos Wltr J 12 Albion place  
Caunter John Sydney sen 60 Dane Park road  
Caunter Miss M 24 Artillery road  
Cave Alfd 8 Wheatley road St Lawrence
Cavell Chas 11 Edith cottages Clements road  
Cavell Fredk 12 Edith cottages Clements road  
Cavell Jas W 65 Woodford Avenue  
Cavell Jas Wilmot 21 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Cavell Thos Geo 33 Prestedge avenue  
Cavie Jn Fredk 91 St Lukes avenue  
Cayley Albert George 39 Alexandra road  
Cayley Wm Jn 223 Newington road Northwood
Chadd Jsph 63 Southwood road  
Chadwick Mrs 136A Grange road  
Challis Chas M 18 Ellington road  
Challis Thos G Saxon Down Downs road  
Challis Wltr 37 St Davids road  
Chalmers Jas 67 Newington road St Lawrence
Chaloner Fredk J Casita West Dumpton lane  
Chamberlain Fredk A 20 Ellington road  
Chamberlain Miss 69 Ellington road  
Chamberlain Miss 71 Thanet road St Lawrence
Chamberlain Mrs 17 Poplar road  
Chambers James A 16 St Patricks road  
Chambers Leonard 13 Gwyn road St Lawrence
Chambers Misses 10 Vale road  
Chambers Mrs F 19 Salisbury avenue  
Chambers Wesley Leonard 44 Bradley road St Lawrence
Champ Wm Jas Hertford Cottage Hertford Street West Cliff
Champion George 37 St Patricks road  
Champkin Mrs 15 Paragon West Cliff
Champs Alfd Chas 35 High street St Lawrence
Champs Alfd Geo 27 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Champs Chas 20 Brights place  
Champs Charles 29 St Davids road  
Champs Ernest Albt 25 St Davids road  
Champs Ernest Frank 8 Coast Guard Station Victoria parade East Cliff
Champs Frederick 9 Church road  
Champs Stephen 47 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Champs William 19 Winstanley crescent  
Chandler Herbt Ruth Cecilia road  
Chandler Jesse William 37 Rodney street  
Chandler Mrs Montefiore Villa Trinity place  
Chandler Mrs 4 Sussex street  
Chandler Mrs A M 23 Dumpton Park road  
Chandler Thos Edwd 66 Bellevue road East Cliff
Chandler Wm Albt 41 Napleton road  
Channing Misses 67 Dane crescent  
Chantler Albt Hy 109 Winstanley crescent  
Chantler Thos 10 Prestedge avenue  
Chapman Albt Raymond 7 Monkton place  
Chapman Alfd 2 Boundary road  
Chapman Charles Thos 26 Southwood road  
Chapman Edwd Geo 1 Edith Cottages Clements road  
Chapman Ernest 1 Alfred cottages  
Chapman Ernest Fredk G 4 Vale road  
Chapman Fredk Stanley 50 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Chapman Henry 49 Bloomsbury road  
Chapman Hy Wltr 4 Dane road  
Chapman Leonard 31 Chatham street  
Chapman Louis Owen 32 York street  
Chapman Miss 20 Albert road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Chapman Miss 20 Albion place  
Chapman Miss Fern Cottage Meeting street  
Chapman Miss 106 South Eastern road  
Chapman Miss Mary F 3 St Mildreds road  
Chapman Mrs 9 Newington road St Lawrence
Chapman Mrs 87 Newington road St Lawrence
Chapman Mrs 8 Willsons road  
Chapman Mrs G West Ways College lane  
Chapman Mrs J W 19 Ellington road  
Chapman Mrs S 13 Newcastle Hill  
Chapman Percy J Cleathorne Watchester avenue  
Chapman Thos Walt Grassholm London road  
Chapman Wltr Albt V 18 Belmont street  
Chapman Wm John 17 Winstanley crescent  
Chapman Wm Rt 29 Thanet road St Lawrence
Chappell Sidney Elmcote Northwood road Northwood
Charlesworth Jsph 39 Hardres street  
Charlson Ernest 23 Spencer square West Cliff
Charlton Edwd Thos Nida Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Charlton Mrs E Illinois Margate road  
Chassib-Jaber Mrs 8 Crescent road  
Chatfield Mrs 11 Codrington road  
Chatfield Mrs 2 Gilbert road St Lawrence
Chatterton Jn W St Martin Avebury avenue  
Chatwin Fredk 25 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Chayney Thomas S 3 Ellington road  
Cheales Miss I 14 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Cheeseman Harry 28 Montefiore avenue  
Cheeseman Hy 66 Plains of Waterloo  
Cheeseman Wm 22 Central road  
Cheeseman Wm E R 18 Montefiore Cottages  
Cheesman Fredk 76 Newington road St Lawrence
Cheshire Mrs A E 75 Newington road St Lawrence
Chesnau Miss R 9 Northwood road Northwood
Chesswas Miss 6 Granville marina  
Chester Miss 90 Grange road  
Chiddention Frank John 12 Hatfield road  
Chiddention John Thos 44 Hardres street  
Chidwick Fredk 43 Chilton lane  
Chidwick Mrs 4 Rosebery avenue  
Child Alec 2 Ellington road  
Child Geo Milestone Margate road  
Childs Edwd Evesbury Anns road  
Childs George 125 Hardres street  
Chipp Miss B L 44 Royal road West Cliff
Chittenden Arthur 24 Plains of Waterloo  
Chittenden Jn Thos Hy Cranstone Stancomb avenue  
Chown Jn 21 Addington street  
Christian Jn jun 6 Alexandra road  
Christian Jn sen 26 Dane road  
Christie Mrs 33 St Davids road  
Chrystal Wm A 4 Montefiore avenue  
Church Geo A Woodnesbro Margate road  
Church Henry James 29 Percy road  
Church John 19 Dumpton Park road  
Church Mrs K 225 Margate road  
Church William Henry 27 Percy road  
Churchill Mrs 110 Hereson road  
Clack Thomas 3 Princes avenue St Lawrence
Clackett Jn Chas 47 Muir road  
Claiden Alfred John 74 Edith road  
Clamp Mrs 72A High street  
Clancy John Lawrence 3 Marlborough road The Elms
Clapham Alfd Edwd Morworthy Margate road  
Clapson Cyril Thos 59 Chapel street St Lawrence
Clapson Frank 5 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Clapson Francis George 1 St Andrews road  
Clapson Jn Chas 18 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Clapson John T 21 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Clapson Lionel V 73 Seafield road St Lawrence
Clapson Mrs 28 Winstanley crescent  
Clapson Stanley 182 High street  
Clapson Wm 19 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Clare Fredk Geo 23 Bradley road St Lawrence
Claret William 80 Winstanley crescent  
Claret Wm Josiah 31 Cannonbury road  
Claringbold Geo 17 Turner street  
Clark Adam 13 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Clark Albt F Rosemary Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Clark Arth E R 64 Station Approach road  
Clark Edwd Park View West Dumpton lane  
Clark Geo Lynton Margate road  
Clark Geo Edwd 94 Dane Park road  
Clark Frank Regnld 24 Muir road  
Clark Fredk 14 Staffordshire Street  
Clark Henry 54 Denmark road  
Clark James 4 Thanet Cottages Thanet road Northwood
Clark Jas Edwd 34 Hollicondane road  
Clark Jn 112 Southwood road  
Clark Miss 13 Cannonbury road  
Clark Mrs 38 Bellevue road East Cliff
Clark Mrs 3 Catherine Terrace Chapel road St Lawrence
Clark Reuben Palmer 10 Albert street West Cliff
Clark Sidney 10 Chilton lane  
Clark Wltr 32 Manston road St Lawrence
Clark Wm Johnston 3 Dane crescent  
Clark Wm Thos 63 Grange road  
Clarke Alfd Chas 60 Picton road  
Clarke Archbld J 9 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Clarke Danl 182 High street Ramsgate
Clarke Edwd Hy 25 Warten road  
Clarke Ernest A 73 Newington road St Lawrence
Clarke Frank 10 Cannon road  
Clarke Geo 1 Mill cottages  
Clarke Geo Hy 69 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Clarke Jn Harold S 7 St Patricks road  
Clarke Mrs 3 Hardres street  
Clarke Mrs A 49 St Patricks road  
Clarke Mrs Littlewood Pegwell Lodge Pegwell Road  
Clarke Ronald 2 Jacky Bakers Cottages Highfield road Northwood, St Lawrence
Clarn Danl 104 Daniel road St Lawrence
Claw Douglas Jas 4 Chilton villas Pegwell Road  
Claxton George 11 Belmont street  
Claxton Kenneth Walter 122 Hereson road  
Claxton Reginald 4 Prices avenue  
Clayson Alfd 2 Newcastle Hill  
Clayson Jn Wm 82 South Eastern road  
Clayson Philip Avenue House Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Clayton Albt Jn 24 Brunswick street  
Cleever Wm P 10 Northwood road Northwood
Cleland Alex 16 Bradley road St Lawrence
Clements Mrs 35 Picton road  
Clemo Jn 3 Cavendish place  
Cleveland Mrs 27 Royal road West Cliff
Cleveland Richard Henry 30 Dumpton Park road  
Clifton Miss E St Heliers Nethercourt gardens St Lawrence
Clifton Mrs 201 Margate road  
Clinch Percy Edward 44 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Cloke William Edith Lodge Edith road  
Clutterbuck Mrs 2 Terrace Cottages  
Coade Jas 8 Northwood road Northwood
Cobb Albt 58 Alexandra road  
Cobb Albt Jas 52 Gwyn road St Lawrence
Cobbett Mrs A 88 Church road  
Cochrane Stanley 88 Newington road St Lawrence
Cock Herbt Alfd 69 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Cockburn Thos Hodges Chelwood Winterstoke Crescent East Cliff
Cocking Wm 24 Meeting street  
Cockran Harry Thos 23 Camden Square  
Cocks Arth 21 Coleman crescent  
Cocks Chas Fredk 179 St Lukes avenue  
Cocks Frederick 11 Bloomsbury road  
Cocks Hy Jn 72 Alexandra road  
Cocks Mrs 10 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Cocksedge Mrs 5 Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Coe Arth Hy 17 Crescent road  
Cogill Miss C 42 Ellington road  
Cohen Hy Wm 8 Picton road  
Colborne Miss 50A Chartham Terrace St Mildreds road  
Coldham Mrs 1 Chartham Terrace St Augustines Road  
Cole Benj 54 Manston road St Lawrence
Cole Edmund Loumund Stancomb avenue  
Cole Ernest 11 Camden Square  
Cole Geo Hy 59 Coleman crescent  
Cole Jesse 13 Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Cole Mrs 42 Dumpton Park road  
Cole Mrs 9 Irchester Street East Cliff
Cole Mrs 33 Liverpool lawn  
Coleman Alfd 58 Denmark road  
Coleman Frederick 3 Denmark road  
Coleman Mrs 105 Newington road St Lawrence
Coleman Mrs 87 Plains of Waterloo  
Coleman Mrs B 55 Park road  
Coleman Wltr Hy Fairdene cottage Warre avenue  
Coleman William 26 Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Coleman William 113 Southwood road  
Coles Albt Harry 14 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Coles Dennis 2 Woodford Avenue  
Coles Mrs Cambria Margate road  
Coles Wm Jas 38A Belmont road  
Colgate Benjamin Richd 2 Elmstone road  
Colgate Harold Geo 20 Gwyn road St Lawrence
Colgate Hy Geo 2 Coleman crescent  
Colgate Mrs 123 Grange road  
Colgate Roger 4 Arklow Square  
Collard Bertie Fras 38A Abbots hill  
Collard Bertie Jn 24 Leopold street  
Collard Harold Jn Ivy Warren Hollicondane road  
Collett Miss Dane Park House Dane Park road  
Collette Harry H 11 Queen Bertha Road  
Collier Alfd 183 Grange road  
Collier Frank 54A Queen street  
Collier Horace Jn 27 Coleman crescent  
Collier Rt 58 Bellevue road East Cliff
Collier Thos 93 Boundary road  
Collier Wm 12 North Avenue The Elms
Collin Danl P 54 Ellington road  
Collins Albt 127 St Lukes avenue  
Collins Albt 31 Townley street  
Collins Chas Wm 54 Coleman crescent  
Collins Hy 30 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Collins Hy Thos 17 Muir road  
Collins Jn 107 Crescent road  
Collins John Barrett 35 Finsbury road  
Collins Misses 5 Thanet road St Lawrence
Collins Mrs F 13 Sydney road St Lawrence
Collins Wm 16 Woodford Avenue  
Collins Wm Gambia St Lawrence avenue  
Collins Wm 9 St Georges road  
Collins Wm Jn 17 Coleman crescent  
Collis Chas Edwin 141 Margate road  
Collyer Charles 17 Grosvenor road St Lawrence
Collyer Frank A 30 Seafield road St Lawrence
Collyer Hy 25 Dumpton Park road  
Collyer Hy Wltr Kildare Nethercourt Farm road St Lawrence
Collyer Jas B 34 Gwyn road St Lawrence
Coltham Herbt Jn 11 St Georges road  
Colvill Mrs 47 Cheriton avenue St Lawrence
Colyer Thomas 33 Seafield road St Lawrence
Commerford Martin W 3 Beresford road  
Commerford Rt S Maryville Park road  
Common Mrs A 4 Royal road West Cliff
Compton Wm 26 Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Conisbee Henry George 49 Edith road  
Connelly James 20 Ayton road  
Connelly John 9 Leopold road  
Connor Mrs 22 Marlborough road  
Connor Mrs P 7 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Conolly Mrs M I flat 8, San Clu Mansions Victoria parade East Cliff
Conrad Geo M 10 High street St Lawrence
Constable Mrs 35 Muir road  
Convey Michl 7A Crescent road  
Conway Fredk 77 Coleman crescent  
Conyers Eric C H 56 Station Approach road  
Cook Albert 30 Montague road  
Cook C 5 La Belle Alliance square  
Cook Edwin James 18 St Patricks road  
Cook Ernest 23 Plains of Waterloo  
Cook Frank 17 Hill Brow road  
Cook Fredk 103 Winstanley crescent  
Cook Henry 29 Alexandra road  
Cook Horace 91 Crescent road  
Cook Horace 27 Townley street  
Cook Jas 7 La Belle Alliance square East Cliff
Cook Levi 8 Montague road  
Cook Miss D 25 Albert road East Cliff
Cook Mrs 18 Central road  
Cook Mrs Cotswold Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Cook Mrs 105 Winstanley crescent  
Cook Mrs A E 6 Winstanley crescent  
Cook Percy Rt 6 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Cook Thos 16 Hardres street  
Cook Thomas 1 Montefiore Cottages  
Cook Wltr Victor 14 Trinity place  
Cook Wm Thos 16 La Belle Alliance square East Cliff
Cooke Lionel V 196 Hereson road  
Coomber Mrs 9 Bloomsbury road  
Coomber Wm G 26 Hardres street  
Coombes Frank Huntleigh Cliftonville Avenue St Lawrence
Coombes Geo Hy 48 Gwyn road St Lawrence
Coombes Mrs 52 Newington road St Lawrence
Coombes Mrs 29 St Georges road  
Coombes Mrs A A 51 Muir road  
Coombes Thos 25 Abbots hill  
Coombes Wm Edwd 11 Hill Brow road  
Coombs Albert William 38 Dane road  
Coombs Wm 1 Kings road  
Cooper Alfd 115 St Lukes avenue  
Cooper Alfd J 1A St Lukes avenue  
Cooper Alfd Wm 106 Coleman crescent  
Cooper Bert Lewis cottage Farley place  
Cooper Chas 21 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Cooper Chas Wm Southcote London road  
Cooper Edwd 26 Leopold street  
Cooper Geo Arth 33 Willsons road  
Cooper Geo Hy 30 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Cooper Geo Wm 17 Prestedge avenue  
Cooper Hy Geo 1 Olive Grove Trinity place  
Cooper Jack 5 Mews cottages  
Cooper Jn Thos Hy 8 Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Cooper Jsph 2 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Cooper Matthew 34 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Cooper Mrs 32 Park road  
Cooper Mrs Waterloo cottage Terrace Cottages  
Cooper Mrs A C 125 Grange road  
Cooper Sydney 15 Camden road  
Cooper Wltr 32 Seafield road St Lawrence
Cooper Wltr Valentine Cottage Terrace Cottages  
Cooper Wm T 17 Dundonald road  
Copas Henry E 5 Bellevue cottages  
Copeland Frank 20 Union street  
Copeland Mrs Frances 3 Victoria parade East Cliff
Copping Wm 38 Dane crescent  
Coppings John 28 Duncan road  
Copus Wm W 2 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Coram Mrs 27 Herbert road  
Corben Sidney 49 Cheriton avenue St Lawrence
Corbin Thomas 13 Belmont road  
Corbin Wm 7 Percy road  
Corder Harold Fredk 4 Alpha road  
Corder Mrs 66 Hardres street  
Cork Albt Mark 4 Cottage Mews  
Cork Rt 80 Boundary road  
Cork Robert Dunn 41 High street St Lawrence
Cork William 3 Cavendish street  
Cornelius Albt Jn 94 Coleman crescent  
Cornelius Charles 11 Montague road  
Cornelius Joseph 48 Dumpton Park road  
Cornell Fredk Wm 26 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Cornford Mrs 7 Paradise  
Cornforth Rt 8 Cross street West Cliff
Cornwall Chas Jn 26 Allenby road St Lawrence
Cornwall Percy 1 Pegwell Road  
Cornwall Wm E Sea View Cottage Pegwell avenue  
Cornwell Herbt 48 Newington road St Lawrence
Cornwell Sidney Alfd 57 Norman road  
Cornwell Val Harry 10 Stanley road  
Cosgrave Mrs 13 Duncan road  
Cosgrove Arth 43 Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Cossons Ernest J 12 Station Approach road  
Cossons Geo Jas 35 Adelaide gardens  
Cossons Mrs 1 Pegwell avenue  
Costerton Rupert John 19 Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Costin Chas Wm Thos 19 Victoria road  
Cotter Thos 33 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Cottle Jas 16 Queens Gate road  
Cottle Mrs 4 Dane crescent  
Cotton Chas Jas 1 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Cotton Edwin James 27 Napleton road  
Cottrell Charles Robert 22 Edith road  
Couchman Mrs 67 Muir road  
Coughlan Fras J 18 Station Approach road  
Courbot Roger 23 Turner street  
Court Frank 9 Dundonald road  
Court Harry Geo 13 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Court Mrs 1 Leonards avenue  
Court Mrs F 8 Rose Hill West Cliff
Court Thos Wltr 3 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Cousins Harold Arth E Rothervale Margate road  
Cousins Lewis 3 Bristol place  
Coustick Albt 24 Elms avenue  
Couzens Steward Austin P 87 Grange road  
Coveney Mrs 32 Montefiore avenue  
Coveney Percy Hy 20 Bellevue road East Cliff
Coventon Evan Jas 10 Sydney road St Lawrence
Coventry Edward 40 Rosebery avenue  
Covus Leonard Maurice Coveham St James avenue St Lawrence
Cowell Jas 204 Hereson road  
Cowell Mrs 27 Boundary road  
Cowell Stephen Nelson 209 Margate road  
Cowell Stephen Rt Edina Nethercourt gardens St Lawrence
Cowell Thos 137 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Cowell Wltr W 40 Station Approach road  
Cowell Waltr Wm Jas 9 Albert terrace King Edward road  
Cowell Wilfred Wltr 7 Lorina road St Lawrence
Cowell Wm 27 Ayton road  
Cowie Wm P 79 Station Approach road  
Cowland-Cooper Chas Paul (MA, hon CF) vicar of St Laurence The Vicarage, St Laurence Manston road St Lawrence
Cox Albert William 39 Flora road  
Cox Alfred Herbert 4 Dundonald road  
Cox Arth Douglas 11 Hollicondane road  
Cox Benj Jas 40 Allenby road St Lawrence
Cox Chas 12 Alfred cottages  
Cox Edward James 71 Seafield road St Lawrence
Cox Ernest F 86 Boundary road  
Cox Ernest Wm 57 Bellevue road East Cliff
Cox Frank 29 Victoria road  
Cox Fredk Fern Villa Downs road  
Cox Ivor 23 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Cox James 3 Leopold road  
Cox John 49 High street St Lawrence
Cox Lewis 22 Camden Square  
Cox Miss 3 Eagle yard  
Cox Mrs 99 Boundary road  
Cox Mrs 6 Cross street West Cliff
Cox Mrs 11 Edith road  
Cox Mrs 4 Elmstone road  
Cox Mrs 5 Guildford Lawn  
Cox Mrs 28 Vale road  
Cox Mrs C 13 St Georges Cottages Church lane  
Cox Mrs G 173 Margate road  
Cox Mrs H E 8 Staffordshire Street  
Cox Stanley F 23 Gwyn road St Lawrence
Cox Thomas William 51 Addington street  
Cox William 120 Crescent road  
Coyle Jn 9 Bellevue cottages  
Craft Mrs 25 Cannonbury road  
Craker Ernest Wm Geo 19 Bellevue road East Cliff
Craker Wm 35 South Eastern road  
Cramera Peter Cadera Warre avenue  
Cramp Miss I G 9 Queen street  
Cramp Mrs 38 Vale road  
Cramp Norman Rt Kingsclere Downs road  
Cramp Rd 40 Central road  
Crampton Arth Horace 4 Spencer Villas Hollicondane road  
Crampton Fredk 11 Manston road St Lawrence
Crampton Gilbt Wm 56 Warten road  
Crampton Mrs 19 St Davids road  
Crampton Rt W 3 Charles road  
Crane Mrs Mary 3 Nethercourt gardens St Lawrence
Crawford Mrs F 224 Hereson road  
Craycraft Charles 29 Belmont street  
Craycraft Frederick 69 Seafield road St Lawrence
Craycraft Geoffrey 43 Queen Bertha Road  
Craycraft Mrs 2A Montefiore Cottages  
Crayden-Wyles Jn Fredk 40 Alma road  
Creasy Albert 88 South Eastern road  
Creasy Mrs L Haroldene Albion road East Cliff
Creedy Harry 6 Poplar road  
Creese Albert Edward 57 Margate road  
Cresswell Harry 31 Southwood road  
Crews Mrs 25 Newington road St Lawrence
Crews Regnld 2 Clifton Lawn  
Cribb Wm Thos 41 Seafield road St Lawrence
Cribben Stephen Jas 3 Hollicondane road  
Cribbens Chas 19 Turner street  
Cribbens Francis James 84 Hardres street  
Cribbens Geo Thos 5 Alfred cottages  
Cribbens Wltr 29 Alma road  
Crick Rt J 60 Denmark road  
Crickett Chas Wm 20 Penshurst road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Cripps Alfd Jn 44 Dane road  
Cripps Mrs 3 St Augustines Road West Cliff
Cripps Richard William 12 Church road  
Crisp Mrs A B 53 Hereson road  
Crittenden Ernest Alfd 11 Effingham street  
Croft Alfd Fredk 33 Winstanley crescent  
Crofton-Taylor Mrs 4 West Cliff Mansions West Cliff
Crole Thomas Henry 25 Boundary road  
Crompton Roy G Conroy Margate road  
Cronin Fras Cecil House Truro road East Cliff
Crosbie Fredk 30 Augusta road East Cliff
Crosoer Mrs M 22 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Crossingham Hy 5 Church lane  
Croston Peter 44 Dane Park road  
Crouch Richard 44 Winstanley crescent  
Croucher Jn Wm 20 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Croucher Miss 12 Arklow Square  
Crout Mrs 75 Edith road  
Crow Albt Edwd Jn 10 Trinity place  
Crow Cyril Geo 26 Cecilia road  
Crow Ernest 219 Newington road Northwood
Crow Geo 156 Southwood road  
Crow Hy Jas Victor 87 Hereson road  
Crow Miss 25 Picton road  
Crowdy Miss L 15 Nelson crescent West Cliff
Crowdy Rt J 12 Vale square  
Crowfoot Wm 19 Hatfield road  
Crowley Jn Danl 16 St Lukes avenue  
Crump Percy 132 Margate road  
Crump Percy William 14 Dane road  
Crundwell Albert 61 Margate road  
Crundwell Albert 41 St Andrews road  
Crundwell Henry 23 Dane road  
Crundwell Wm 89 Margate road  
Crutch Geo 2 Liverpool Villas Liverpool lawn West Cliff
Crutcher Fredk Wm 187 St Lukes avenue  
Crutchett Charles 21 Cottage road  
Cull Jas 211 Margate road  
Cullen Charles 31 Finsbury road  
Cullen Chas Fredk 18 Marlborough road The Elms
Cullen Edward 12 Dane road  
Cullen Edwd 26 Hertford Street West Cliff
Cullen George 9 South Eastern road  
Cullen Geo A Restholme Margate road  
Cullen George Joseph 24 Union street  
Cullen Hy 19 Rosebery avenue  
Cullen Hy Albt 21 Bradley road St Lawrence
Cullen Jas 2 Wheatley road St Lawrence
Cullen Miss 6 St Mildreds road  
Cullen Stanley Albt 11 Leonards avenue  
Cullen Wm Alfd 82 Newington road St Lawrence
Cullen William George 8 Leonards avenue  
Cullingham Mrs G 17 Wilfred road  
Culver Geo 75 Margate road  
Culver Jn 48 Duncan road  
Culver Miss 34 Finsbury road  
Culver Miss M A 217 Newington road Northwood
Culver Mrs 60 Dumpton Park road  
Culver Mrs F 135 Crescent road  
Culver Wm Arth 48 Dane Park road  
Cumberland Mrs 97 South Eastern road  
Cumberland Mrs Ethel 45 Norman road  
Cumper Francis Walter 76 Dane Park road  
Cunningham James 7 Syndale place East Cliff, St Lawrence
Cunningham Jn D 23 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Cunningham Mrs 84 High street St Lawrence
Curle Mrs 1A West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Curling Alfred 15 Wilfred road  
Curling Richard 15 Rodney street  
Currie Mrs Trees Northwood road Northwood
Curry Mrs 3 Northwood Villas Margate road  
Curtis Arth S 5 Leonards avenue  
Curtis Aug 8 Mews cottages  
Curtis Chas 21 Manston road St Lawrence
Curtis Cyril 1 Prices avenue  
Curtis Geo 39 Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Curtis Hy Geo Corbar Montefiore avenue  
Curtis Thos Hy 7 Clifton road St Lawrence
Curtis Walt H 11 Rawdon road  
Curzon Cecil T (BA) 124 Grange road  
Cushion Mrs 14 Fitzroy avenue Northwood
Cutler Sebert S Fanling St Mildreds Avenue  

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