Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - P


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Packer Augustine 58 Cannonbury road  
Packer Fredk Jsph 61 High street St Lawrence
Packer Herbert James 78 Ellington road  
Packer James Charles 3 Willsons Road  
Packer Wm Albt 50 Dane Road  
Packham Henry John 39 Percy road  
Packham Jn Wm St Crispin Park road  
Packman Geo 16 St Davids road  
Packman Harry 9 Alma Road  
Packman Harry 37 Townley street  
Padbury Arth 254 Hereson road  
Padbury Ernest Thos 23 Rosebery Avenue  
Padbury Mrs 27 Brunswick street  
Paddon Rt 93 Cecilia road  
Padfield Sidney 83 Ellington road  
Pagden Mrs 8 Aplha Road  
Page Lt-Col Stanley Hatch(CMG, TD) 28 Vale Square  
Page Albt 19 Hardres street  
Page Chas Fras 6 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Page Christphr H 82 Station Approach road  
Page Edgar 10 Meeting Street  
Page Edmnd 24 Alexandra road  
Page Edwd Wm 25 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Page Ernest Wm 36 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Page Frank 22 Dundonald Road  
Page Geo 21 Lillian Road  
Page Geo Edwd 36 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Page Geo Ernest 31 Muir road  
Page Harold 45 Manston road St Lawrence
Page Harold Edmnd 19 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Page Harry The Beeches London road  
Page Harry 20 Victoria road  
Page Hy Thos 16 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Page Horace 24 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Page Kenneth 4 Norman Road  
Page Miss C 19 West Cliff Road  
Page Miss S 40 Queens Gate road  
Page Mrs 21 Addington street  
Page Mrs 83 Cecilia road  
Page Mrs 2 Clifton road St Lawrence
Page Mrs 65 Duncan road  
Page Mrs J E 35 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Page Sydney Hy (flat1), 1 Sion Hill  
Page Thos 85 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Page Wm Albt 21 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Pain Arth 26 Coleman crescent  
Pain Fredk Douro House Plains of Waterloo  
Pain Fredk 56 Winstanley crescent  
Pain Harold E J 21 Prestedge avenue, Church Lane  
Pain Jn 34 Warten road  
Pain Mrs Emma 51 Boundary road  
Pain Rt 32 Alexandra road  
Pain Thos Percy 26 Belmont Road  
Pain Zachariah Jas 18 Alexandra road  
Paine Arth R 110 Newington road St Lawrence
Palin Miss 82 Ellington road  
Pallin Sydney David (MBE) Highbury Warre Avenue  
Palling Edwd 45 Crescent road  
Palmer Albt 3 Granville Gardens Truro Road East Cliff
Palmer Basil Hy (MA, MB, B.C Cantab) 14 Albion place  
Palmer Edwd Thos 29 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Palmer Geo 27 Rodney Street  
Palmer Geo 32 Winstanley crescent  
Palmer Harold 34 Camden Square  
Palmer Harold 24 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Palmer Jn Mavis Nethercourt Farm Road St Lawrence
Palmer Jn Edwd 46 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Palmer Mrs Asiel Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Palmer Regnld Frank 63 Dane Crescent  
Palmer Wltr Maurice 17 Thanet road St Lawrence
Pankhurst Bertie Rt 8 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Pankhurst Fredk 73 South Eastern road  
Pantony Alfd 5 Stanley Road  
Paramor Albt 5 Dane Crescent  
Paramor Alfd 23 Lillian Road  
Paramor Arth   Hopes Lane Northwood
Paramor Chas 14 Hill Brow Road  
Paramor Edwin Jn 242 Newington road Northwood
Paramor Ernest 18 Montague Road  
Paramor Hy Allan jun 1 Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Paramour Alfd S 6 Dane Park road  
Paramour Benj F 56 Hardres street  
Paramour Mrs 47 Queen Street  
Paramour Regnld A 30 Winstanley crescent  
Pardew Percy 213A Margate road  
Parfect Miles Wm 169 St Lukes avenue  
Pargeter Harold E 1 Wilfred Road  
Pargeter Wltr 50 Queen Bertha Road  
Parker Albt 3 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street West Cliff
Parker Albt E 68 Alexandra road  
Parker Albt Wm 31 Alexandra road  
Parker Albt Wm 18 Dumpton Park road  
Parker Arth Owen 2 Salisbury Avenue  
Parker Benj 57 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Parker Clifford S 15 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Parker Geo F 126 Margate road  
Parker Jas 38 Muir road  
Parker Jn 16 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Parker Jsph Otway 24 Victoria road  
Parker Jsph Rd 14 Elms Avenue  
Parker Miss F 21 Cannonbury road  
Parker Mrs 77 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Parker Mrs 44 Denmark Road  
Parker Oliver Jas 2 Bolton Villas Bolton Street  
Parker Percy Fredk 35 Alexandra road  
Parker Rt Hy 21 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Parker Stanley 136 Hereson road  
Parker Thos 50 Dumpton Park road  
Parker Wltr 48 Percy road  
Parker Wm 10 Montague Road  
Parker Wm Godfrey 11 Honeysuckle Road  
Parker Wm Hy 14 Rawdon Road  
Parkin Arth Wm 105 St Lukes avenue  
Parkinson Clement Eric 8 Codrington Road  
Parkinson Percvl 20 Chilton lane  
Parks Geo A 15 Dumpton Park road  
Parks Percy E 6 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Parncutt Mrs E M 14 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Parrey Mrs 7 Lorne Road  
Parrey Percy Edwd Rd 26 Lorne Road  
Parrick Jsph 36 Camden Square  
Parrick Wm 4 Balmoral Place East Cliff
Parry Wm Ty-Bryn Winefreds Avenue  
Parsons Geo Hugh 35 Queen Bertha Road  
Parsons Wltr 6 Duncan road  
Partlett Wm Jas 60 Ellington road  
Pascoe Geo 100 Margate road  
Patching Jas 2 Chilton Villas Pegwell Road  
Pateman Alfd 100 Thanet road St Lawrence
Paterson Jn 84 Newington road St Lawrence
Pattenden Hy Wright 14 Herbert Road  
Patterson Edwin R Guiana Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Pattison Jas 30 Spencer Square West Cliff
Pattison Jn 48 Dundonald Road  
Pattison Mrs 182 Grange road  
Paul Jsph 1 Royal Road  
Paul Jsph Rt 26 Woodford avenue  
Paull Mrs 69 South Eastern road  
Pawson Frank 37 Warten road  
Pay Chas 2 Herbert Cottages Montefiore cottages  
Pay Geo Albt 82 Winstanley crescent  
Pay Mrs 24 Townley street  
Pay Mrs S 59 Station Approach road  
Pay Regnld Vincent 21 Wilfred Road  
Payne   17 Percy road  
Payne Albt Edwd 21 Chilton lane  
Payne Edwd Jas 1 Sacketts Cottages Northwood road Northwood
Payne Ernest Spencer 29 Chapel Place  
Payne Geo H Spencer 51 Queen Bertha Road  
Payne Hy 47 Dane Crescent  
Payne Jn Stephen 18 St Lukes Road  
Payne Jn Thos 11 Lorne Road  
Payne Wm 5 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road  
Pead Mrs 47 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Peak Benj 16 Victoria road  
Peakall Jack Stanley St Olaves Northwood road Northwood
Pearce Betram 15 St Mildreds road  
Pearce George Ernest 38 Camden Square  
Pearce Isaac Fredk 130 Grange road  
Pearce Jn 52 Dundonald Road  
Pearce Jn Attwell 220 Newington road Northwood
Pearce Jsph 2 Montefiore cottages  
Pearce Joseph 11 Montefiore cottages  
Pearce Mrs 33 South Eastern road  
Pearce Mrs E R 112 Crescent road  
Pearce Mrs H E 28 Woodford avenue  
Pearce Rt 5 Rawdon Road  
Peard Jn 83 St Lukes avenue  
Pearn Fredk Jas 16 Montefiore avenue  
Pearson David Wm 14 St Andrews road  
Pearson Miss May 36 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Pearson Mrs 49 Dane Park road  
Pearson Mrs 12 Northwood road Northwood
Peart Thos Norman 81 Station Approach road  
Peckett Mrs 24 Newington road St Lawrence
Peckham Geo 7 Hill Brow Road  
Pedlar Mrs K L 29 Plains of Waterloo  
Pedler Mrs 36 Warten road  
Peebles Jas Watson 46 Hardres street  
Peebles Mrs 16 Hardres street  
Peers Fras 19 Dane Crescent  
Peers Geo Thos 17 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Peete Geo 95 St Lukes avenue  
Peete Norman Ralph 26 St Davids road  
Peete Stanley Rt 40 St Andrews road  
Peett George Hugh 4 Flora Road  
Pegden Alfd 1 Cliff Cottages Pegwell Road  
Pegden Mrs 43 Bloomsbury road  
Peirce Albt Edmnd 22 Seafield road St Lawrence
Pemble Ernest Edmond 88 Station Approach road  
Pemble Jn 42 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Pembry Frank 8 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton lane  
Pendlebury Miss 94 Grange road  
Pendry Leonard Eric Hamsterley St James Avenue St Lawrence
Peney Chas Jsph J 33 Picton road  
Penfold Harry 30 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Penfold Lewis Wltr 1 Florence Terrace Harrison Road  
Penfold Mrs 11 Dane Road  
Penn Fredk 21 Newcastle Hill  
Pennells Fredk W 73 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Penney Arthur 13 Addington street  
Penney Fredk Jn 40 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Penney Harry Thomas 18 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Penney Henry Marshall 17 Belmont Street  
Penney John M 8 Gordon Road  
Penney Jn M 38 Alexandra road  
Penney Mark 1 Northwood Villas Margate road  
Penney Mrs 6 Effingham Street  
Penney Rt Wm 5 Monkton Place  
Penney Thomas Benj 8 Sussex Street  
Penney Wm H 1 Newlands Terrace Newlands Road  
Penny Chas 1 Jacky Bakers cottages Highfield Road Northwood, St Lawrence
Penny Jn Kepler Cottage Union Street  
Penrice William 95 Margate road  
Penrose Horace C 52 Station Approach road  
Pentland Rd Geo 85 Cecilia road  
Pentland Rd S 46 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Pepper Geo Mentmore Northwood road Northwood
Percy Edward 18 Augusta Road East Cliff
Percy Mrs A 34 Dane Road  
Percy Mrs M S 19 Priory Road West Cliff
Perkins Frank 23 St Patricks Road  
Perkins Hedley A 16 Southwood road  
Perkins Jas 22 Boundary road  
Perkins James 34 Salisbury Avenue  
Perkins Jn Gower 43 Warten road  
Perkins Jn Jas 57 Hereson road  
Perkins Miss 50 High street St Lawrence
Perkins Mrs 26 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Perkins Mrs R 21 Thanet road St Lawrence
Perkins Wm Alfd 54 Bellevue road East Cliff
Perks Douglas W 3 James Street West Cliff
Perrett Miss L Chine Cottage Pegwell Road  
Perrin Mark 117 South Eastern road  
Perrow Harold 44 Ellington road  
Perry Albt St Margarets Cecilia road  
Perry Fras 18 Flora Road  
Perry Frank Ernest 44 Hereson road  
Perry Fredk 22 Dane Park Crescent  
Perry George 73 St Lukes avenue  
Perry Hedley Wm 6 Coleman crescent  
Perry Hy 27 Montague Road  
Perry Hugh J (JP) 36 Cannon Road  
Perry Jas 231 Margate road  
Perry Rt 11 Hardres Road  
Perry Samuel 11 James Street West Cliff
Perry Saml Renee Villa Highfield Road Northwood, St Lawrence
Perry Stanley 51 Coleman crescent  
Perry Wltr 7 Park road  
Perry Wm 38 Coleman crescent  
Perry William 20 Margate road  
Perry William 55 Percy road  
Perryman James Richd 28 Finsbury road  
Perryman Miss St Margarets Pegwell Road  
Perryman Sidney Fredk 2 Finsbury Cottages Finsbury road  
Persson Wltr Lionel 62 Queen Street  
Pescud Albt M 48 Montefiore avenue  
Peters Misses E M & A 34 St Mildreds road  
Petherick William 24 Vale Square  
Petitt Wm Alfd Waltham Pegwell Avenue  
Petley Albt 144 Margate road  
Petley Horace Wltr 68 High street St Lawrence
Petley Mrs 28 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Petley Mrs 39 High street St Lawrence
Petley Mrs K 16 Lorne Road  
Petley Mrs S J Eastways Margate road  
Petley William Henry 12 Vale road  
Pettet Alick Bay Cottage West Dumpton lane  
Pettifer William Westways Margate road  
Pettit Chas Hy Rd 7 Plains of Waterloo  
Pettit Henry Charles 10 St Andrews road  
Pettit Miss 44 St Mildreds road  
Pettit Wm G Sunrays Pegwell Road  
Pettitt Philip Jas 79 West Cliff Road  
Pettman Alfd Wm 228 Newington road Northwood
Pettman Douglas F 1 Dane Park road  
Pettman Edward George 1 Alma Cottages Honeysuckle Road St Lawrence
Pettman Mrs 27 Belmont Street  
Pettman Mrs 37 Belmont Street  
Petts Ernest 6 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Petts Geo D Allways Downs Road  
Petts Herbt Thos 9 St Lukes Road  
Petts Mrs 8 Ayton Road  
Petts Mrs 30 Dundonald Road  
Petts Thomas 21 Dane Road  
Petts Thomas Ivydene Ellington Place St Lawrence
Petts William Edward 23 St Davids road  
Peyto Wm Hy 41 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Peyton Arth 6 Napleton Road  
Peyton Chas Fredk 63 Ellington road  
Pharaoh Miss 19 Belmont Street  
Phenix Mrs 4 Crescent road  
Phenix Mrs 7 Vale road  
Philipps Miss 13 Warten road  
Philipson Harry Beaver 121 Hardres Street  
Phillips Archbld Jn 71 St Lukes avenue  
Phillips David Jn 10 Staffordshire Street  
Phillips Fredk Wm 20 Augusta Road East Cliff
Phillips Ivor 11 Newington road St Lawrence
Phillips Jn D Sunset Vale Square  
Phillips Mrs Vale End Vale Square  
Phillips Mrs M 26 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Phillips Percy 97 Margate road  
Phillips Percy Hy 34 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Phillips Rd Jn 41 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Phillips Wm 46 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Phillips Wm Saml 48 Dane Crescent  
Phillpott Albt Chas 72 Percy road  
Phillpott Fredk Percy 52 Boundary road  
Phillpott Thomas Henry 6 Memel Place  
Philpot Henry 179 Grange road  
Philpot William Geo 65 Winstanley crescent  
Philpott Chas 3A Albion place  
Philpott C F Warrington London road  
Philpott Edwd 17 Artillery Road  
Philpott Edward G 99 Winstanley crescent  
Philpott Fredk Eglos High street St Lawrence
Philpott Frederick Geo 66 High street St Lawrence
Philpott Frederick Hy 17 Herbert Road  
Philpott Harry 6 Alliance Road  
Philpott Jn 61 Hardres Street  
Philpott John Thomas 43 Finsbury road  
Philpott Mrs Cranford St Mildreds road  
Philpott Mrs 19 Herbert Road  
Philpott Mrs 46 Hertford Street  
Philpott Mrs A 4 Hollicondane road  
Philpott Rt 29 Seafield road  
Philpott Thos 10 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Philpott Thos 74 Coleman crescent  
Philpott William Peake 46 Picton road  
Philpott Wm T 54 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Pickett Fredk M 46 Park road  
Picking Alfd Wm 115 South Eastern road  
Pickworth Hy 1 Memel Place  
Pickworth Thomas 50 Flora Road  
Pidduck Ernest Harold 18 Stanley Road  
Pidduck George 11 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Pidduck Geo Hy 49 Cecilia road  
Pidduck Henry William 57 Alexandra road  
Pidduck John Gibbins 56 Dane Road  
Pidduck Lewis Henry The Bungalow Cliftonville Avenue St Lawrence
Pidduck Mrs Rose Cottage Manston road St Lawrence
Pidduck Stephen Smeed 54 Dane Road  
Pierce Fredk 7 Edith Cottages Clements Road  
Pierce John 64 Denmark Road  
Pike Fras Jn 60 South Eastern road  
Pike Miss 145 High street Ramsgate
Pike Mrs 44 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Pilcher Arthur Edward 8 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Pilcher Benj Frank 129 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Pilcher Charles 66 Chatham Street  
Pilcher Hector E A Hawthorn Villa Willsons Road  
Pilcher James Herbert 7 Gordon Road  
Pilcher Mrs E 43 Napleton Road  
Pilcher Wm 19 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Pile Fredk A 2 Freedland Lane, 8 Cecilia road  
Pilgrim Bertie 25 Muir road  
Pilgrim Mrs 15 Anns Road  
Pilkington Herbt 3 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Pilling Jas Bay View Pegwell Avenue  
Pillow Geo 20 Leopold Street  
Pillow Mrs 44 Camden Square  
Pinchbank Edgar Myrtle House Northwood road Northwood
Pinchbank Miss 4 Albion place  
Pinchbank Saml 55 Plains of Waterloo  
Pinchbank Saml E jun 10 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Pine Wm 90 Newington road St Lawrence
Piner Jas Geo 86 Church road  
Pinkham Mark Lewis 30 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Pinkham Wm Thos 55 Dane Crescent  
Pinnock Albt S 46 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Pinyon Geo 6 Pegwell Road  
Piper Mrs M A 2 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Piper Percy 42 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Piper Wltr Jn 4 The Gables Villas Crescent road  
Piper Wm Thos Ringmer Margate road  
Piperno Miss 99 Hereson road  
Pitcher Albt Geo 2 Northwood Villas Margate road  
Pitcher Alfred Holman 4 Elms Avenue  
Pitcher Arth Albt 5 Memel Place  
Pitcher Edwd 75 Seafield road  
Pitcher Ernest 46 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Pitcher Frederick Charles 6 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Pitcher Fredk 28 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Pitcher Isaac Hearne 36 Church road  
Pitcher Mrs 67 Winstanley crescent  
Pitcher Percy 4 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Pitcher Rt Chas 45 Bloomsbury road  
Pite Mrs 51 Ellington road  
Pitfield Gilbt E 41 Southwood road  
Pittock Arth Edwd 34 Effingham Street  
Pittock Mrs 190 Grange road  
Pittock Edwd 47 Newington road St Lawrence
Plater Mrs 84 South Eastern road  
Platt Charles 5 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Playford Geo P Greg-Lea West Dumpton lane  
Playford Wm Thos 31 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Pleace Miss H A Glenville Goodwin Road  
Pledge Gilbert R 12 Cannon Road  
Pleming Henry 59 Vale road  
Pluck Arthur 53 Hardres Street  
Pluck Herbt 43 Hardres Street  
Pluck William Robert 19 Townley street  
Plummer Chas 5 Rosa Villas Newlands Road  
Plummer Edwd 117 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Plummer Fredk Thos 15 Belmont Road  
Plummer Wm Chas 13 Rosebery Avenue  
Pocknall Fredk Myrtle Cottage Northwood road Northwood
Pocock Herbt Jn 18 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Pointer Albt E 3 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road  
Pointer Fredk Chas 45 Winstanley crescent  
Pointer Geo 52 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Pointer Geo F 9 Dumpton Park road  
Pointer Hy 2 Newlands Terrace Newlands Road  
Pointer Hy Betta St James Avenue St Lawrence
Pointer Jn Edwd 3 Elm House High street St Lawrence
Pointer Miss 29 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Pointer Miss 138 Hereson road  
Pointer Mrs 19 Bloomsbury road  
Pointer Wallace Jn 51 Dane Park road  
Pointer Wm Rt 52 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Pollard Harold Victor 17 Alliance Road  
Pollard Mrs 50 Hertford Street West Cliff
Pollard Wm 127 Hardres Street  
Pomeroy Miss K A 6 Clifton road St Lawrence
Ponting Mrs 1 Harrison Terrace Harrison Road  
Pook Wm Percy 33 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Pool Herbt Alfd 53 Muir road  
Poole Hy 5 Chapel Place  
Poole Herbt B 21 Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Poole Leonard N 104 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Poole Percy B Anglesea House Plains of Waterloo  
Poole Thomas William 13 Dane Park road  
Poole Wilfrid H A 48 Hollicondane road  
Poole Wm 8 Belmont Street  
Poole Rd Wm 10 Bradley road St Lawrence
Pope Fredk S Quuenscliffe Margate road  
Pope Thos Wm 44 St Davids road  
Porcher Alfred Ernest 33 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Porritt Charles Henry 61 Edith Road  
Porritt Fredk F Goodleigh Downs Road  
Porritt Frederick William 18 Picton road  
Porritt Leslie 23 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Porritt Sidney Alfd 14 Southwood road  
Port Chas 43 Thanet road St Lawrence
Port Chas Hy 3 Rosebery Avenue  
Port Harry 28 Effingham Street  
Port Herbt 3 Norman Road  
Port Miss G Littlebourne Gilbert Road St Lawrence
Port Mrs 22 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Port Mrs M 2 Myrtle Cottages Forge Lane St Lawrence
Port Sidney R 25 Hollicondane road  
Port Sydney Harold 40 Grove road  
Port Wm Bruce 17 Codrington Road  
Port Wm Rt 16 Guildford Lawn  
Porter Harry Thos 29 Muir road  
Porter Hy Wm J 51 Denmark Road  
Porter Hy Wm Jsph Olivette La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Porter Mrs 43 Cecilia road  
Porter Mrs 12 Royal Road West Cliff
Porter Mrs 26 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Pott Rd Jn 5 Buxton Road Northwood
Pott Wm 6 Buxton Road Northwood
Potter Albert Gray 50 South Eastern road  
Potter Arth Ernest 129 Margate road  
Potter George 8 Leopold Road  
Potter Harry 63 St Lukes avenue  
Potter Harry S 58 Winstanley crescent  
Potter Jn 34 South Eastern road  
Potter Mrs 13 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Potter Mrs C 61 Station Approach road  
Potter Wltr 14 Belmont Street  
Potter Wltr Rd 43 Hereson road  
Potter Wm 10 Central Road  
Potter Wm P 18 Hollicondane road  
Pottle Alfred 31 Hardres Street  
Pottle Alfd Ernest 27 Hill Brow Road  
Pottle Leonard 27 Prestedge Avenue  
Pottle Mrs 15 Bellevue Cottages  
Pottle Mrs M Westways Charles Road  
Potts Wm D Lynmouth Northwood road Northwood
Pottle Saml Rd 2 Margate road  
Poulton Mrs 35 Cecilia road  
Poulton Mrs 14 New Alfred Cottages  
Poulton Mrs C 1 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Powell Fred 22 Rawdon Road  
Powell Geo 21 Southwood road  
Powell Jn A 1 Chandos Terrace Boundary road  
Powell Miss 7 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Powell Percy Chas Seabreeze Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Powell Rt 3 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Powell Walter Ernest Townley Cottage Chapel Place Lane  
Powell William 7 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane  
Powles Harry 40 Hollicondane road  
Powles John James 22 Rodney Street  
Powney Thos 7 Marlborough Road The Elms
Prangell Rev Dunstan (Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustine West Cliff
Pranklin Fredk Thos 4 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street West Cliff
Pratt Hy Geo 35 Park road  
Pratt Mrs 10 Park road  
Pratt Mrs M 15 Royal Road West Cliff
Prebble Miss F B 151 Grange road  
Prebble Wltr Jn Tillville London road  
Prebble Zaphnathpaaneah 20 Clifton road St Lawrence
Preece Mrs 55 Cecilia road  
Prescott Jn Vernon 5 Rosebery Avenue  
Pressney Jas 201 Newington road Northwood
Prestedge Mrs A J 2 Havens of Rest Thanet road St Lawrence
Preston George 15 Hibernia Street  
Preston Hy Chas 5 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Preston Mrs M 22 Queens Road East Cliff
Prett John Elgar 49 Denmark Road  
Pretty Rt 12 Central Road  
Price Arth J 75 Station Approach road  
Price Charles F Avalon Margate road  
Price Fras Cyril 2 Florence Terrace Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Price Frank Raeburn 18 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Price Geo 13 Central Road  
Price George 4 Gordon Road  
Price Geo M 116 Grange road  
Price Herbt Wltr 39 St Georges road  
Price Horace Bertram 37 Percy road  
Price Mrs 36 Margate road  
Price Rt 42 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Price Stephen M 32 Salisbury Avenue  
Price Thos 43 Woodford avenue  
Price Tom 14 Vale Square  
Price Wallace 104 Hereson road  
Price Walter 26 Church road  
Prickett Jn Sparkes 2 Marlborough Road The Elms
Priestley Commdr Edward A (RNR ret) 5 Montefiore avenue  
Priestley Misses 27 Hollicondane road  
Prince Hy jun 43 West Cliff Road  
Prince Isaac 26 Crescent road  
Prinder Eric 71 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Pring John 63 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Prior Albt 86 Southwood road  
Prior Albert Leonard 19 Lorne Road  
Prior Ernest G 4 San Clu Mansions Victoria Parade East Cliff
Pritchard Edwin Geo 176 Hereson road  
Pritchard Osgood 60 Chilton lane  
Pritchard Thomas Wm 10 Denmark Road  
Pritchard Wltr 50 Newington road St Lawrence
Pritchard Wm 3 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Privett Peter 7 Elmstone Road  
Probert Wltr 2 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Procter Frank 6 Bursill Crescent St Lawrence
Prosser Edwin A flat 7, San Clu Mansions Victoria Parade East Cliff
Prosser Mrs 29 Vale Square  
Prout Mrs B 15 Duncan road  
Prynn Rt 1 Armadale Villas Southwood road  
Pugh Chas Geo 5 Paragon West Cliff
Pugh Cyril Palmston Winefreds Avenue  
Pugh Evan 5 Leeds Terrace Boundary road  
Pugh Evan 87 West Cliff Road  
Pugh William 6 Meeting Street  
Pullen Edwd 53 High street Ramsgate
Pullman Henry Frederick 24 Ayton Road  
Pullman Mrs 15 Priory Road West Cliff
Pullman Sidney Fredk 32 Camden Square  
Punyer Wm 45 St Patricks Road  
Purchase Wm Jas 52 Hertford Street West Cliff
Purkess Paul 12 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Purnell Edwd Jn 2 Bradley road St Lawrence
Purrier Ernest 156 Margate road  
Pursell Mrs 11 Sussex Street  
Putnam Miss 33 Queen Bertha Road  
Pyle Fras 7 Northwood road Northwood
Pyle John 31 Priory Road West Cliff

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