Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - T


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Taft Albert 17 St Lukes avenue  
Taft Arth Jas 85 Coleman crescent  
Taft Morris Stanley 4 Memel Place  
Talkington Geo Edwd 32 Vale Road  
Tandy Geo Rd 143 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Tandy Miss 24 St Mildreds road  
Taney Wltr Rd 19 Royal Road West Cliff
Tanfield Chas 57 Dane Crescent  
Tanner Geo Fredk 71 Edith Road  
Tanner Mrs 15 Dundonald Road  
Tanton Fredk 41 Finsbury road  
Tanton Fredk Geo 18 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Tappenden Chas Edwd 20 Alfred Cottages  
Tappenden Edward 22 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Tappenden Miss Tintagel Carlton Avenue The Elms
Tappenden Misses F & V Redville Gilbert Road St Lawrence
Tappenden Thos 1 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Tapsell Chas Hy Grosvenor Queens Road East Cliff
Tapsell Miss A Maycroft High street St Lawrence
Tarring Miss 32 Grove Road  
Tavare Leon A 121 Southwood road  
Taverner Rd 10A Marlborough Road  
Taylor Rt Rev F Adrian (abbot, Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Taylor Albt Edwd Bertice Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Taylor Albt J Bay View Downs Road  
Taylor Albt Wm 51 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Taylor Arth 208 Newington road Northwood
Taylor Arth Hy 98 Hereson road  
Taylor Arth Stanley 13 Camden Square  
Taylor Benj 10 Vale Square  
Taylor Bramwell 3 Stanley Cottages Stanley Place  
Taylor Chas Arth 13 Princes Street  
Taylor Chas Wm 2 Picton road  
Taylor Edmnd W Formosa Goodwin Road  
Taylor Edwd H J 38 Bradley Road St Lawrence
Taylor Edwd Jn 86 South Eastern road  
Taylor Ernest 16 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Taylor Geo 79 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Taylor Geo Jas 28 Edith Road  
Taylor Harry Jn 4 Coronation Road  
Taylor Hy Jas 34 Bellevue Cottages  
Taylor Hy Thos 11 Alpha Road  
Taylor Herbt 20 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Taylor Herbt Robt 83 South Eastern road  
Taylor Horace Albt 9 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Taylor Jas 14 Rodney Street  
Taylor Jn T 13 Southwood road  
Taylor Joseph 48 Alexandra road  
Taylor Mark 35 St Davids road  
Taylor Miss 8 Alma Road  
Taylor Miss Fairmont Goodwin Road  
Taylor Miss 66 Hereson road  
Taylor Miss M 30 Cannon Road  
Taylor Mrs 5 Albert Street West Cliff
Taylor Mrs 33 Denmark Road  
Taylor Mrs 17 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Taylor Mrs 18 Staffordshire Street  
Taylor Mrs 72 Winstanley crescent  
Taylor Mrs A 26 Cannon Road  
Taylor Mrs A E 15 Park road  
Taylor Mrs A M 37 Flora Road  
Taylor Mrs A M 32 Rosebery Avenue  
Taylor Mrs B 37 Muir Road  
Taylor Mrs C L 15 Hatfield Road  
Taylor Mrs D 94 Newington road  
Taylor Mrs E A 7 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Taylor Oscar H 100 South Eastern road  
Taylor Percy Lotia St James Avenue St Lawrence
Taylor Richard Geo 71 Winstanley crescent  
Taylor Richard Joseph 24 St Georges road  
Taylor Thos 6 Erdley Square  
Taylor Thos Hy St Stephen Northwood road Northwood
Taylor Wltr S 83 High street St Lawrence
Taylor William 14 Meeting Street  
Taylor Wm 16 Rosebery Avenue  
Taylor Wm Sunnyside Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Taylor Wm 23 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Taylor Wm A 2 Montefiore avenue  
Taylor Wm Geo 61 Central Road  
Taylor William James 11 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Teall Wm Harry A 33 Belmont Street  
Teall William John 31 Belmont Street  
Tebbutt Miss M P 32 Spencer Square West Cliff
Temple Allan 2 Torrington Villas West Cliff Road  
Temple Edmund C 31 Dumpton Park road  
Temple Mrs S J 5 North Avenue The Elms
Terrell George James 33 Montague Road  
Terrington Norman 16 Meeting Street  
Terry Albt 1 Brights Place  
Terry Geo Wltr 3 Church Lane  
Terry Herbt Fredk 6 Verett Road  
Terry Hy 27 Edith Road  
Terry Jas Geo 105 Crescent road  
Terry Miss 96 Grange road  
Terry Mrs 3 Bethesda Street  
Terry Mrs Florence Villa Margate road  
Terry Mrs 43 Plains of Waterloo  
Terry Mrs 10 Sion Passage West Cliff
Terry Sydney 35 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Terry Thomas M Woodlands Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Terry Wltr Hy 10 Clarendon Gardens  
Tett John 27 Ellington road  
Thacker Arth Jn 13 Granville Marina  
Thain Mortimer 18 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Thaxted Cyril Albt 92 Dane Park road  
Thomas Albt Gordon Toronto Villa Margate road  
Thomas Alfd 20 Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Thomas Alfd 50 Winstanley crescent  
Thomas Bertie A 21 Winstanley crescent  
Thomas David 10 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Thomas David A 52 Ellington road  
Thomas George 7 Anns Road  
Thomas Hy Jas Kenwood Avebury Avenue  
Thomas Isaac 6 Royal Road  
Thomas Miss 4 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Thomas Mrs 55 High street St Lawrence
Thomas Mrs 4 Paradise  
Thomas Mrs 12 Salisbury Avenue  
Thomas Mrs 78 South Eastern road  
Thomas Mrs 26 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Thomas Mrs A 3 Dundonald Road  
Thomas Mrs A L 36 Grange road  
Thomas Percy Philip 10 Queens Gate Road  
Thomas Philip Luther 19 Church road  
Thomas Wm 4 Northwood road Northwood
Thomas Wm David 1 Camden Cottages Camden Road  
Thomason Jas Chapel Cottage Chapel Place Lane  
Thompsett Chas Alfd 65 Hereson road  
Thompson Albt Arth 66 Vale Road  
Thompson Arthur Fredk 45 Picton road  
Thompson Edwd 8 Erdley Square  
Thompson Herbt D 62 St Mildreds road  
Thompson Jsph S 42 Queens Gate Road  
Thompson Mrs M 22 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Thompson Wilfred 33 Rodney Street  
Thompson Wm Paramount Margate road  
Thompson Wm 18 Trinity Place  
Thomson Charles Christmas 123 King Street  
Thomson Miss 160 High street Ramsgate
Thomson Miss Kenfield Lodge Willsons Road  
Thorne Robert 6 Camden Square  
Thornley John Stock 6 Florence Terrace Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Thornton Hy Rt 58 Crescent road  
Thornton Herbt E C 161 St Lukes avenue  
Thornton Herbt Edwd 157 St Lukes avenue  
Thornton Jas 40 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Thornton John Walter 11 Lillian Road  
Thornton Mrs 30 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Thorp Miss A B 3 Crescent road  
Thorpe Chas 149 Margate road  
Thorpe Edwd W 2 Daisy Villas Garden Row  
Thorpe Mrs 6 Garden Row  
Thorpe Osman 1 Chapel Place Lane  
Thorpe Ralph Chas 64 St Lukes avenue  
Thurman Wm Hy 7 Park Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Thurstin Mrs 158 High street  
Thurston John 3 Florence Cottages Coronation Road  
Thwaites Chas 18 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Ticehurst Albert Wm 10 Church road  
Ticehurst Arthur 24 Rodney Street  
Ticehurst Fredk Chas 25 Station Approach road  
Ticehurst Leonard H 8 Dane Park road  
Ticehurst Percy E 16 Dane Road  
Ticehurst Sidney T E 57 Muir Road  
Tickner Jas S 9 Chilton Lane  
Tidball Mrs 6 Dumpton Park road  
Tidbury Mrs 20 Belmont Street  
Tift Bert Thos 76 Edith Road  
Tilbrook Arth Jas Etheldene Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Tilbrook Geo 6 Park Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Tilbrook Leonard Albt Rosemary West Dumpton lane  
Tilbrook Sidney 5 Park Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Till Mrs 25 Bloomsbury road  
Tilley Edward 36 Alexandra road  
Tillings Percy 47 Rodney Street  
Timpson Thos A C Rydal Dene Margate road  
Tinkler Wltr 54 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Tipping Harold Jn 22 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Titherington Jn M 162 Southwood road  
Tizard Mrs 79 Grange road  
Todd Aaron 4 Daisy Vills Garden Row  
Todd Abraham 4 Garden Row  
Todd Arth Ernest 65 Alexandra road  
Todd Chas 42 Finsbury road  
Todd Ernest 22 Alexandra road  
Todd George James 3 Garden Row  
Todd Hy Geo 45 Hardres Street  
Todd Herbt 23 St Georges road  
Todd Jack 10 Vincent Place  
Todd Jacob 8 Vincent Place  
Todd James 9 Anns Road  
Todd Jn 6 Brights Place  
Todd John 3 Vincent Place  
Todd Jn Hy Thos 59 Hardres Street  
Todd Moses 9 Monkton Place  
Todd Mrs 44 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Todd Mrs 17 Newcastle Hill  
Todd Mrs 34 Plains of Waterloo  
Todd Rd Jn 9 Denmark Road  
Todd Stephen sen 22 Brights Place  
Todd Stephen jun 12 Brights Place  
Tomalin Jsph Rd 3 Adelaide Gardens  
Tomblings Philip Benj Savernake Avebury Avenue  
Tombs Mrs 141 Newington road St Lawrence
Tomlin Herbt Gore Banks, The Garden St Mildreds road  
Tomlinson Albt Rosslyn West Dumpton lane  
Tomlinson Mrs 13 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Tomlinson Mrs 17 Spencer Square West Cliff
Tomlinson Herbt 11 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Tomlinson Herbert Alfd 184 Grange road  
Tompkins Mrs A J Strathmore Vale Square  
Tompsett Mrs 26 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Tompson Mrs 4 Codrington Road  
Tomsett Mrs Fairview Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Tomson Mrs 4 Paragon West Cliff
Tong Mrs 212 Hereson road  
Tongate Gordon Charles 17 Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Toole Leslie 114 Hereson road  
Toombs Jn 1 Thanet Villas Thanet Road Northwood
Toop Thos Jesse Stanley 40 Finsbury road  
Tottem Fredk Wm 5 Bursill Crescent St Lawrence
Tottman Gerald L 23 Boundary road  
Tottman Jn 25 Herbert Road  
Tottman Martin 12 Broad Street  
Towler Jn Wm 35 Norman Road  
Town Chas Herbt 4 St Lukes Road  
Town Herbt 37 Hardres Street  
Town Wltr Edwd 54 Crescent road  
Townend Rev Percy M (MA) Vicar of Christ Church & surrogate Christ Church Vicarage, 11 Crescent road  
Towner Fredk J 77 Station Approach road  
Towner John 50 Bloomsbury road  
Townsend Fredk Stephen 58 Vale Road  
Tozer Albt A 59 Addington street  
Tozer Wm sen 9 Cecilia road  
Trafford Mrs 32 Albert Street  
Travers John 7 Spencer Square West Cliff
Treadaway Mrs 18 Princes Street  
Tree Mrs E 29 Edith Road  
Trew Miss 15 Rawdon Road  
Trew Wm Jn 20 St Davids road  
Trice Wm H 38 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Trimble Chas Edwd 13 Vale Square  
Trowbridge Harry 10A Boundary road  
Trumpeter Mrs 23 Finsbury road  
Trumpeter Wm Edwd Hy 6 Cavendish Place  
Trumpler Mrs 24 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Truss Thos C 19 St Andrews road  
Try Edward Wallace Syndale House Avenue road East Cliff
Try Miss 39 Avenue road East Cliff
Tuck Edwin Hy 205 Margate road  
Tuck Mrs 1 Chartham Terrace St Augustines Road West Cliff
Tucker Albert 29 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Tucker Chas   Hertford Street West Cliff
Tucker Charles 22 Union Street  
Tucker George Edwd 143 Southwood road  
Tucker Henry 107 Ellington road  
Tucker Jn Stanley 24 Manston Road St Lawrence
Tucker Misses 43 Picton road  
Tucker Mrs 26 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Tucker Mrs 44 Alexandra road  
Tucker Mrs 24 Spencer Square West Cliff
Tucker Mrs 40 Vale Road  
Tucker Stephen Charles 30 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Tucker Thos 25 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Tucker Thos Hy 5 Percy Road  
Tucker Thomas Robt 37 Bloomsbury road  
Tuckley Joseph 27 Monkton Place  
Tudor Emlyn 2 Prospect Terrace West Cliff
Tugwell Frank 141 St Lukes avenue  
Tulley Jn C 66 Station Approach road  
Tunnicliffe Sydney 31 Ellington road  
Turk Mrs 1 Coxs Lane Northwood
Turmaine Fredk Wm 45 Dane Park road  
Turmaine Jack Fredk Wm 44 Duncan road  
Turnage Jn Edwd Here We Are Watchester Avenue  
Turner Albt H 41 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Turner Alfd 29 Cecilia road  
Turner Alfd 58 Dane Park road  
Turner Christphr 53 Denmark Road  
Turner Fras Edwd 32 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Turner Fredk 27 George Street  
Turner Geo Edwd 61 Cecilia road  
Turner Jas 41 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Turner Jn 47 Coleman crescent  
Turner Jn Fredk 5 Camden Road  
Turner Misses M S & F B 12 Picton road  
Turner Mrs 37 Finsbury road  
Turner Mrs 43 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Turner Mrs 19 Trinity Place  
Turner Mrs A 6 Arklow Square  
Turner Mrs E 5 Vincent Place  
Turner Mrs M C 216 Hereson road  
Turner Mrs S A 67 Edith Road  
Turner Neville Heathville Downs Road  
Turner Percy 38 Ellington road  
Turner Percy 13 George Street  
Turner Robert E 28 Codrington Road  
Turner Walter George 3 Bell Cottages Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Turner William 23 Salisbury Avenue  
Turner Wm 29 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Turner William George 19 Finsbury road  
Turnham Sidney 22 St Patricks Road  
Turp Chas Wm 78 Coleman crescent  
Turtle Harry 7 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Turtle Rt 10 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Turtle Rt 19 Warten Road  
Turton Hy Geo 32 St Lukes avenue  
Tutt Edmnd Thos 20 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Tutty William 9 Unity Place  
Twigger Geo Wilfred 63 High street St Lawrence
Twist Edward 37 Denmark Road  
Twyman Charles Turtle Cottage Packers Lane  
Twyman Chas Hy 1 Spencer Cottages Paragon Street West Cliff
Twyman Ernest 152 Grange road  
Twyman John 5 Dove Place Packers Lane  
Twyman Jn 7 Garden Row  
Twyman John 21 St Patricks Road  
Tyler Jas Hy 42 Dundonald Road  
Tyrrell Fredk T 226 Hereson road  
Tyrrell James Thos 39 Seafield road St Lawrence
Tyrrell Jsph 12 Whitehall road St Lawrence

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