Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - W


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Wade Philip Sydney 15 Augusta Road East Cliff
Wady Charles Hy 17 James Street West Cliff
Waghorn Mrs 8 Paradise  
Wagstaff Stanley Jas 93 High street St Lawrence
Wait Mrs Cromer House Margate road  
Wait Wm Alfd 86 Station Approach road  
Wake Harry 44 Margate road  
Wakefield Linton 50 Southwood road  
Wakefield Mrs 29 Ellington road  
Wakefield Mrs A 227 Margate road  
Wakeford Mrs M 1 Hibernia Street  
Wakeford Percy F Permaeco Margate road  
Wakeham Mrs F A 14 Dane Crescent  
Wakeham Thos Hy 48 Church road  
Walbancke Mrs 59 South Eastern road  
Waldon Wm Geo 12 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Waldron Arth 81 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Waldron Chas E 72 Newington road St Lawrence
Waldron Horace G Kantara Margate road  
Wale Fredk W 41 Manston Road St Lawrence
Wale Mrs 1 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Wales Geo Edwd Jas 53 Cecilia road  
Wales Mrs 31 Bloomsbury road  
Wales Mrs 29 Queen Bertha Road  
Wales Regnld Alfd Fraddon Nethercourt Gardens St Lawrence
Walford Chas Maurice 16 Church Hill  
Walker Alfd 23 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Walker Ernest Albert 4 Florence Terrace Harrison Road  
Walker Geo Hy 37 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Walker John 167 High street Ramsgate
Walker Jn 3 Newlands Terrace Newlands Road  
Walker Jn 1A Primrose Villas Packers Lane  
Walker Leonard 2 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Walker Lewis 59 Winstanley crescent  
Walker Miss 1 Vale Road  
Walker Miss L E 16 Coleman crescent  
Walker Miss M 95 Hereson road  
Walker Percy Jn 39 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Walker Wm 4 Hill Brow Road  
Walker Wm 128 Margate road  
Walker Wm Jas 75 Coleman crescent  
Walkley Edwd Chas 4 Leonards Avenue  
Walkling Jas Alfd 60 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Wall Albt Edwd 40 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Wall Arth Jas 12 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Wall Chas 230 Newington road Northwood
Wall Fredk Jas 7 Camden Square  
Wall Harold Chas 106 Margate road  
Wall Harold William 50 Alma Road  
Wall Miss 10 Ellington road  
Wall Mrs 24 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Wall William Henry 18 Camden Square  
Wallace Chas Claude 2 West Cliff Villas West Cliff Road  
Wallace Chas Rd 33 Sussex Street  
Wallace Mrs 3 Rose Hill West Cliff
Wallace Mrs 10 Sussex Street  
Wallage Geo 7 Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade East Cliff
Wallduck Wm 15 Percy Road  
Waller George 26 Meeting Street  
Waller Hy Jsph 2 Elizabeth Cottages Packers Lane  
Walpole George Alfred 16 Herbert Road  
Walpole Jn 22 Stanley Road  
Walter Hy Wm Rosedean Margate road  
Walter Miss 64 Southwood road  
Walter Stephen 1 Rawdon Road  
Walters Danl B 8 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Walters David 6 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Walters Geo 20 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Walters Horace 21 Margate road  
Walters Hugh 10 Telham Avenue St Lawrence
Walters Mrs 132 Hereson road  
Walters Mrs E 80 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Walters Thos 5 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Walters Wm sen 15 Montefiore Cottages  
Walters Wm 93 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Walton Miss 45 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Walton Wm Hy 14A Whitehall road St Lawrence
Walton Wm J 2 Irchester Street East Cliff
Ward Albt Edwd 15 Trinity Place  
Ward Arth 8 Artillery Road  
Ward Chas 139 Margate road  
Ward Ernest 38 Margate road  
Ward Fredk A J Hurstville Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Ward Fredk H 21 Newington road St Lawrence
Ward George Richard 40 Dumpton Park road  
Ward Harry 3 Cumberland Road  
Ward Jas 4 Chapel Place Lane  
Ward Leslie Chas 27 Dumpton Park road  
Ward Miss M La Brunis Pissardi Watchester Avenue  
Ward Mrs 32 Bloomsbury road  
Ward Mrs C J 16 Prestedge Avenue  
Ward Mrs E 6 Staffordshire Street  
Ward Mrs W 37 Queen Bertha Road  
Ward Raymond Ling 51 Woodford Avenue  
Ward Saml 20 Vale Road  
Ward William 28 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Ward Wm 18 Hardres Street  
Ward Wm Geo 121 Hereson road  
Wardell Mrs 42 St Lukes avenue  
Warden Albert 27 Woodford Avenue  
Warden Albt Wm 142 Crescent road  
Warden Chas Fredk 210 Newington road Northwood
Warden Ernest 5 Chandos Terrace Boundary road  
Warden Ernest 40 Flora Road  
Warden Fredk Chas 96 Hardres Street  
Warden Geo 93 Hardres Street  
Warden Harry 26 Camden Square  
Warden Horace 89 Hereson road  
Warden Jas Wltr 23 Herbert Road  
Warden Mrs 15 Denmark Road  
Warden Mrs 60 Hertford Street West Cliff
Ware Fredk Wm 35 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Warley Leonard F Albertic Margate road  
Warman Miss 1 Crescent road  
Warner Mrs 35 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Warner Mrs M 31 Penshurst Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Warren Arth 183 Margate road  
Warren Arth Wm 21 Central Road  
Warren Chas 12 Ellington road  
Warren Miss A M 27 Chilton Lane  
Warren Mrs 67 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Wastall Mrs 57 South Eastern road  
Watcham Douglas Lambert 13 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Watcham Fredk 2 Allan Cottages Northwood road Northwood
Waterman Mrs M 19 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Waters Chas Edgar Everest Gilbert Road St Lawrence
Waters Ernest Edwd 8 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Waters Hy Wm 57 Station Approach road  
Waters Jesse 18 Queens Gate Road  
Waters Joseph 22 Hertford Street West Cliff
Watkins Albert (BA) 15 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Watkins Fred 26 Duncan road  
Watkins Fredk 2 Kings Road  
Watkins Geo 2A Turner Street  
Watkins Geo Hy 7 Chapel Place  
Watkins Hy sen 9 Artillery Road  
Watler Frederick George 2 Bolton Street  
Watler Harold Fras 4 Greenfield Cottages Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Watney Mrs Lower Lodge, Nethercourt Farm Nethercourt Farm Road  
Watson A Geo 7 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Watson Albt Jn 103 St Lukes avenue  
Watson Alfred 22 Effingham Street  
Watson Alfred 27 Finsbury road  
Watson George 25 Effingham Street  
Watson Geo A 41 King Street  
Watson Gerald Orrest Head London Road  
Watson Mrs E 18 Denmark Road  
Watson Mrs R E 29 Spencer Square West Cliff
Watson Peter B 81 Chapel Street St Lawrence
Watson Thos 27 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Watt Miss Dowlutpore West Cliff Road  
Watt Mrs 15 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Watts Alfd 7 St Georges road  
Watts Andrew 2 Camden Cottages Camden Road  
Watts Clement Albt 28 Cannonbury Road  
Watts Geo 5 Ethelbert Road  
Watts Thos E 33 Station Approach road  
Waugh Rev Rt (Methodist) 166 Grange road  
Wayland Miss Homeland Goodwin Road  
Wayland Mrs H J 17A Church road  
Waymouth Mrs Uphill House Willsons Road  
Wayne Wltr 65 Picton road  
Weakley Miss J 136B Grange road  
Wearne Richard 19 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Weatherell Wm 182 High street Ramsgate
Weatherley Cyril 31 West Cliff Road  
Weatherley Mrs R 27 Alma Road  
Weatherly Fredk 54 Hertford Street West Cliff
Weaver Chas 22 Ayton Road  
Webb Fras Edgar 59 Woodford Avenue  
Webb Geo 59 West Cliff Road  
Webb Harry S 14 Queens Gate Road  
Webb Herbt Hy Wm 27 Stanley Road  
Webb Jn 56 Coleman crescent  
Webb Laurence 57 Coleman crescent  
Webb Miss 40 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Webb Miss Edith 12 Crescent road  
Webb Mrs 37 Brunswick Street  
Webb Mrs E A 7 Stanley Road  
Webb Regnld 30 Percy Road  
Webb Thomas 110 Southwood road  
Webb Thos Lane 11 Chapel Place  
Webb Thos R 172 Newington road St Lawrence
Webb Victor Wilson 10 Picton road  
Webb Wm 238 Newington road Northwood
Webb Wm 5 Paragon West Cliff
Webber Mrs 25 Camden Square  
Webber Mrs 90 Dane Park road  
Webster Clarence 46 Duncan road  
Webster Frederick 85 West Cliff Road  
Webster Henri L 21 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Webster Horace Jas V 104 Grange road  
Webster Victor Claremont St Lawrence Avenue  
Webster Wm 14 Royal Road West Cliff
Weeden Victor 130 Margate road  
Weeden William 41 Hereson road  
Weeks George 14 Arklow Square  
Weeks Herbt 15 Arklow Square  
Weeks James George 99 Crescent road  
Weeks Percy Frank (MBE) 6 Harbour Street  
Weeks Thos Jas Bewsey St Lawrence Avenue  
Weigall Mrs Sonning London Road  
Weight Benj 5 Edith Cottages Clements Road  
Weir Mrs 40 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Weitzel Claude 181 St Lukes avenue  
Welch Albert Edwd 31 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Welfare Wltr 44 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Wellard Edwd R 40 Newington road St Lawrence
Wellard Harrison Thos Swainby Margate road  
Wellard Jas 29 Park Road  
Wellard Mrs 25 Belmont Road  
Wellard Wm 16 Cumberland Road  
Wellings Edwd Thos 159 St Lukes avenue  
Wells Albert 21 Denmark Road  
Wells Albt 13 (flat 4) Paragon West Cliff
Wells Albt Geo 3 Chapel Place Lane  
Wells Arth 11 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Wells Arth F G 39 Albert Road East Cliff
Wells Charles Henry 5 Paradise  
Wells Chas Thos 20 Finsbury road  
Wells Edward Alfred 47 High street Ramsgate
Wells Edwd J 44 Newington road St Lawrence
Wells Herbt Frank 52 Coleman crescent  
Wells Jas 16 St Andrews road  
Wells Jsph Thos 23 Monkton Place  
Wells Leonard 1 Coastguard Cottages Pegwell Road  
Wells Mrs 22 Albion Hill  
Wells Mrs 4 Liverpool Lawn  
Wells Mrs E 19 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
Wells Mrs E 9 Cumberland Road  
Wells Sidney H 55 Margate road  
Wells Sidney James 4 Eagle Yard  
Wells Thos Lemnox St Lawrence Avenue  
Wells Thos Jn 44 Finsbury road  
Wells Tom Barclays Bank House Queen Street  
Wells Wltr Wm 4 Monkton Place  
Wells Wm 17 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Wenham Wm Stephen 28 Southwood road  
Wensley Mrs 100 Hardres Street  
Went Mrs 13 Artillery Road  
Werren Wm Percy 8 Montefiore Cottages  
Werren Miss M S 10 Camden Square  
Wesley Geo Fredk 22 Woodford Avenue  
Wesley Miss 48 Queen Bertha Road  
Wesley Walter 61 St Lukes avenue  
Wesley William 1 Queens Court  
West Albert 101 Boundary road  
West Albt 3 Syndale Place East Cliff
West Albt Harry 50 Vale Road  
West Alfred Wm 9 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
West Charles Edward 27 St Davids road  
West Charles John 2 Clarendon Gardens  
West David 21 Chatham Street  
West David Jas 14 Montague Road  
West Edward 117 Southwood road  
West Ernest Kingston Margate road  
West Fredk C Fire Station Effingham Street  
West Fredk Geo Berwyn Albion Road East Cliff
West George Henry 11 Cecilia road  
West James 6 Clements Road  
West Joseph 19 Cecilia road  
West Miss 7 Ellington road  
West Mrs 5 Ayton Road  
West Mrs 39 Bloomsbury road  
West Mrs 20 Poplar Road  
West Mrs Woodmansterne Margate road  
West Mrs N B 14 Marlborough Road The Elms
West Rt Wm 176 Newington road  
West Thos 21 Herbert Road  
West William 15 St Davids road  
Westerman Capt Bertram Ernest Somerville Warre Avenue  
Westley Mrs 72 Boundary road  
Weston Albert 26 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Weston Chas Hy 59 Edith Road  
Weston Hy Thos 45 Dane Crescent  
Weston Mrs 3 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Westwood Jn A 20 Hatfield Road  
Wetton Wm C 3 Park Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Weymouth Harry E 97 Cecilia road  
Wharmby Geo 103 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Wharram Alffed 44 Bloomsbury road  
Wharram Fredk Chas 10 Ayton Road  
Wheat Mrs 23 Meeting Street  
Wheatley Frank 31 St Andrews road  
Wheatley Percvl C 31 South Eastern road  
Wheatley Verdi 29 Vale Square  
Wheeler Albt Edwd 60 Duncan road  
Wheeler Miss 63 Vale Road  
Wheeler Miss F M 172 Southwood road  
Wheeler RD 7 Burrill Crescent St Lawrence
Whibley Maurice 1 Hollicondane Road  
Whichello Fredk Geo Rondor Clements Road  
Whiddett Mrs 61 South Eastern road  
Whitaker Misses 64 Crescent road  
Whitcombe William 1 Meeting Street  
White Albt 95 Newington road St Lawrence
White Albt 5 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton lane  
White Alfd Wm 29 Albert Street West Cliff
White Alfd Wm 83 King Street  
White Cecil Always Roman Road  
White Cecil James 28 Lorne Road  
White Charles 29 St Andrews road  
White Edwd Wm Thun Margate road  
White Ernest 37 Boundary road  
White Ernest E 14 Whitehall road St Lawrence
White Ernest E 13 Winstanley crescent  
White Frank 39 Rodney Street  
White Harry 57 Boundary road  
White Harry W 3 Leeds Terrace Boundary road  
White Hy 55 Central Road  
White Hy Geo 7 Whitehall road St Lawrence
White Jn 2 Church road  
White Jn Philip 50 Plains of Waterloo  
White Jsph B Manwood St Lawrence Avenue  
White Jsph Jas 65 Margate road  
White Miss 6 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
White Miss A J 99 Whitehall road St Lawrence
White Miss H 153 Grange road  
White Mrs 54 Dane Park road  
White Mrs Dunham Lodge Hereson road  
White Mrs 5 Montefiore Cottages  
White Mrs 2 St Augustines Road West Cliff
White Mrs 7 Wheatley Road  
White Mrs A A Batcombe College Lane  
White Mrs H 92 Coleman crescent  
White Mrs S S 10 Flora Road  
White Rt 29 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
White Saml Arth 21 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
White Thos 4 Ellington road  
White Thos St Bede Leopold Road  
White Thos Edwd 39 Albert Street West Cliff
White William 29 St Patricks Road  
White Wm C 36 Newington road St Lawrence
Whitehead Geo 6 Clements Road  
Whitehead Jsph Hy 8 Stanley Road  
Whitehead Mrs 21 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Whitehead Wm 14 Newington road St Lawrence
Whitehead Wm Hy Duisans Nethercourt Farm Road St Lawrence
Whitfield Rd 31 Plains of Waterloo  
Whiting Miss 26 Hollicondane Road  
Whitlam Jn Wm 23 Picton road  
Whitling Cecil E Queensmere Margate road  
Whitling Norman A Normandie Park Road  
Whitlock Miss 9 Rawdon Road  
Whitmore Miss M F 15 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Whittaker Jas 34 Rosebery Avenue  
Whittaker Wm 26 Herbert Road  
Whittenbury Charles 110 Crescent road  
Whittington Jn Hy Kiniemuir Northwood road Northwood
Whorlow Geo 2 Penshurst Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Wickenden Albt Margaret Villa St James Avenue St Lawrence
Wickenden Rt 12 Coleman crescent  
Wickham Sidney 13 Denmark Road  
Wickham Wm Hy 32 Denmark Road  
Wicks Charles (JP) 26 St Mildreds road  
Widdas Fredk 52 Southwood road  
Wiggins Mrs 14 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Wiggins Mrs L A 2 Anns Road  
Wighting Geo Jn 57 Dane Park road  
Wightman Jn 25 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Wigley Mrs 5 York Terrace West Cliff
Wigley Rt Stephen 16 Grosvenor Road St Lawrence
Wigley Wm 8 Sion Passage West Cliff
Wilcox Wm Thos 31 Coleman crescent  
Wildash Fredk Hy 64 Winstanley crescent  
Wiles Miss 4 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Wiles Sydney Albt 5 Sussex Street  
Wilkening Fredk 89 Crescent road  
Wilkes Fredk J 30 Hill Brow Road  
Wilkes Harry Rosine Clements Road  
Wilkes Geo D 108 Margate road  
Wilkins Eric 7 Vereth Road  
Wilkinson Albt Edwd 77 Grange road  
Wilkinson Geo Hy 16 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Wilkinson Hy Beulah St James Avenue  
Wilkinson Jn 33 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Wilkinson Mrs 163 Grange road  
Wilkinson Mrs A M 22 Hollicondane Road  
Wilkinson Saml 41 Woodford Avenue  
Wilks Geo Arnold 47 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Willcox Ernest 30 Effingham Street  
Willems Rev E Luke (Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Willey George Henry 78 Dane Park road  
Willey Miss 23 Sussex Street  
Willey Stanley 68 King Street  
Williams Capt Herbert Routley Moss (RN ret) 16 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Williams Rev Gilbt Hemming (vicar of St Lukes) St Lukes Vicarage, 39 Hollicondane Road  
Williams Rev Thomas (BA) St Pauls Vicarage Truro Road East Cliff
Williams Albt 15 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Williams Albt G 190 Newington road St Lawrence
Williams Alby Hy 232 Newington road St Lawrence
Williams Alec W Granville Farm Thanet Road St Lawrence
Williams Arth 231 Margate road  
Williams Arth 96 Newington road St Lawrence
Williams David Jn 5 Alexandra road  
Williams David R 72 Coleman crescent  
Williams David Rees 125 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Williams Edward 14 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Williams Evan 2 La Belle Alliance Square East Cliff
Williams Fred 3 Alexandra road  
Williams Fred 40 Belmont Road  
Williams Fredk 12 Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Williams Fredk Hy 61 Coleman crescent  
Williams G A 12 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Williams George Jsph 41 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Williams Harold G 16 Cannonbury Road  
Williams Hy Eric 69 St Lukes avenue  
Williams Hy Jn 46 Rosebery Avenue  
Williams Hy W 9 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Williams Isaac 23 Priory Road West Cliff
Williams Jn 4 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Williams Jn 13 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Williams Jn Hy 23 Penshurst Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Williams Leonard Frank 31 Cecilia road  
Williams Miss C 185 Grange road  
Williams Miss M A 17 Guildford Lawn  
Williams Mrs 122 Crescent road  
Williams Mrs 2 Shah Place  
Williams Mrs E 7 Leopold Street  
Williams Percvl Robin 40 Hereson road  
Williams Rees Chalmer Margate road  
Williams Rees 16 Staffordshire Street  
Williams Rd Jas 30 Elms Avenue  
Williams Saml 31 Alma Road  
Williams Sydney Glen-Usk Winifreds Avenue  
Williams Thomas 1 Dane Road  
Williams Thos 22 Hibernia Street  
Williams Thomas 6 Margate road  
Williams Wilfred Hy flat 15, San Clu Mansions Victoria Parade East Cliff
Williams Wm 3 Cannonbury Road  
Williams Wm 48 Hertford Street West Cliff
Williams Wm C 38 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Williamson Albt 13 Honeysuckle Road St Lawrence
Williamson Arth Wm 58 Margate road  
Williamson Jn Rt 14 Chilton Lane  
Williamson Miss 2 Begwell Road  
Williamson Robert 4 Picton road  
Williamson Sidney 24 Brights Place  
Willings Cecil Geo 22 Augusta Road East Cliff
Willins Albt Danl 29 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Willis Alfd 88 Ellington road  
Willis Alfd H 50 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Willis Edwd Geo 25 Rawdon Road  
Willis Harold Watson Monmouth Homeleigh Road  
Willis Herbt 13 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Willis Herbin 11 North Avenue The Elms
Willis Jack Jn 11 Grange road  
Willis Mrs 20 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Willis Mrs 2 Olive Grove Trinity Place  
Willis Stephen 63 Central Road  
Willmoth Arthur 169 Grange road  
Willmoth Mrs Emily 21 Alexandra road  
Wills Alfred Burchett 69 Cecilia road  
Wills Mrs 11 Rosebery Avenue  
Wills Norval 1 Hardres Road  
Willson Albt Fredk 6 Queens Gate Road  
Willson Fredk Alfd 4 Queens Gate Road  
Willson Geo 25 Napleton Road  
Willson Hy Jas The Dell Pegwell Road  
Willson Thomas 18 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Wilmott Jsph Huggett Villa Trinity Place  
Wilsher Rt Vernon 106 Grange road  
Wilson Albert 18 Ayton Road  
Wilson Alfd 9 Margate road  
Wilson Alfd F 20 Woodford Avenue  
Wilson Arthur Lewis 18 North Avenue The Elms
Wilson Charles 26 Alma Road  
Wilson Edward 8 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Wilson Edward Charles 24 Montague Road  
Wilson Frank 24 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Wilson Frank 8 Muir Road  
Wilson Fredk 1 Alma Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Wilson Fredk 7 Sydney Terrace West Dumpton lane  
Wilson Geo Elmwood Southwood road  
Wilson Herbt Wltr 2 Queens Gate Road  
Wilson Jas 19 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Wilson James Henry 39 Denmark Road  
Wilson Jn Stephen 37 Grove Road  
Wilson Leslie H 34 Boundary road  
Wilson Miss Bramley Gilbert Road St Lawrence
Wilson Miss Craigwinnie Downs Road  
Wilson Miss 4 Sydney Road  
Wilson Mrs 25 Flora Road  
Wilson Mrs 7 St Lukes avenue  
Wilson Mrs 1 Syndale Place East Cliff, St Lawrence
Wilson Mrs D 59 Norman Road  
Wilson Ralph Northwood Court Pysons Road Northwood
Wilson Thos Fras 6 Hibernia Street  
Wilson Wm 12 Cecilia road  
Wilson Wm 199 Newington road Northwood
Wilson Wm J 87 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Wilton Miss M 51 Thanet Road St Lawrence
Winchester Chas 70 Grange road  
Winchester Mrs 44 Church road  
Windley Samuel 9 St Davids road  
Wing Jas 39 St Lukes avenue  
Wingrave Miss 88 Crescent road  
Winkel Mrs 8 Chilton Lane  
Winkle Mrs E 15 Vale Road  
Winnicott Alfred C 9 Ayton Road  
Winslow Rev K Bede (Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Winter Sydney H 6 Norman Road  
Winter Walter 24 Church road  
Wise Angus 33 Artillery Road  
Wise Mrs 9 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Witherden Arth S 119 Margate road  
Witherden Benj V 77 West Cliff Road  
Witherden Geo 9 Mews Cottages  
Withyman Mrs 15 Dane Crescent  
Wonford Fredk Thos 18 Rodney Street  
Wonford Thomas 38 Rodney Street  
Wood Albt 6 Florence Terrace Harrison Road  
Wood Albt Chas 12 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Wood Albt Jn 5 Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Wood Alfd Jas Albion Cottage Cottage Road  
Wood Alfred James 11 Finsbury road  
Wood Alfd Jas 3 Sydney Road  
Wood Alfred James 37 Winstanley crescent  
Wood Charles 4 Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Wood Chas Wm Tichmead Pegwell Road  
Wood Edwd Rt Crundale London Road  
Wood Frank E Junelea West Dumpton lane  
Wood Frederick James 2 Coronation Road  
Wood Hy Howard 6 Irchester Street East Cliff
Wood Henry Thomas 7 Montefiore avenue  
Wood Herbt 16 Salisbury Avenue  
Wood Hubert V 2 Coxs Lane Northwood
Wood James 17 St Andrews road  
Wood James Henry Cosy Cottage Union Street  
Wood Jas Hy 25 Willsons Road  
Wood Jesse Chas 22 La Belle Alliance Square  
Wood Jn 11 Bellevue Road East Cliff
Wood Jn 31 Effingham Street  
Wood Jn Alfd Jas 61 Muir Road  
Wood Jn Hy 21 Rodney Street  
Wood Leonard Hy 31 Crescent road  
Wood Miss A F 79 Ellington road  
Wood Mrs 16 Alfred Cottages  
Wood Mrs 73 Boundary road  
Wood Mrs 57 Cecilia road  
Wood Mrs 10 Guildford Lawn  
Wood Mrs 19 Guildford Lawn  
Wood Mrs Harold House Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Wood Mrs 42 Percy Road  
Wood Mrs E A 5 Brunswick Street  
Wood Mrs M L 36 Royal Road  
Wood Percy Alex 20 Royal Road  
Wood Rd Geo 3 Brights Place  
Wood Rt Claud 18 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Wood Sidney Ernest 44 Muir Road  
Wood Sidney Ernest 49 Percy Road  
Wood Stephen Alfd 7 Sydney Road St Lawrence
Wood Stephen Frank Maron Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Wood Wm 55 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Wood Wm Luke 19 Meeting Street  
Woodbridge Geo 10 Station Approach road  
Wooderson Henry 7 Hardres Road  
Woodfield Bernard J 69 Addington street  
Woodhall Mrs 6 Cannon Road  
Woodhall Mrs 8 Seafield road St Lawrence
Woodhall Saml Geo 123 Hardres Street  
Woodhams Chas R 4 Pegwell Avenue  
Woodhams Horace 56 Bloomsbury road  
Woodland Chas Fredk 15 Church Lane  
Woodland Edward S 2 Hardres Street  
Woodland Harry 75 Addington street  
Woodland Jsph Dysan 38 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Woodland Thos Chas Jas 3 Cannon Road  
Woodruff Geo 125 Newington road St Lawrence
Woodruff Thos A 16 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Woodruff Thos W 185 High street Ramsgate
Woods Miss 2 Victoria Mansions Victoria Parade East Cliff
Woods Miss Arundel West Cliff Road  
Woodward Chas Totnes Margate road  
Woodward Danl 8 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Woodward Edwd Albt 10 Bloomsbury road  
Woodward Ernest A 65 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Woodward Ernest Jas 200 Hereson road  
Woodward Fredk 9 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Woodward Henry 30 Bellevue Cottages  
Woodward Henry 46 Percy Road  
Woodward Henry W C 4 Claremont Gardens St Lawrence
Woodward Horace Chas 10 Alliance Road  
Woodward James Albert 27 Cecilia road  
Woodward James C 13 Codrington Road  
Woodward Jn 5 St Lukes Road  
Woodward John 2 Unity Place  
Woodward Jsph 16 St Mildreds road  
Woodward Mrs 27 Manston Road  
Woodward Rd 40 St Davids road  
Woodward Thomas 52 Margate road  
Woodward Thos 38 St Davids road  
Woodward Walter Hy 50 Alexandra road  
Woodward William 132 Southwood road  
Woodward Wm 64 Vale Road  
Woodward Wm Geo 123 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Woodward William John 11 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Wooster Mrs L 33 Hollicondane Road  
Woolf E Alec (BA, D.Litt) 33 Grove Road  
Woolley Bertie Thurso St Mildreds Avenue  
Woolven Geo E 145 St Lukes avenue  
Wootton Arth 2 Sacketts Cottages Northwood road Northwood
Wootton Mrs 3 Irchester Street East Cliff
Worden Jn 2 Coast Guard Station Victoria Parade East Cliff
Worgan Mrs E 39 Dane Crescent  
Worgan Rt V 22 Spencer Square West Cliff
Workman Mrs A J 31 Royal Road West Cliff
Worrall Philip Hy 47 St Andrews road  
Worth Miss 4 Pegwell Road  
Wotton Edwd 7 Nelson Crescent West Cliff
Wotton Mrs Wilton Croft High street St Lawrence
Wraight Cecil Frank 65 High street St Lawrence
Wraight Frank Samuel   Eagle Hill  
Wren Albt J The Homestead Saxon Road  
Wren Fredk Wm The Bungalow Saxon Road  
Wren Sidney Charles 31 Percy Road  
Wrenn Ernest Montague 10 Penshurst Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Wright Chas 11 Clifton Road St Lawrence
Wright Chas 61 Woodford Avenue  
Wright Cyril Owen 18 Lyndhurst Road East Cliff
Wright Fras Jsph 23 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Wright Geo 39 Chilton Lane  
Wright Geo Sherehaven Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Wright Harold E Aran Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Wright Harry 61 Addington street  
Wright Miss 117 South Eastern road  
Wright Mrs 20 Cannon Road  
Wright Mrs 30 Duncan road  
Wright Mrs E E 234 Newington road Northwood
Wright Mrs Jane 1 Thanet Cottages Thanet Road Northwood
Wright Percy Fredk 111 Boundary road  
Wright Thos 66 Alexandra road  
Wright Thomas 70 Church road  
Wright Thos 35 Meeting Street  
Wright Wltr 9 Boundary road  
Wright Wm Geo 9 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Wrightson Miss 140 Hereson road  
Wyborn Sydney Cooper 32 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Wyeth Jas 5 Coburg Cottages  
Wyles Arth Kingston West Dumpton lane  
Wyles Frank C C 8 Southwood road  
Wyles Jas 22 Fairlight Avenue St Lawrence
Wyles Jas C 115 Margate road  
Wyles Wm 7 Buxton Road Northwood
Wylie Jas 129 Hardres Street  
Wynter Harry Regnld 2 St Lukes Road  
Wynter Mrs H E 4B Chartham Terrace St Augustines Road West Cliff

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