Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - M


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Macara Miss 45 Rodney street  
MacArthur Miss 19 Chilton lane  
McCaig Misses Newton Stewart Watchester avenue  
McCarrol David (MB, Ch.B (Edin) retd) 14 St Mildreds road  
McCarthy Rev William (MS, BCL) 9 Prospect Terrace West Cliff
McCleesh Major Arthur J H 2 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
McClelland Mrs 10 Mill Cottages  
McDaggall Jas 1 Naivesink Villas Mays Road  
MacDonald Duncan 25 Percy road  
MacDonald Duncan E 60 Percy road  
MacDonald Edwd Moreton House Vale Square  
Macdonald Mrs 6 Crescent road  
Macdonald Mrs 11 Priory Road West Cliff
Macdonald Wm Hector 51 Percy road  
MacDonnell Miss E Durlock Durlock Avenue  
McDougall Percy 53 St Lukes avenue  
MacDowell Mrs 38 Montefiore avenue  
McEnaney Thos 34 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
McEwen Chas H 30 Manston road St Lawrence
Macey Leonard 3 Terrace Cottages  
Macey Wm The Chalet Elmstone Road  
McGinney Patrick 71 Addington street  
McGrath Chas Wm sen 22 Adelaide Gardens West Cliff
McGrath Chas Wm jun 4 Prestedge avenue  
McGrath Owen Reuben 2 Armadale Villas Southwood road  
McGregory Arth Dunaverty Margate road  
Macgroaty Jn 5 Cavendish Street  
Machin Harry Thurston St Mildreds road  
Machin Thos Hy 219 Margate road  
McIllroy Mrs 11 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Mack Arthur 111 Newington road St Lawrence
Mack Ernest Winifred Lodge Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Mack Mrs F K 108 Newington road St Lawrence
Mackay Jsph 81 High street St Lawrence
Mackean Albt Edwin 10 St Patricks road  
Mackean Horace 36 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Mackee Leonard 5 Alpha Road  
McKendrick Herbt Geo 37 Chilton lane  
McKenzie Martin 42 South Eastern road  
Mackinon Jn 7 Sion Hill  
Mackins Fredk 5 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Mackins Thos 178 Grange road  
Mackins Thos 24 Grosvenor road St Lawrence
McLaughlin Donald 3 Chatham Place  
Maclean   12 Penshurst Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
McLeavy Chas 24 Seafield road St Lawrence
McLeish Rt 18 Cannonbury road  
McLeod Edwd 34 Dumpton Park road  
McLeod Mrs B 28 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
McLoughlin Patrick 21 Percy road  
McMally Wm 105 West Cliff road  
McMillan Miss G 8 Dundonald Road  
McMullen Alfd E 148 Grange road  
McMullin Hy Ernest 6 Lorina Road St Lawrence
McMullin Miss 44 Queen Bertha Road  
MacNally Patrick John 11 Meeting Street  
McNeill Arth Jn 74 Dane Park road  
McNeill Mrs N New Haven Margate road  
Macphail Mrs 206 Hereson road  
Magrath Alfd Geo 45 Finsbury road  
Maguire Hugh Clovelly Margate road  
Maguire Wm 4 Coast Guard Station Victoria parade East Cliff
Maher Mrs M R 4 Chatham Terrace St Augustines Road West Cliff
Mahy Mrs 84 Crescent road  
Maile Harry Maybourne Pegwell Avenue  
Mailley Terence B 173 St Lukes avenue  
Mair Miss 23 Vale road  
Major Miss Gertie 9 Winstanley crescent  
Makepeace Wilson 28 Leopold Street  
Male Ernest 38 Winstanley crescent  
Male Geo 17 Woodford avenue  
Malins Miss Margt 87 High street St Lawrence
Mallam Rt J 18 Crescent road  
Mallinson Theodore Geo 24A Hollicondane road  
Malpas Harry Cook 8 Ethelbert road  
Manders Thos 24 St Davids road  
Mandy Fredk Geo 34 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Manley Mrs 51 Southwood road  
Mann Geo 11 Muir road  
Mann Mrs J F 52 Picton road  
Mann Mrs M E Oakdene Park road  
Mannering Alfd B 2A North Avenue The Elms
Manners John 128 Crescent road  
Manning Geo Thos Oriel Park road  
Manning Harold Rt 137 St Lukes avenue  
Manning Leonard 2 Warten road  
Manning Miss 52 Vale road  
Manning Wltr 7 Abbots hill  
Manning Percy 93 Margate road  
Mansell Augustus A 203 Newington road Northwood
Manser Rt A 63 Station Approach road  
Mansfield Wm Victor 32 Sydney road St Lawrence
Manson Harley Hindle 26 Warten road  
Mantle Ernest Hy 2 Cottage Road  
Mantle Harry 24 Monkton place  
Mantle Walter 18 Portland Court  
Manton Donald J 11 Bradley road St Lawrence
Maple Ernest J 3 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Maple Mrs F 175 Grange road  
March Alfd 192 Hereson road  
March Alfd Jas 22 Chilton lane  
March Fredk J 4 Church road  
March Jas A 12 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
March Leonard 6 La Belle Alliance square  
March Wm Hy Tor ho West Cliff road  
Marchant Wm V 25 Sydney road St Lawrence
Makins Ernest 3 Elmstone Road  
Marks   Eastry Margate road  
Marks Ben 53 Bellevue road East Cliff
Marks Geo 45 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Marks Harold A Braeside Avebury Avenue  
Marks Leonard Theadore Margate road  
Marks Lewis 27 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Marks Thos 9 Edith Cottages Clements Road  
Marks William 37 Bellevue road East Cliff
Marks Wm D 1 Willsons Road  
Marley Fred sen 47 St Patricks road  
Marley Fredk 88 Coleman crescent  
Marley Jas 6 Leopold Street  
Marley Jas Geo 2 New Alfred Cottages  
Marriott Christopher 18 Hill Brow Road  
Marsden Ben 39 Station Approach road  
Marsden Enoch 8 Park Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Marsh Albt Geo 19 Clifton road St Lawrence
Marsh Alex Wm 6 Anns Road  
Marsh Alfd Mayal Margate road  
Marsh Cecil R St Michaels Margate road  
Marsh Ernest 28 Herbert Road  
Marsh Ernest L J 7 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Marsh George 1 Cannon Road  
Marsh Geo 2 Rose Hill West Cliff
Marsh Harrison Thos 15 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Marsh Harrison W St Catherines Northwood road Northwood
Marsh Leonard 41 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Marsh Miss 55 St Lukes avenue  
Marsh Mrs 1 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Marsh Mrs 35 Sydney road St Lawrence
Marsh Mrs Annie 114 Southwood road  
Marsh Percy Douglas 1 Coleman crescent  
Marsh William 12 Alexandra road  
Marshall Arnold Thos 78 Bellevue road East Cliff
Marshall Chas W 121 St Lukes avenue  
Marshall Eric Harry 1 Bloomsbury road  
Marshall Geo Briar Cottage Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Marshall Harry Jas 64 Hertford Street West Cliff
Marshall Jas 4 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Marshall Mrs E 13 Hollicondane road  
Marshall Wltr Edwd 143 High street  
Marshall Wm 8 Kent Place  
Marshall William 24 Vale road  
Martin Chas St Michaels Avebury Avenue  
Martin Chas Harold 32 Muir road  
Martin Edmund Weaire 5 Dundonald Road  
Martin Edwin W 215 Margate road  
Martin Ernest W The Red House Chapel Place  
Martin Frederick 22 St Georges road  
Martin Herbt Edwd 140 Grange road  
Martin Horace C V 32 St Lukes Road  
Martin Jas 30 Muir road  
Martin James Chas 26 Cannonbury road  
Martin Leo 2 Blucher Villas  
Martin Lewis E 20 Prestedge avenue  
Martin Lionel 6 Elms Avenue  
Martin Miss 33 Ellington road  
Martin Mrs 9 Belmont Road  
Martin Mrs 14 James Street West Cliff
Martin Mrs 22 Lorne Road  
Martin Mrs L B 138 Grange road  
Martin Mrs P 28 Royal Road West Cliff
Martin Sidney F 31 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Martin Stuart 42 Station Approach road  
Martin Thomas 21 Dane Crescent  
Martin Thos Martin Cuddesdon Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Martin Wm E Thark Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Martin Wm Fredk Victory Cottage Tomsons Passage  
Martin Wm Staines 151 Margate road  
Marvell Cecil 27 Muir road  
Marvell Sydney Harry 3 Church road  
Marzetti J 9 Kent Terrace  
Marzetti Jn 100 High street Ramsgate
Mascall Wm 98 Newington road St Lawrence
Maskell Chas Hy 12 St Andrews road  
Maskell John Thomas 17 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Maskell Wm Hy Saxondale Saxon road  
Mason Edward 84 Southwood road  
Mason Frank G Tervueren Nethercourt Gardens St Lawrence
Mason Harry 1 Paragon Mansions Paragon West Cliff
Mason Hy 14 Station Approach road  
Mason Hy Albt 25 Brunswick street  
Mason James Alfred 3 Albion place  
Mason Lewis 24 Stanley Road  
Mason Mrs 13 Nelson crescent West Cliff
Mason Mrs Rathmines Montefiore avenue  
Mason Mrs 17 Royal Road  
Mason Mrs A 13 Abbots hill  
Massey Jn Kimber Oseney Downs Road  
Masters Hy Wm 250 Hereson road  
Masters Mrs 28 Grove road  
Matern Paul 27 Penshurst Road  
Matson John Charles 5 Elms Avenue  
Matson Miss 1 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Matson Mrs 71 Ellington road  
Matson Wm Chas 9 St Lukes avenue  
Matten Wltr Wm Fredk 33 Warten road  
Matthews Albert 20 Lorne Road  
Matthews Albt Arth 40 Hertford Street West Cliff
Matthews Arth 52 Dane Road  
Matthews Cyril H Rose Marie Downs Road  
Matthews Frederick 8 St Andrews road  
Matthews Fredk H 1 Honeysuckle Road  
Matthews Frederick William 3 Vale road  
Matthews Harold 77 South Eastern road  
Matthews Jas Chas 64 Alexandra road  
Matthews John 27 Thanet road St Lawrence
Matthews Mrs 3 Alma Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Matthews Mrs 12 Herbert Road  
Matthews Mrs L 64 High street St Lawrence
Matthews Mrs L M 63 Hereson road  
Matthews Sydney Albt 13 Ellington road  
Matthews Wm S 47 Bloomsbury road  
Maudlin John 9 Bristol Place  
Maun Thos 22 Alma Road  
Mavin David 85 Crescent road  
Maw Harold Thos 6 Alma Place  
Maxted Arth F 85 Station Approach road  
Maxted Frank 64 Coleman crescent  
Maxted Frank Cyril 79 Margate road  
Maxted G H H 68 Coleman crescent  
Maxted Geo 56 Alexandra road  
Maxted Horace 15 Elms Avenue  
Maxted John William 33 Boundary road  
Maxted Mrs 13 Cross Street West Cliff
Maxted Mrs 66 St Lukes avenue  
Maxted Walt Thos 8 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Maxwell Malcolm 44 Queens Gate road  
May Alfd 14 Duncan road  
May Harold P Broadstowe Margate road  
May Hy Chas Stratton College Lane  
May Jas 1 Thatch Cottages Upper Dumpton Park road  
May Miss 126 Southwood road  
May Mrs C E 9 St Patricks road  
May Rt Robindale Nethercourt Gardens St Lawrence
May Thomas 41 St Patricks road  
Mayer Mrs 38B Belmont Road  
Mayhew Cecil Geo Old barn Cottage Pegwell Road  
Mayhew Jas 47 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Mayhew Jsph 37 Cannonbury road  
Mayhew Mrs Carnavon Margate road  
Maynard Lieut-Cmdr Haskett Jn (RNR) Cambria Pegwell Road  
Maynard C L 31 Queen Street  
Maynard Mrs 17 Belmont Road  
Mayo Chas Hy Dagshai Margate road  
Mayo Edwd H Montclare Homeleigh Road  
Mayo Maurice C 5 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Mayo Mrs 199 Margate road  
Mayo Saml 30 St Davids road  
Mazzoni Fras 89 Grange road  
Meader Chas Hy South Winds Minster Road  
Meader Harry 21 Townley street  
Meader Henry Robert 3 Belmont Road  
Meader Misses E & M 16 Crescent road  
Meader Mrs 49 Queen Bertha Road  
Meader Wm Martin 33 Flora Road  
Meades Edwin 25 Duncan road  
Meadows Edgar 70 Queen Bertha Road  
Meakins Fredk Thos 90 Coleman crescent  
Meakins Herbert 62 Denmark Road  
Measday Percy Edwin Jas 3 Seafield road St Lawrence
Medcalf Mrs 1 St Patricks road  
Medhurst Bart Wesley 17 Station Approach road  
Medhurst Mrs 10 Monkton place  
Medhurst Mrs James Villa Balmoral Place East Cliff
Medhurst Regnld 32 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Medhurst William 21 Camden Square  
Meen Rt Rozel Goodwin road  
Melhuish Miss 99 Grange road  
Mellersh Francis 16 West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Mepsted Mrs 35 Winstanley crescent  
Mepsted Regnld 25 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Mercer Mrs E 64 Queen Bertha Road  
Merrall Frank 83 Winstanley crescent  
Merrall Fredk Arth 28 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Merritt Percy 58 Church road  
Merser Edwin Thos 45 Percy road  
Messon Frank D'Abernon Margate road  
Mettam George William 6 Prices Avenue  
Miall David Geo 2A Addington street  
Michael Edward 20 Southwood road  
Mickleburgh Jn The Croft St James Avenue St Lawrence
Middlemas Maj David L (MC) Warre House Warre Avenue  
Middlemiss Jas 39 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Middleton David 28 Picton road  
Middleton Jn Victory Villa Dane Park road  
Mihigan Mrs 21 Addington street  
Miles Arth Geo 236 Newington road Northwood
Miles Ernest Arth 1 Seagarth Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Miles Fredk Augustus 22 Belmont street  
Miles George 13 Leonards Avenue  
Miles Geo Edwin 26 Boundary road  
Miles Horace Geo 38 Spencer Square West Cliff
Miles Horace Hy 30 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Miles Jn 44 Central Road  
Miles Miss 218 Newington road  
Miles Mrs 53 St Georges road  
Miles Mrs S J 7 Honeysuckle Road  
Miles Sidney 1 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Miles Thos 13 (flat 2) Paragon West Cliff
Miles Thos David 194 Grange road  
Miles Wltr Alfd 42 Muir road  
Miles Wltr Geo 12 Allenby Road St Lawrence
Miles Wm A Oddicombe Watchester avenue  
Millar Malcolm C sen 44 Montefiore avenue  
Millar Walter Stephen 10 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Millard Mrs 56 Ellington road  
Millen Mrs 36 Denmark Road  
Miller Albt Hy 2 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane  
Miller Alfred 4 Hardres street  
Miller Alfred 8 Herbert Road  
Miller Alfd E 6 Bellevue road East Cliff
Miller Arthur 41 Townley street  
Miller Charles 2 Staffordshire Street  
Miller Charles 49 Winstanley crescent  
Miller Chas E V 32 Chatham Street  
Miller Ebenezer L 17 Cumberland road  
Miller Edward Robert 47 Crescent road  
Miller Ernest 12 Trinity Place  
Miller Ernest V Octavia House Pegwell Avenue  
Miller Frank 1 Church Lane  
Miller Frank Wm J 11 Princes Street  
Miller Frederick 29 Princes Street  
Miller Frederick Chas 168 Hereson road  
Miller Fredk Jn Wm 178 Hereson road  
Miller Geo Edwin Hy 43 Southwood road  
Miller Gilbt 91 Southwood road  
Miller Harry E 76 Station Approach road  
Miller Hy Geo 36 Boundary road  
Miller Henry Saml 39 Thanet road St Lawrence
Miller Herbt Alfd 7 Salisbury Avenue  
Miller James Francis 6 Balmoral Place East Cliff
Miller Jn 9 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Miller Mark 26 South Eastern road  
Miller Miss 5 St Mildreds road  
Miller Miss A 43 Duncan road  
Miller Mrs 3 Albert Terrace King Edward Road  
Miller Mrs 13 Hereson road  
Miller Mrs 27 Hereson road  
Miller Mrs A E 150 Southwood road  
Miller Mrs A M 5 St Lukes avenue  
Miller Mrs J 40 Duncan road  
Miller Rd E M 1&2 Clarence Road  
Miller Rt 68 Station Approach road  
Miller Sidney Arth 17 Dumpton Park road  
Miller Sidney H 39 Plains of Waterloo  
Miller Stephen T 30 Bradley road St Lawrence
Miller Thomas 23 Thanet road St Lawrence
Miller Victor Jas 2 Providence Villas Mews Cottages  
Miller Wm 67 Hardres street  
Millett Rt 32 Cannon Road  
Millington Jn 39 Warten road  
Millis Miss 17 Hatfield road  
Millross Alexander 147 Southwood road  
Millross Wltr 4 Salisbury Avenue  
Mills Albert 4 Seafield road St Lawrence
Mills Clifford 23 Manston road St Lawrence
Mills Fredk Geo Regnld 95 Station Approach road  
Mills Geo Hy 2 Allenby Road St Lawrence
Mills Harry 60 Cannonbury road  
Mills Jack 46 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Mills Mrs H 21 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Mills Mrs M B 52 St Mildreds road  
Mills Wltr Wm Downs Way Margate road  
Mills William George 67 Boundary road  
Milner Henry George 35 Duncan road  
Milnes Rev Edwd Petersfield Downs Road  
Milton Jas C 23 Brunswick street  
Mingay Frank 46 Queen Street  
Minkin Boris 14 Cumberland road  
Minsky Max 6 Montefiore College Honeysuckle Road St Lawrence
Minter Alfd Hawkins 51 Alexandra road  
Minter Arth Rhodesia Margate road  
Minter Charles 10 Victoria road  
Minter Ernest Dor-eden Nethercourt Gardens St Lawrence
Minter Mrs 42 Bloomsbury road  
Minter Mrs 14 Cavendish Street  
Minter Mrs 18 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Mirams Albt Edwd 11 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Mirams Albt Edwd 18 Richmond Road  
Mirams Arthur Wm 140 Southwood road  
Mirams Cyril S Melbourne bungalow Margate road  
Mirams David E 3 Hibernia street  
Mirams Edward 18 Brunswick street  
Mirams Geo E 73 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Mirams Harold Leonard 5 Lorina Road St Lawrence
Mirams Harold S 71 Dane Crescent  
Mirams Henry John 14 Sydney road St Lawrence
Mirams Jack 77 Alexandra road  
Mirams James 43 Boundary road  
Mirams John 138 Southwood road  
Mirams Jn Leslie 65 Seafield road St Lawrence
Mirams Leonard Ilyn Leopold Road  
Mirams Mrs 1 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Mirams Mrs F B 170 Hereson road  
Mirams Mrs M A 47 Ellington road  
Mirams Percy H 6 Brunswick street  
Mirams Sidney Ernest 21 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Mirams Sidney Thomas 10 Cecilia road  
Mirams William 84 Church road  
Mirams Wm 77 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Miriam Harold E 15 Queens Road East Cliff
Miriams Geo 127 High street  
Mitchell Alfd Seymour 20 Belmont Road  
Mitchell Leonard 29 Salisbury Avenue  
Mitchell Miss 22 Muir road  
Mitchell Misses 3 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Mitchell Mrs M A 19 Artillery Road  
Mitchell Percy S 190 Hereson road  
Mitchell RT 42 Bellevue road East Cliff
Mitchell Thos Wm 42 Hollicondane road  
Mitcheson Thos 7 Bellevue road East Cliff
Mitchison Jn 30 Liverpool Lawn  
Mizon Geo Harold Fras 12 Albion place  
Moar John Andrew 68 Percy road  
Mockett Frederick 28 Townley street  
Mockett Frederick William 38 Alma Road  
Mockett Miss F L 3 Queens Road East Cliff
Mockler Michl 41 Station Approach road  
Moffitt Albt Edwd 54 St Andrews road  
Moffitt Chas Wm 13 Hatfield road  
Mogford Mrs E E 16 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Mongor William 32 Belmont Road  
Monk Herbt 11 Irchester Street East Cliff
Monk Miss 33 Chilton lane  
Monk Mortimer Wm 189 Margate road  
Monro Hector Macdonald (MB, Ch.B) 42 Spencer Square  
Moody Albt 20 Vale Square  
Moody Albt Alfd 125 Hereson road  
Moody Albert Sidney 131 Southwood road  
Moody Alfd 4 Anns Road  
Moody Edwd Walt 19 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Moody Ernest 14 Bethesda street  
Moody Henry 26 Plains of Waterloo  
Moody Horace 9 Sydney road St Lawrence
Moody John 47 Finsbury road  
Moody Leonard 34 St Lukes avenue  
Moody Mrs 19 Codrington Road  
Moody Mrs 15 Lorne Road  
Moody Percy Jsph 12 Sussex Street  
Moody Wm Ernest 35 Hardres street  
Moon Arthur William 53 Alexandra road  
Moore Frederick Wm 13 Hibernia street  
Moore Geo H 156 Newington road St Lawrence
Moore Geo Wm 44 St Lukes avenue  
Moore Herbt Jn 9 Honeysuckle Road St Lawrence
Moore Horace T Bellmore Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Moore Jn 14 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Moore Jn M 13 Chilton lane  
Moore Jn Thos 8 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Moore Mrs 16 Brights Place  
Moore Mrs L E 55 Winstanley crescent  
Moore Rd E M 26 Chilton lane  
Moore Rt Jas 31 Seafield road St Lawrence
Moore Rt Wm 10 Dane Park road  
Moore Sidney Geo 36 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Moran Jas 35 Ellington road  
Morecroft Herbt Geo 58 St Lukes avenue  
Morecroft Jn W jun 29 Chilton lane  
Morecroft Jn Wm sen 9 Elms Avenue  
Morgan Capt W H 28 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Morgan Archbld 3 Alfred Cottages  
Morgan Chas 19 Vale road  
Morgan Clarence M 165 Margate road  
Morgan Dan 26 Codrington Road  
Morgan Edwd Jn 98 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Morgan Herbt Stuart 37 Camden Square  
Morgan Jas Gayer 25 Bellevue road East Cliff
Morgan Miss 9 Stanley Place  
Morgan Mrs 5 Bristol Place  
Morgan Mrs 12 Richmond Road  
Morgan Mrs 53 Thanet road St Lawrence
Morgan Sydney Herbert Steward Combe Martin Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Morgan Wm 89 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Morgan William Edward G 73 Grange road  
Morley Wm Hy 47 Dumpton Park road  
Morrell Henry 29 Montague Road  
Morrell Mrs 1 St Davids road  
Morrell Sidney Jn 47 Cecilia road  
Morris Alex 119 Hereson road  
Morris Alfd Kenwood Hollicondane road  
Morris Alfd Wm 18 Woodford avenue  
Morris Ernest Jas 33 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Morris Ernest P 22 Albert Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Morris Fredk Jn 14 Erdley Square  
Morris Hy Wm M 74 Grange road  
Morris Jn Hy 55 Dane Park road  
Morris Mrs 9 Havens of Rest Thanet road St Lawrence
Morris Mrs 6 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street West Cliff
Morris Mrs 27 Sydney road St Lawrence
Morris Percy D Five Ways London road  
Morris Rt 3 Gordon Road  
Morris Sidney 77 Winstanley crescent  
Morris Thos 20 Hill Brow Road  
Morris Wm 105 Ellington road  
Morris Wm 21 Clifton road St Lawrence
Morris Wm Danl Cintra Homeleigh Road  
Morris Wm Percy Aubris Margate road  
Morrison Edward 1 Beresford Road  
Morrison Jas 51 Park road  
Morrison Norman 19 Wilfred Road  
Morteshere Jas C 96 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Morteshire Mrs 5 Denmark Road  
Mortiboy Frank 12 Union Street  
Mortimer Gregory Esther Cecilia road  
Mortimore Hy Chas 79 Addington street  
Mortley Harry 31 Lorne Road  
Morton Austin Hardy 85 Ellington road  
Morton Mrs E J 3 Hatfield road  
Morton Rt Jn 50 Margate road  
Moseley Chas 57 Thanet road St Lawrence
Moses Albt 2A Park road  
Moses George Matthews sen 11 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Moses Mrs Annie 4 Guildford Lawn  
Moses Wm Hy Thos 20 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Mosley Rt 65 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Moss Mrs G 2 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton lane  
Moss Wm Thos 54 Newington road St Lawrence
Moulder George 36 Dumpton Park road  
Moulder Mrs 14 Camden Road  
Moulder Mrs 24 Hibernia street  
Moulds Mrs 32 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Mount Albt Hy 4 Montefiore cottages  
Mount George H 53 Duncan road  
Mount Thos Hy 28 Turner Street  
Moxey Albt Edwd 3 Camden Square  
Moxey Peter 35 St Georges road  
Moxon David 67 Coleman crescent  
Moyes Fredk Wm Hazelmere Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Moyes Mrs 75 Southwood road  
Moynham Mrs 1 Bolton Villas Bolton Street  
Moys Alfred James 4 Hereson road  
Moys Arth Edwd 34 Woodford avenue  
Moys Edwd 1 Cribb Cottages Newcastle Hill  
Moys Fredk Rd 145 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Moys Miss 9 Victoria road  
Moys Misses 7 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Moys Rd Jas 13 Hertford Place  
Moys Wltr Wm 30 Cecilia road  
Muir John Leonard Villa Balmoral Place East Cliff
Muirhead Thos Rossland Goodwin road  
Mullier Geo Albt 8 Park road  
Mullier Wm 86 Margate road  
Mullins Patrick 100 Southwood road  
Mummery Harry C Fairview Margate road  
Mummery Jn Thos 13 Dane Crescent  
Munday Albt 9 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Munday Edwd J 7 Bradley road St Lawrence
Munday Edwd Jn 32 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Munday George 4 Cecilia road  
Munday Geo Park Lodge Dumpton Park drive  
Munday Mrs 5 Paragon Cottages Paragon Street West Cliff
Munday Mrs 17 Sussex Street  
Munday Mrs 105 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Munday Philip 49 Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Munday Thos 10 Clifton road St Lawrence
Munday Wm 27 High street St Lawrence
Murphy William 1 Garden Row  
Murray Jas 67 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Murray Robt Jn 9 Sion Passage West Cliff
Murrell Kenneth Hope 38 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Mutton Lewis D The Shack Saxon road  
Mynheer Arth Hy 218 Hereson road  
Mynheer Danl A Bleak House Pegwell Road  
Mynheer Fred 78 Thanet road St Lawrence
Mynheer Mrs 27 Albert Street West Cliff
Mynheer Mrs 7 Alfred Cottages  
Mynheer Wltr Edwd 9 Wilfred Road  
Mynheer Wm Harold 35 Camden Square  
Mynott Mrs 38A Belmont Road  

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