Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - H


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Hack Wm 18 Victoria road  
Hacker Misses 11 Penshurst Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Hacker Mrs H A 11 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Hackett Arnold Chas 41 Crescent road  
Hackett James 52 Winstanley crescent  
Hackman Jack 38 Warten road  
Hackman Mrs R 12 Warten road  
Hadaway Mrs 43 Dumpton Park road  
Hadley Alfd 34 Seafield road St Lawrence
Haffenden Mrs 22 Artillery road  
Hagar Ernest Edwd 68 South Eastern road  
Haggis Alfred S 57 Winstanley crescent  
Haggis Percy Geo 5 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Hague Fredk 31 Augusta road East Cliff
Hahn Mrs B 48 St Lukes avenue  
Hailes Thos 29 Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Haines Ernest 36 Dane crescent  
Haines Thos Hy Glenwoods Margate road  
Hales Ernest Geo 131 St Lukes avenue  
Hales Geo Ernest 4 Stanley road  
Hales Mrs 8 Harrison Terrace Harrison road  
Hales Wm Harry 25 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Halfpenny Edwd 16 Royal road West Cliff
Hall Charles Henry 61 Duncan road  
Hall Chas Thos 41 West Cliff road  
Hall Donald 1A West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Hall Ernest 4 Park Cottages West Dumpton lane  
Hall Ernest A C 50 Station Approach road  
Hall Ernest W 137 Margate road  
Hall Fras 44 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hall Fred Providence House Church Lane  
Hall Geo Eventide Station Approach road  
Hall George Thomas 45 St Andrews road  
Hall Harry 1 Poplar road  
Hall Henry 84 Dane Park road  
Hall Jas 6 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hall Jn Thos 5 Addington street  
Hall Luther 2 Station Approach road  
Hall Mrs 10 Liverpool Lawn  
Hall Mrs 45 Woodford avenue  
Hall Mrs F 69 Winstanley crescent  
Hall Percival Chas 15 Belmont street  
Hall Robert J 72 Bellevue road East Cliff
Hall Saml 3 Vale square  
Hall Wltr 3 Ayton road  
Hall Wltr 2 Cumberland road  
Hall Walt 50 Picton road  
Hall Wm Hy 7 Vincent Place  
Hallaran Lieut-Comdr Chas Fras (RN retd) 3 Paragon Mansions Paragon West Cliff
Hallbrook Mrs 117 South Eastern road  
Hallett Ernest Jas 33 Camden square  
Hallett Frank 68 Southwood road  
Halliday Edwd Jn 2 Elm Lodge High street St Lawrence
Halliday Geo Hy 28 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hallows Arnold 5 Marlborough road The Elms
Halls Geo Hy 171 St Lukes avenue  
Hallums Geo 9 Manston road St Lawrence
Halse Wm 31 Hereson road  
Halsey Miss 21 Priory Road West Cliff
Halsey Sidney Ethelbert 20 Flora road  
Halstead Douglas Vernon 26 Albion Hill  
Halstead George Ezra (MD, BS, BSc, BA) Ithaca Winterstoke Crescent East Cliff
Hamblen Maj L T (house master of the junior school) St Lawrence College Hollicondane road  
Hamblin Jn 140 Margate road  
Hamblin Victor L Celia Margate road  
Hambridge Wm 91 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Hamilton Neil   Margate road  
Hamilton Rt 66 South Eastern road  
Hamilton Thos 84 Coleman crescent  
Hamlin Charles 71 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hamlin Jack C 89 Southwood road  
Hamlin Mrs 155 St Lukes avenue  
Hamlyn Daniel 19 Broad street  
Hamlyn Hector 12A Broad street  
Hammon Fredk Percy 1 Eagle Hill  
Hammon Mrs 8 Meeting street  
Hammon Mrs R E 3 Eagle Hill  
Hammond Fredk Chas 193 Newington road Northwood
Hammond Geo 55 Bellevue road East Cliff
Hammond Geo 40 Coleman crescent  
Hammond Harry Abraham 3 Townley House Mansions Chatham Street  
Hammond Hy Geo 26 La Belle Alliance square East Cliff
Hammond Leonard Alfd 29 Woodford avenue  
Hammond Leslie Thos 205 Newington road Northwood
Hammond Mrs 23 Bellevue Cottages  
Hammond Mrs A 3 Richmond road  
Hammond Walter 13 Dumpton Park road  
Hammond Wltr H C 141 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hammond Wilfred S 17 Addington street  
Hamms Orlo Eugene 75 Alexandra road  
Hancock Hy Chas Rosedene Margate road  
Hancock Miss Sunnydene Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Hancock Misses 46 Station Approach road  
Hancock Mrs 28 Hereson road  
Hancocks Re Thomas (Baptist) 27 Vale square  
Hand Mrs Isabella St Benedict Watchester avenue  
Hands Mrs E flat 1, San Clu Mansions Victoria parade East Cliff
Hanger Mrs 76 Margate road  
Hankinson Rd 35 Napleton Road  
Hanley Wm 57 Plains of Waterloo  
Hannaford Frederick 20 Sydney road St Lawrence
Hannaford Fredk 42 Sydney road St Lawrence
Hannaford Jn 6 Sydney road  
Hannaford Jn Philip 7 Montefiore cottages  
Hannaford Wm Jn 23 Sydney road St Lawrence
Hanns Fredk Eli Farley Cottage Farley place  
Happy Geo R 10 Leopold road  
Harber Edwd 2 Hill Brow Road  
Hard Jn 38 Central road  
Hard Mrs 13 Hill Brow Road  
Harding Alfred 33 Duncan road  
Harding Alfd jn 44 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Harding Edmond Hy Wonersh (flat 1) Grange road  
Harding Frederick 14 Hardres Road  
Harding Frederick 27 Seafield road St Lawrence
Harding Henry 31 St Georges road  
Harding Jas 84 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Harding Mrs 10 Gwyn road St Lawrence
Harding William Thomas 12 Hardres Road  
Hards Mrs 6 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Hardwick Alfd Ernest 35 Coleman crescent  
Hardwick Wm 5 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hardwick Wm E 5 Dumpton Park road  
Harland Claude G The Brent Warre Avenue  
Harland Wm E 33 Dane crescent  
Harley Maj Osborne Erewyn Brockenhurst road East Cliff
Harley J M 5 Norman road  
Harley Rd Jas (MD) flat 3, San Clu Mansions Victoria parade East Cliff
Harlow Alfred 1 Bell Cottages Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Harlow Alfred 31 High street St Lawrence
Harlow Chas F 14 Bradley road St Lawrence
Harlow David Jas 1 Paragon Place Paragon Street West Cliff
Harlow Eric Geo 30 Addington street  
Harlow Harold Wilfred 34 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Harlow John W 5 Olive Grove Trinity place  
Harlow Stephen William 32 Finsbury road  
Harlow Wm 5 Bethesda street  
Harman Fras H 33 St Mildreds road  
Harman Fred 32 St Andrews road  
Harman Fredk D N 16 Warten road  
Harman Geo Belmont Downs road  
Harman Jn 60 Royal road West Cliff
Harman Mrs 8 Unity Place  
Harman Wm St Helens Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Harman Wm Wallace Sharsted Edith road  
Harmer Christopher 43 Camden square  
Harmer Mrs 49 Boundary road  
Harmer Wm David 2 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Harmes Harry Edward C 3 Townley street  
Harmes Mrs 11 Gordon road  
Harmes Mrs 10 Paradise  
Harmetty Mrs 65 West Cliff road  
Harnett Albt Geo Star House Hardres street  
Harnett Albert Geo 11 Vincent Place  
Harnett Charles 6 Montague Road  
Harnett Geo Wm 36 Cecilia road  
Harnett Henry Jas Edwd 22 Flora road  
Harnett Miss 19 Southwood road  
Harnett Wm 24 Prestedge avenue  
Harper Mrs 76 Winstanley crescent  
Harrington Hubert 15 Alliance road  
Harris Albt 10 Alfred Cottages  
Harris Alfd 52 Dumpton Park road  
Harris Arth Herbt 7 Flora road  
Harris Chas 28 South Eastern road  
Harris Charles 19 Monkton place  
Harris David Jn 13 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Harris Frederick 50 Percy road  
Harris Fredk 31 Manston road St Lawrence
Harris Fredk W 103 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Harris George 79 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Harris Geo Deemay Southwood road  
Harris Harold 38 Allenby road St Lawrence
Harris Hy 7 Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Harris Herbt 54 Harbour Parade  
Harris James 5 Bolton Street  
Harris Jn 28 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Harris Miss 18 Cecilia road  
Harris Mrs 56 Hereson road  
Harris Mrs 7 St Georges Villas Union road  
Harris Percival A 47 Picton road  
Harris Regnld 2 Paragon Place Paragon Street West Cliff
Harris Rd Geo 236 Hereson road  
Harris Thos L 33 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Harrison Arth Geo 37 Norman road  
Harrison Chas Rt 37 Newington road St Lawrence
Harrison Edmund Henry 192 Grange road  
Harrison George William 22 Albion place  
Harrison Jas 9 Wheatley Road St Lawrence
Harrison Mrs 1 Kent Terrace  
Harrison Wm W 89 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Harriss Thos L 149 Boundary road  
Hart Fred 95 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hart Stephen James 36 Hereson road  
Hart Walter 11 Dumpton Park drive  
Hartley C P Hexthorpe Watchester avenue  
Hartley Jn Verona Gilbert road St Lawrence
Hartley Mrs 101 Ellington road  
Harty Fredk H G 19 Lorina road St Lawrence
Harty Jn Jas 36 Station Approach road  
Harty Mrs 38 Percy road  
Harty Wm 29 Rawdon road  
Harvey Alec Allan 1 Midlothian Cottages Stanley Place  
Harvey Arthur Fairfield Pegwell Avenue  
Harvey Hy R 11 Camden road  
Harvey Leonard Geo 37 Alexandra road  
Harvey Mrs 21 Belmont Road  
Harvey Mrs 4 Cobung Cottages  
Harvey Mrs 6 Hill Brow Road  
Harvey Philip Percvl Elvington Vale square  
Harvey Russell 23 Dundonald road  
Harvey Wm 67 Woodford avenue  
Harvison Arth Geo 37 Norman road  
Harwood James 54 Dumpton Park road  
Hastings Mrs 1 Cottage Mews  
Haswell Miss 43 South Eastern road  
Hatcher George 69 Margate road  
Hatchett Alfd Edwd 39 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hateley Mrs A 25 Southwood road  
Hately Jas 33 Meeting street  
Hatton Wallace D 21 Chapel Place  
Hatton William 36 Salisbury Avenue  
Haugham Stanley Arth 13 Rodney street  
Haward Mrs 7 Artillery road  
Hawker Charles Edwin 57 Percy road  
Hawkes Alfd Jn 14 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Hawkes Danl Thos Alfred Villa Balmoral Place East Cliff
Hawkes Jn 6 Queens road East Cliff
Hawkes Miss 3 Unity Place  
Hawkes Mrs 4 Hatfield road  
Hawkes Mrs 14 Sussex street  
Hawkes Mrs V 59 Plains of Waterloo  
Hawkins Albert Edward 22 Duncan road  
Hawkins Fredk S 39 Grove road  
Hawkins Mrs 8 Alliance road  
Hawkins Mrs 147 High street Ramsgate
Hawkins Stanley Geo 63 Alexandra road  
Hawkins Thomas Henry 83 Hardres street  
Hawkins William 123 Crescent road  
Hawkins Wm 10 Gordon road  
Hawkins Wm Chas 88 Southwood road  
Hawkins Wm Jn 1 Bursill Crescent St Lawrence
Hawkins Wm Saml Ivymede Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Haworth Hebrt 8 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Hayburn Fredk 21 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Hayden Wm 48 South Eastern road  
Haydon Fred 6 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Haydon Frederick Wm 66 Grange road  
Haydon Horace F 8 Station Approach road  
Haydon Wltr 52 Manston road St Lawrence
Haydon Wm F 74 Crescent road  
Hayes Eric 146 Hereson road  
Hayes Ernest C Kimberley Margate road  
Hayes Jn Baden Powell Kintore Carlton Avenue The Elms
Hayes Mrs Dunedin Goodwin road  
Hayes Mrs Alice 5 Hardres street  
Hayles Edwd E King Street Hall King Street  
Haynes Arth Leslie 128 Southwood road  
Hayter Mrs 3 Florence Terrace Albert road East Cliff
Hayward Edward 30 Monkton place  
Hayward Herbt Chas 30 Dane crescent  
Hayward Herbt Clifton 9 Newcastle Hill  
Hayward Herbt J 69 Plains of Waterloo  
Hayward Herbt Victor St Winifreds Southwood road  
Hayward John 5 Clements Road  
Hayward Jsph 41 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hayward Miss A 32 Dane crescent  
Hayward Mrs 225 Newington road Northwood
Hayward Thomas 3 Thanet Cottages Thanet road Northwood
Haywood Cifford 81 South Eastern road  
Haywood Jsph 32 Bradley road St Lawrence
Haywood Jsph 28 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hazelden Geo 82 Dane Park road  
Hazelgrove Chas Hy 107 Station Approach road  
Hazell Percy Rt 77 Dane crescent  
Head Charles 33 Dane Park road  
Head Edmnd 16 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Headech Mrs 16 Spencer Square West Cliff
Heady Fredk C 39 Queen Bertha Road  
Healey W Everard 119 Grange road  
Heap Rev Harry H (MA) 3 Park road  
Heard Douglas C Iddesleigh Downs road  
Hearn Rufus Harry Ruedda Northwood road Northwood
Hearnden Mrs 52 Dane Park road  
Hearnden Wm Hy 43 Muir road  
Hearndon Hy Rd 31 Dane crescent  
Heasman Mrs B 5 Irchester Street East Cliff
Heath Wm Standing 11 Cannonbury road  
Heaysman Regnld Harry 92 Grange road  
Hebborn Harry 1 Spencer Villas Hollicondane road  
Hedgcock Mrs M 15 Stanley road  
Hedges Rd Geo 22 Avenue road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Hedges Wm 28 Coleman crescent  
Hedges William Jn 47 Queen Bertha Road  
Hedley John T 12 Royal Crescent West Cliff
Heffer Herbt 11 Thanet road St Lawrence
Heggerty Jsph Victor 52 Duncan road  
Hellyar Jn Rundle 120 Margate road  
Hemmersley Geo E 67 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Hemsley Fredk 52 Crescent road  
Henderson Mrs E 30 Albert road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Henniker Percy V 25 Grove road  
Henshaw Arth Geo 20 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Herbert Chas 40 Manston road St Lawrence
Herbert Sidney 152 Grange road  
Heritage Arth Sidney 16 Denmark road  
Heritage Jas 13 Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Heritage Peter 47 Boundary road  
Herrenberger Jean Pierre 1 Clifton Lawn  
Herring Wm 56 St Mildreds road  
Herring Wm Albt 25 Sussex Road  
Heryet Miss 37 Norman road  
Hetherington Miss 11 Park road  
Hewes Mrs M A 7A Newington road St Lawrence
Hewitt Fredk Jas 4 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Hewitt Jn Fras 85 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Hewitt Mrs E 7 Mill Cottages  
Hewlett Com. Rodney S (RN retd) H M Coastguard Victoria parade East Cliff
Heyburn William 28 Liverpool Lawn West Cliff
Heydon Chas Paulin Villa Trinity place  
Heyes Walt 18 Leopold Street  
Heygate Miss 10 Queens road East Cliff
Heyman Percy F 70 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Heys Geo Fredk 41 South Eastern road  
Hicks Edwd Wm 33 Sydney road  
Hicks Horace 34 Margate road  
Hicks Mrs N 23 Willsons Road  
Hicks Rt Alex 30 Picton road  
Hicks Rt Gladstone 50 Hollicondane road  
Hicks Wm Goatley 3 West Cliff Mansions West Cliff
Hickson Mrs 2 Leopold Villas Leopold Street  
Higgins Jn Fredk 13 Church road  
Higgins Thos Jas 11 Brunswick street  
High John 32 Dane road  
Highman Sidney C 24 Codrington road  
Hight Mrs S Deri Saxon road  
Highton Mrs L 7 Queen Bertha Street  
Hignell Fredk 8 Marden avenue St Lawrence
Hilder Mrs J 14 Cheriton Avenue  
Hildyard Mrs 8 Queens road East Cliff
Hill Chas 70 Bellevue road East Cliff
Hill Chas 14 Percy road  
Hill Fredk Chas Windyridge Princes Avenue St Lawrence
Hill Hy Jn 6 Sion Passage West Cliff
Hill John Edward 22 Staffordshire Street  
Hill Jn F 1 Chilton Cottages Downs road  
Hill Jn Stewart 16 Claremont gardens St Lawrence
Hill Mrs Hillsden College lane  
Hill Mrs 61 Crescent road  
Hill Mrs 15 Flora road  
Hill Mrs C 2 Winstanley crescent  
Hill Rowland Argar Margate road  
Hill Thos Geo 123 High street  
Hillman Percy 14 Lorina road St Lawrence
Hills Alfred 32 Picton road  
Hills Chas Glenside Margate road  
Hills Edwin Arth jun 6 St Lukes road  
Hills Gilbt 9 Ethelbert road  
Hills Mrs 36 Dane road  
Hills Sidney Geo 28 St Lukes road  
Hilton Edward 11 St Davids road  
Hinds Harry G R 7 Elms Avenue  
Hinds Miss 57 Queen Street  
Hindson Wm Wolstonbury Avebury avenue  
Hine Albt H 53 Coleman crescent  
Hinkley Rt Geo 7 Alpha road  
Hinkley Wm 56 Percy road  
Hirst Mrs A M 18 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Hitch Alfd Jsph 23 Lorne road  
Hitch Joseph 8 Bloomsbury road  
Hitch William 5 Bloomsbury road  
Hitching Jn Wm 157 Grange road  
Hitter Arth 12 Dane crescent  
Hoare Edwd Wm 57 Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Hoare Wm 12A Whitehall road St Lawrence
Hobbs Edward 23 Ellington road  
Hobbs Mrs N D 21 Ellington road  
Hobday Alfd Fredk 2 Vincent Place  
Hobday Alwyn 45 Coleman crescent  
Hobday Bertram Edward 17 Hereson road  
Hobday Mrs 1 Havens of Rest Thanet road St Lawrence
Hobson Percy Gordon 105 Hereson road  
Hockey Cyril 60 Queen Bertha Road  
Hodds Mrs 68 St Lukes avenue  
Hodge Mrs 14 & 16 Camden Cottages  
Hodge Reuben 20 Rawdon road  
Hodge Wm Edwd 22 Belmont Road  
Hodges Alfd 2 Thanet Cottages Thanet road  
Hodges Fredk Jn 24 Clifton road St Lawrence
Hodges Geo Nethercourt Farm Cottages Nethercourt Farm Road St Lawrence
Hodges Hy Oakley 21 Dane Park road  
Hodges Miss 27 South Eastern road  
Hodges Mrs 8 Buxton road  
Hodges Mrs 15 Monkton place  
Hodges Thos Rouse 3 Clarendon Gardens  
Hodges Wm 16 Richmond road  
Hodges Wm Jn 160 Newington road St Lawrence
Hodgkinson Misses 3 Southwood road  
Hodgman Cecil 1 Queen Bertha Road  
Hodgman Ernest 12 Lyndhurst road  
Hodgman Gustavus 27 Effingham street  
Hodgman Henry 2 Alma Place King Street  
Hodgman Herbt Edwd 33 Manston road St Lawrence
Hodgman Miss 23 Chilton lane  
Hodgman Mrs 20 Dane road  
Hodgson Jn Geo 5 Prices Avenue  
Hodgson Miss 4 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Hodson Herbt 34 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hogan Jn 4 Coastguard Cottages Pegwell Road  
Hogan Jn E 66 Church road  
Hogben Jn Hy 4 Elizabeth Cottages Packers lane  
Hogben Mrs 1 Stanley Cottages Downs road  
Hogben Wm Thos 48 Station Approach road  
Hogbin Jas 5 Dane Park road  
Hogbin Leslie M T 32 Duncan road  
Hogbin Mrs 24 Ellington road  
Hogbin Mrs J L Chalfonts Goodwin road  
Hogbin Mrs K 15 Brights Place  
Hogbin Mrs S 11 Brights Place  
Hogwood Cyril 73 Dane crescent  
Hogwood Douglas C 73 Ellington road  
Hogwood Miss 26 Park road  
Hogwood Mrs 18 Boundary road  
Hoile Hy Wm 7 Cliff Street West Cliff
Hoile Wm Chas 6 Brush Avenue St Lawrence
Holbourn Albt A 45 Queen Bertha Road  
Holden Albt Edwd 109 Boundary road  
Holden Alfred Benjamin 7 Catherine Terrace Chapel Road St Lawrence
Holden Bertie Robert 38 Dane Park road  
Holden Miss 46 Southwood road  
Holden Philip 50 Dane Park road  
Holden Spethen Jas 14 Monkton place  
Holden Thomas 21 Monkton place  
Holden Wm Philip 66 Dane Park road  
Holder Leslie Jn 45 St Georges road  
Hole Chas 5 Willsons Road  
Hole Geo 13 Albion place  
Hole Hy Spenceley 20 Chapel Place  
Hole Sidney 15 Lorina road St Lawrence
Holladay Charles H 15 Hollicondane road  
Holladay Wm 8 Elmstone road  
Holladay Wm H 5 Lawn Villas Guildford Lawn  
Holland David 39 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Holland Mrs N L 4 Florence Terrace Albert road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Holland Owen Watson 109 Hardres street  
Hollands Arth Harry 29 Grove road  
Hollands Arthur Wellard 5 Florence Cottages Coronation road  
Hollands Edgar Wm 59 Dane Park road  
Hollands Hy Thos 13 Napleton Road  
Hollands Jas Arth 5 Cannonbury road  
Hollands Jn 74 Boundary road  
Hollands Mrs 43 Margate road  
Hollands Wltr 45 Cecilia road  
Hollands Wltr C Chadian Rawdon road  
Hollands Wltr Thos 26 Stanley road  
Hollands Wm 1 Oakwood Villas West Dumpton lane  
Hollands Wm 18 Seafield road St Lawrence
Hollaway Bertie Isaac 30 Clifton road St Lawrence
Hollaway Ernest 6 Leonards Avenue  
Holliday Albt Jas Winalda Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Holliday Alfd 59 Dane crescent  
Holliday Charles Thomas 56 Church road  
Holliday Ernest 33 Woodford avenue  
Holliday Hobday Richard 58 Duncan road  
Holliday James T 68 Winstanley crescent  
Hollies Frederick 17 Hardres Road  
Hollinds Geo Victor 9 Bradley road St Lawrence
Hollins Mrs 4 Cannonbury road  
Hollins Regnld 148 Hereson road  
Hollis Arth 1 Lillian road  
Hollister William 9 Rose Hill West Cliff
Hollman Frank Edwin Ravensmere Albion road East Cliff
Holloway Edwin G 187 Grange road  
Hollaway Henry George 15 Penshurst Road East Cliff, St Lawrence
Hollaway Mrs Merside St Lawrence avenue  
Holman Edward F 36 Ellington road  
Holman W 15 Addington street  
Holmans Albert Edward 17 Church road  
Holmans Mrs 8 Grosvenor road St Lawrence
Holmans Wm Richd 48 Bloomsbury road  
Holmes Ernest J 37 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Holmes James A 17 Southwood road  
Holmes Jn Glaisdale Margate road  
Holmes John Henry 16 Hatfield road  
Holmes Percy Hy 5 Balmoral Place East Cliff
Holmes Rd 13 Penshurst Road East Cliff
Holmes Walter 42 Flora road  
Holmes Wm 139 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Holness Jas 7 Church Lane  
Holness Jn 49 Finsbury road  
Holness Mrs 14 Flora road  
Holness Mrs A 7 Dane crescent  
Holness Nelson Jas 4 Southwood road  
Holness William 17 Finsbury road  
Holness William 20 Rodney street  
Holt Archbld Edwd 75 Crescent road  
Holt Rt C 1 Temperance Cottages Packers lane  
Holt William 62 Ellington road  
Holton Alfred 4 Mays Villas Mays road  
Holyer Misses E & L 1 Cottage Road  
Holyer Mrs 6 Albion place  
Holyer Mrs 63 Hardres street  
Holyer Mrs 5 Muir road  
Home Arth Fredk 1 Pysons Road Northwood
Home Mrs 77 Edith road  
Home Mrs 2 & 3 Pysons Road Northwood
Home Percy J R Fencott Margate road  
Honess Herbert Victor 20 Church road  
Honey Miss Nortonbury Cottage Stancomb Avenue  
Hood Mrs 16 Portland Court  
Hook Rt 62 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hook Thos B 14 La Belle Alliance square  
Hook Wesley Eudora Gilbert road  
Hooker Edmund Henry 1 West Cliff road  
Hooker Eric Alfd Geo 109 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hooker Jn S 88 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hooker Wm Jn 31 Camden square  
Hooper Mrs D 11 Erdley Square  
Hope Albert 19 St Patricks road  
Hope Chas 144 Hereson road  
Hope Geo Edwd 42 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hope George Summers 74 Hardres street  
Hope Horace Jabez 30 Abbots hill  
Hope Joseph 22 Dane road  
Hope Joseph 3 Leopold Street  
Hope Mrs A 5 Florence Terrace Harrison road  
Hope Norman 22 Codrington road  
Hope Sydney Wm Rt 51 Warten road  
Hope Thomas 13 Montague Road  
Hopkins Chas 135 St Lukes avenue  
Hopkins David 42 Newington road St Lawrence
Hopkins George S 50 Duncan road  
Hopkins Herbt 94 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hopkins Mrs Thos 42 Picton road  
Hopkins Sydney Rt 45 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Hopley Mrs 15 Cannonbury road  
Hopper Geo 13 Muir road  
Hopper Geo Ridge Mount Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Hopper Geo Ritchie Sunnyside Queens Avenue St Lawrence
Hopper Miss 14 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Hopper Miss Constance 32 Bellevue road  
Hopper Wm 11 Warten road  
Hoppit Thos Leewarden London road  
Hopton Wm Thos Shirley Dene St Lawrence avenue  
Horlock Frank Franmar Margate road  
Horn Edwd Jn 27 Clifton road St Lawrence
Horn Miss 28 Abbots hill  
Horn Regnld Burnt Oak Margate road  
Horne Arth Albt 12 King Edward Road  
Horne Cecil Victor 11 Albion place  
Horne Chas 4 Bloomsbury road  
Horne Charles 28 Boundary road  
Horne Fredk Wm Elped Margate road  
Horne Geo 2 Bethesda street  
Horne George Charles 32 Chapel Road St Lawrence
Horne Jn 6 Paragon West Cliff
Horne Miss 2 Ethelbert road  
Horne Mrs 18 Bethesda street  
Horne Mrs 6 Cobourg Cottages  
Horne Mrs 127 Margate road  
Horne Mrs A 67 West Cliff road  
Horne Mrs L 3 Newington road St Lawrence
Horne Wm Hy 2 Hibernia street  
Horner Jn Edwd 28 Chilton lane  
Hornett Ernest 1 Mays Villas Mays road  
Hornett Fredk 22 St Andrews road  
Horsham Edwd V Mill House Honeysuckle Road  
Horsley Frederick 89 Boundary road  
Horsley Stephen 27 St Georges road  
Horton Alfd Jas 26 Clifton road St Lawrence
Horton Ayred Henry 115 Southwood road  
Horton Ernest Wm 27 Winstanley crescent  
Horton Hy 1 Ada Cottages Avenue road East Cliff
Horton Mrs 82 High street St Lawrence
Horton Mrs Rehoboth St James Avenue St Lawrence
Horton Victor Hugh 27 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Hosken Fredk Geo 21 Hollicondane road  
Hoskin Oliver 58 Grange road  
Hoskins Alfd Chas 41 Norman road  
Hoskins Charles Henry 11 Percy road  
Hoskins Frank 3 Mews Cottages  
Hoskins Geo 75 South Eastern road  
Hoskins Wltr Rt 134 Crescent road  
Hosted Jn Geo Rushbourne Truro Road East Cliff
Hothersall Ernest Albt 9 Poplar road  
Hothersall Mrs 65 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Hougham Albt 11 Bristol Place  
Hougham Danl 5 Alma Place  
Hougham Edwd Hy 63 Coleman crescent  
Hougham Hy E W 7 Muir road  
Hougham Hy Jas 23 Margate road  
Hougham Herbt Victor 37 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hougham Jn 12 Clifton road St Lawrence
Hougham Mrs 11 Mews Cottages  
Hougham Mrs 26 Townley street  
Hougham Thos Rouse 7 Grosvenor road St Lawrence
Hougham Wm Fredk 26 Union Street  
Houghan Mrs 20 Monkton place  
Houghton Joshua East Cliff House Wellington Crescent East Cliff
Houghton Mrs 12 Paragon West Cliff
Hoult Arthur William 36 Flora road  
Housden Thos Fredk 36 Montefiore avenue  
House Samuel Robert George St Olave Albion road East Cliff
Howard Alfd Jas 10 Fairlight avenue St Lawrence
Howard Arth J sen 154 High street Ramsgate
Howard Ernest 79 Cecilia road  
Howard Frank Edwd 28 Grosvenor road  
Howard Henry 4 Cumberland road  
Howard Jsph 11 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Howard Leonard Geo 2 Northwood road Northwood
Howard Mrs Hartland Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Howard Mrs I Linton Marlborough road  
Howard Sidney 11 Bush Avenue  
Howard Stuart Regnld 21 Poplar road  
Howard Walter 14 South Eastern road  
Howard Wltr Fredk Rutland Park road  
Howard Wm 1 Hollicondane Terrace Hollicondane Lane  
Howard William Francis 11 Kent Terrace  
Howard Wm Fredk 11 South Eastern road  
Howe Rev Wm Geo 164 Grange road  
Howe Jack 2 Lyndhurst road East Cliff
Howe John 9 Hatfield road  
Howe Mrs 18 Vale square  
Howe Wltr 4 Tabernacle Cottages Northwood road Northwood
Howell Aug Chas 38 South Eastern road  
Howell Miss F M 26 Ellington road  
Howell William Owen 76 Crescent road  
Howells Arth B 46 Bradley road St Lawrence
Howells Ivor 66 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Howes Chas Saml 5 Alliance road  
Howes Geo 13 Brights Place  
Howland Ernest 18 Salisbury Avenue  
Howland Frederick 61 Winstanley crescent  
Howland Geo 2 Stanley Cottages Downs road  
Howland Laurence The Lodge, West Cliff Terrace Mansions Pegwell Road  
Hows Herbt Geo 15 Hereson road  
Hoyle Clarence Rt 47 Dane Park road  
Hoyle Mrs 4 St Georges road  
Hoyle Mrs 1 Vincent Place  
Hoyle Thomas 8 Effingham street  
Hubbard Edwd J 22 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hubbard Miss F A 51 Edith road  
Hubbard Miss Linda 15 Cecilia road  
Hubbard Mrs 10 Augusta road  
Hubbard Mrs 27 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hubbard Percy 37 Dane Park road  
Hubbell Harold R 21 Cecilia road  
Hubert Bernard 76 Bellevue road East Cliff
Hucksted Frank Wm 4 St Andrews road  
Huckstep Edward 21 Salisbury Avenue  
Huckstep Frank W 25 Alexandra road  
Huckstep Harry Jas 4 Park road  
Huckstep Lewis Wm 2 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Huckstep Mrs Ethel 2 Bush Avenue St Lawrence
Huddlestone Rev Rt (Methodist) 25 Ellington road  
Hudson Rev Howard Chas MA 190 High street Ramsgate
Hudson Eldridge Jas 51 Seafield road St Lawrence
Hudson Frederick James 13 Lorne road  
Hudson Harold 8 Nethercourt Hill St Lawrence
Hudson Herbt 29 Whitehall road St Lawrence
Hudson Kenneth C Westways St Mildreds Avenue  
Hudson Mrs 36 Chilton lane  
Hudson Mrs C J 190 High street Ramsgate
Hudson Thos 42 Bradley road St Lawrence
Hudson Wilfred 49 Park road  
Huelin Mrs 64 Ellington road  
Huggard Miss Innisheen London road  
Hughes Alfd A 11 Alexandra road  
Hughes Alfd Ernest 108 High street  
Hughes Arthur 11 Ayton Road  
Hughes Arth Hy 7 Rodney street  
Hughes Charles 99 Southwood road  
Hughes David Thos 61 West Cliff road  
Hughes Edwd 127 Crescent road  
Hughes Hy (HM Coastguard)   Victoria parade East Cliff
Hughes Horace 50 Gwyn Road St Lawrence
Hughes James William 89 West Cliff road  
Hughes Jn Thos 1 Camden square  
Hughes Miss 22 Clifton road St Lawrence
Hughes Mrs 15 Ashburnham road St Lawrence
Hughes Mrs 20 Bloomsbury road  
Hughes Mrs 8 Clifton road St Lawrence
Hughes Mrs 1 Ethelbert road  
Hughes Mrs G 35 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hughes Tom Worsley Margate road  
Hughes Wm Edwd 1 La Belle Alliance square  
Hughes Wm Geo 7 Coleman crescent  
Hull Very Rev P Edwd (prior, Roman Catholic) St Augustines Abbey St Augustines Road West Cliff
Hull Hy Jas 10 North Avenue  
Hull Mrs R 19 Sydney road St Lawrence
Hume Charles Edwin 118 Grange road  
Humphrey Thos Chas 91 Grange road  
Humphreys Mrs Pembridge Downs road  
Humphries Geo Edwin Westcote Dumpton Park drive St Lawrence
Humphries Wm 48 Bradley road St Lawrence
Humphries Wm Geo 70 Dane Park road  
Hunt Rev Horace Aug St Michaels Watchester avenue  
Hunt Edward 66 Percy road  
Hunt Edward 10 Southwood road  
Hunt Ernest W 8 Cumberland road  
Hunt Francis 34 Bloomsbury road  
Hunt Fredk Chas 25 Winstanley crescent  
Hunt George 29 Flora road  
Hunt Haydon 34 Spencer Square West Cliff
Hunt Herbert 2 St Georges road  
Hunt Herbt W Kenora Goodwin road  
Hunt Jas W C 117 Newington road St Lawrence
Hunt John 43 St Andrews road  
Hunt Jn Rd 14 Winstanley crescent  
Hunt Leonard 64 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hunt Mrs 4 Upper Dumpton Park road  
Hunt Robt P A 32 Warten road  
Hunt Thos E 40 Telham avenue St Lawrence
Hunt Thos Edwd 150 Margate road  
Hunter Geo 86 Nixon avenue St Lawrence
Hunter Horace Glendevon Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Hunter Jas 154 High street  
Hunter Mrs White Bungalow Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Hunter Mrs 55 Vale Road  
Hunter Walter 43 Alexandra road  
Huntley Cecil Akron Margate road  
Huntley Donald Albt 94 Margate road  
Hurley Albert Horace 48 Alma Road  
Hurst Albert Edwd 26 Dane Park road  
Hurst Chas J 8 Fitzroy Avenue Northwood
Hurst George Walter 53 Vale Road  
Hurst Harry 38 Hertford Street West Cliff
Hurst Harry Lionel Corby Pegwell Avenue  
Hurst Henry James 62 Church road  
Hurst Hy Jas 14 Cross Street West Cliff
Hurst Jn 24 St Lukes avenue  
Hurst Mrs 11 Hibernia street  
Hurst Mrs 5 Seafield road St Lawrence
Hurst Thos J C 16 Cross Street West Cliff
Hurst Wm Jn Hy 37 Woodford avenue  
Hussey Miss E M 31 Bellevue road East Cliff
Hussey Mrs M 59 Thanet road St Lawrence
Huthart Wm 5 Cavendish Place  
Hutton Geo W 123 Newington road St Lawrence
Hutton Mrs 30 Brunswick street  
Huxstep Mrs G 2 Vereth Road  
Hyde Mrs Cumberland Lodge Durlock Avenue  
Hyman Victor 5 Chilton lane  
Hymers Wm 97 St Lukes avenue  
Hynes Timothy J 12 Queens Gate road  
Hynson Geo 1 Florence Cottages Coronation road  
Hynson Maurice Bailey Little Sanctuary Downs road  

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