Isle of Thanet Kelly's Directory 1936

Ramsgate & St Lawrence

private residents - V


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LastName FirstName No. or House Road Area
Vaile Miss 25 Vale Road  
Valentine Cecil 3 Cheriton Avenue St Lawrence
Valentine Jn 24 Allenby Road St Lawrence
Vane Rt C Dunelm Goodwin Road  
van Laun Henri Thos The Homestead London Road  
Vasey Jn 30 Hibernia Street  
Vass Arthur 4 Shaftesbury street East Cliff
Vass Fredk Thos 29 Sussex Street  
Vass Geo 16 Hill Brow Road  
Vaughan Albt Edwd 42 Dane Crescent  
Vaughan Harry Nethercot Ashburnham Road St Lawrence
Vaughan Mrs 32 Southwood road  
Veasey Ernest Arth Southwood Kings Avenue St Lawrence
Veasey Harold F 5 Rose Hill West Cliff
Venables Mrs 17 Albert Road East Cliff
Venn Mrs A 14 Dundonald Road  
Venneerar Mrs 72 Church road  
Venner George Edward 7 West Cliff Road  
Verrall Stephen 6 Boundary road  
Verralls Jas Wm S 46 Ellington road  
Verran Chas 28 Montague Road  
Verrion Edwd 3 ElizabethTerrace Mews Cottages  
Verrion Geo Edwd 30 Flora Road  
Verrion Hy Lime Kiln Cottage Stanley Place  
Verrion Hy Jn 1 Providence Villas Mews Cottages  
Verrion Henry John 20 Trinity Place  
Verrion Thos 131 Margate road  
Vicker Percy Edwin Kelvin House Albion Road East Cliff
Vickers Harry 4 Florence Cottages Coronation Road  
Videan Phineas Edgar 17 South Eastern road  
Vidgen George 59 Margate road  
Vidgen Victor Geo 5 Coleman crescent  
Vile Mrs 11 Picton road  
Viles Sidney L 84 Station Approach road  
Vincent Fras 49 Vale Road  
Vincent Fredk 2 Arklow Square  
Vincent Mrs 39 Spencer Square West Cliff
Vincent William 5 Beresford Road  
Vincent Wm Edwd C 26 Hatfield Road  
Vinten Harold B 178 High street Ramsgate
Vinten Miss E E 9 North Avenue The Elms
Vye Harold 9 North Avenue The Elms

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